PERCEPTION AND SENSATION Impressions Soft, embracing, sunny Cheerful, radiant, exciting Muddy, moist, earthy Messages Gentleness

, brightness, coziness Communication, openness, activity Tiredness, perishability

Soft, warming, fruity Loud, obtrusive, superficial, heated Stabilizing, natural, resonant

Excitement, comfort Restlessness, excessive demands, speed Security, tradition, rootedness

Aromatic, fruity, appetizing Provocative, fiery, lively Stabilizing, natural, resonant

Desire, excitement Passion, dynamics, joie de vivre, aggression Security, tradition, rootedness

Girlish, gentle, fragrant Dominant, strong, active, warm Exclusive, resonant, celebratory

Playfulness, rapture, romanticism Grandeur, vitality, prestige, festiveness Esteem, quality, respect

Sweet, perfumed, cheap Dignified, sublime, pompous, narcotic Majestic, solemn, ceremonious

Ephemerality, assertiveness Ritual, power, splendor Dignity, elegance, distinction

Flowery, elderly Exclusive/valuable, heavy, solemn, deepening Dignified, noble, pompous

Artificiality, temporality Mysticism, contemplation, extravagance Ritual, power, splendor

Relaxing, quiet, reserved Calm, deep, concentrated, relaxing Deep, distancing, untouchable

Calm, balance Gathering, calm, sumptuousness Ambivalence, instability, tradition, noble


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