Présentation of Cyprus

By Sonia & Marine


The localisation and the flag of Cyprus

Nicosie the capital of Cyprus

Only south of the country is the républic of Cyprus and a part of the European Union , the North is a part of Turkish There are 1300 000 inhabitants their name are Cypriote . The nationality of the population is Greek and the language used is Greek too

Political regime

The leader's name is Demetris Chritofias . The country is a Republic since the first may of 2004 .


Before the first January 2008 the Cypriot currency was the livre Since first of January 2008 Cyprus adopted the euro

Speciality Dish

The specialties of Cypriot are The houmous(sesame pasta and chickpeas) and the halloumi (sheep's milk cheese that is eaten grilled).

National anthem

National anthem of Cyprus

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