A Guide to Spiritual and Personal Empowerment

By Dr. Pearlie Jones
Author of the Hit Play and Book

“The Rage of Silence”


Copyright © 2003 by Dr. Pearlie Jones

All rights reserved. This book or parts thereof may not be reprod !ed in any form "itho t permission.

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DEDICATION % dedi!ate this book to Alana Daniels for her !ontin ed friendship) te!hni!al s pport) and !ommitment to the goals and ob,e!tives of Change 'nterprises) %n!) my family) friends "ho provided en!o ragement to me in all of my !reative vent res) and n rt red me "hen % "as ill. They gave me the energy) motivation) and desire to go on to greater heights by having faith in me. % am espe!ially indebted to my A nt Tiny "ho !ontin es to be my most avid fan and !heerleader7 she "as and !ontin es to be a strong and positive for!e for me as % gre" into ad lthood thro gh perilo s times. % appre!iate the !hallenges posed to me by the negative for!es and people in my life7 these !hallenges afforded me the opport nities to gro" and to !rystalli8e my faith.


% se these prin!iples daily in my "ork "ith a gro p of "omen "ho met "ith me "eekly in a s pport gro p.e!tive. :o"ever) "hen the rain !eased they "o ld play among the trees on!e again !ompletely forgetting the promises they made "hen it "as raining. This book is an impet s to get yo started on yo r spirit al 9 est. % !an get beyond the big storms7 it is the small th ndersho"ers that keep me in an emotional 9 andary. Allo"ing negative people into my spa!e drains my energy and sometimes % gladly relin9 ish the !ontrol. :o" abo t yo . %f it "ere my money) % "o ld fight for dear life to hold onto "hat % have "orked hard to earn. %sn<t it easy to be spirit ally gro"n "hen everything looks bright and rosy. Do yo give in to negative energies easier than yo "o ld give p yo r last dollar. D ring this spirit al absen!e) yo may not have the in!lination to meditate and before long) yo r "hole being resonates "ith g ilt) an=iety) and sometimes depression. %f % do not "ork hard at it) % find myself slo"ly slipping into a negative abyss. The !hallenge !omes "hen the storm hits. $y daily goal is not to do or say anything negative to or abo t anyone and % am !hallenged daily to find !reative "ays to a!hieve this ob. % "itnessed "omen "ho !ame in "ith a defeatist attit de and stan!e) b t on!e they learn that they had the ans"er) and that they !ontrol their o"n destinies) iv . (hen the th nderstorms !ome) if yo aren<t !aref l) yo r positive energy "ill ebb and yo r tho ght pro!esses "ill !hange) yo r patien!e "ill "ear thin and soon yo are likely to find yo rself !omplaining of all manner of physi!al ailments.PREFACE % have gro"n thro gh many of the !hallenges % sed to find da nting "hen % "as a yo ng "oman. (hen this happens) it takes "eeks before yo !an get ba!k to a !alm and pea!ef l state. % am reminded of a story that % read in 'lementary s!hool abo t a gro p of monkeys "ho played hard in the s nshine and) "hen the rain !ame) they promised themselves that "hen the s n shone again) they "o ld b ild shelter.

% "rote this book to help enhan!e yo r spirit ally) emotionally) and personally. The first step and sometimes>greatest !hallenge is . @ead this book more than on!e and revie" yo r notes after a "eek or so) and yo "ill get an idea of yo r . % "ish yo good fort ne and self>dis!overy on yo r .o rney.ot all that yo find "ill be positive or happy) b t it "ill serve to make yo a happier and more pea!ef l individ al. This book only to be an impet s to get yo started on yo r . @e!ord yo r tho ghts invoked by the different passages that yo read in the book. st to de!ide to seek pea!e and not allo" anyone or anything to deter yo from yo r goal.it<s like "at!hing the metamorphosis of a b tterfly. Ao may de!ide that yo need to seek professional assistan!e on!e yo have analy8ed yo r iss es. Parts ?ne thro gh *i= dis! ss the spirit al !omponent represented by poems) a narrative of e=perien!es and g idelines to a!hieve spirit al pea!e.o rney.o rney to find inner pea!e.o rney by lo!ating reso r!es in yo r !omm nity to help yo enhan!e yo r self>esteem) learn ho" to !ope more effe!tively) in!rease yo r !ir!le of positive friends) and other spe!ifi! reso r!es that are ni9 e to yo . Take the time to "ork these e=er!ises !onsistently) yo !an and "ill start on the . . Take this book a "hole7 p r!hase a spiral notebook to take notes as yo read thro gh and "ork the different e=er!ises in the "orkbook. The "orkbook se!tion provides a!tivities and instr !tions on eradi!ating spe!ifi! maladies that may plag e yo . v . %t is s ggested that yo !ontin e on yo r . That is a very good sign of gro"th and mat rity) and it is okay to seek o tside help in any problem or !hallenge that yo may or have en!o ntered.o rney. This book is not a ! re>all.


........................22 Part %C > The @oad to Pea!e..................02 Part C% > *!enarios...............32 Boals (orksheet................................50 The #inal Che!k Gp..................ii Dedi!ation .............................................................................................................................................43 Appendi!es '=er!ises to Assist in Personal Bro"th and Development....................................................1/ +eliefs and @elationshipsD Baining %nsight %nto *elf>Talk..........11 The E ality That % (o ld $ost Fike To Develop...............................................................................................................51 .....................31 Part C > Paths to 'mpo"erment...........................................................................i Copyright................................................TABLE OF CONTENTS Title Page.............................../ Part %% > $y %nspiration................................................45 @ les for @esponsible Bro"th...................................................33 Distorted ThinkingD #eelings.20 Part C%% > (orkbook.......iii Prefa!e ............................................................................................................................................................................14 (hat %s the E ality of $y @elationships.............................................................../2 Part %%% > Betting Past the Pain............................................e" +eginning.........31 *elf 'steem 'val ationDTips to :elp +oost *elf 'steem.............52 Domesti! Ciolen!e %nformation.........................................................................................iv Part / > An 'nding is a ...............................50 *teps to @esolving Anger..........................................


PART I AN ENDING IS A NEW BEGINNING Fife is an ever>evolving e=perien!e. The balan!e in a person<s life is the key to in!reased 9 ality. the self7 the self<s re. :o"ever) remember) it is all abo t personal gro"th) "hi!h is only possible) "hen yo !hoose to take / . venation "hi!h is leis re. As an ad lt) yo !ome to re!ogni8e that those messages may not tr ly represent yo r real self) b t the messages still lie deep "ithin) reinfor!ing yo r innermost tho ghts and feelings) limiting the 9 ality of yo r life. Ao !annot tr ly be a part of that e=perien!e if yo do not kno" Hyo . An integration of yo r internal and the e=ternal . %f those relationships are promoting) n rt ring) and reinfor!ing they "ill broaden) and not narro" yo r life. %n order to make positive !hanges in yo r life) yo m st identify yo r limiting !ore beliefs.I The nderstanding of self begins in the refle!tions of yo r !hildhood. . :o"ever) yo are not alone in the pro!ess. . Ao r relationships are vital and are affe!ted by and !ontrib te to yo r gro"th. (ith a"areness of these beliefs) yo !an learn to let go of that "hi!h no longer fits and !reate ne" realities and beliefs. As a !hild) yo re!eive !o ntless messages of "ho yo are or "ho yo "ill be!ome. These are the beliefs that yo kno" to be tr e7 that stop yo from taking risks in order to gro" and !hange. This is an ever>!hanging pro!ess that re9 ires yo r !ontin o s involvement.

:o" did yo !ome to this pla!e in yo r life. Anytime yo embark pon a ne" advent re) there m st be a starting pla!e and an in"ard . "earlie #.o rney is no different. you know what you think you know.paths and !ross yo r bridges. To ans"er these 9 estions) "e m st go ba!k to the very beginning to nderstand the development of yo r attit des) a!tions and res lting personality. How comfortable is it for anyone to risk going forth to discover what and who they really are? What will you find on your inward journey? !r. (hat for!es dire!ted yo to this . 2 . %pring &' $acksonville. (ho do % pretend to be. This is uncomfortable because at least now. What will you find? What myths and misconceptions will you throw on the wayside. $ones. %f yo do not like it) ho" !an yo do something different.I THE JOURNEY WITHIN The journey within is the scariest trip to plan and to embark upon because you don’t know where to begin or the destination you seek or where it will end. (e have all stood on the path of life staring at a bridge asking) H(ho am %.o rney7 at least yo kno" that it is time to do something different. n!t re in yo r life. () %f yo are reading this book) then yo m st feel that yo need to kno" ho" to start this . (hat is life.

%t be!omes a vi!io s !y!le. %n addition to the family nit) !h r!hes) ed !ational systems) politi!s) o r ! lt ralDra!ial and ethni! gro ps "ork together to so!iali8e both men and "omen to believe spe!ifi! things abo t their roles. % "ill !over the basi! ones dis! ssed in this !hapter.ob that "ill meet yo r finan!ial responsibilities. (hen people meet yo ) some "ill treat yo as if it is yo r fa lt and yo may b y into this belief.or so!iali8ation agents& family) peers) mass media and s!hool.There are fo r ma. 'ven tho gh "e are ltimately responsible for o r a!tions) some of the a!tions and !hoi!es that are available to s are !ontingent pon the so!ial milie in "hi!h "e gro" and learn. These !on!epts form o r belief system that affe!ts "hat "e feel7 these feelings are translated into a!tions and a!tions translate into habits and habits form the basis of o r personalities. %s it yo r fa lt.ob) yo may be!ome homeless or get divor!ed be!a se of the inability to find a . %f yo be!ome nemployed and !annot find a . 3 . The above are referred to as so!iali8ation agents and they infl en!e all the norms) taboos) mores) val es) and even o r sense of morality. %f "e look f rther into this sit ation) "e may find that the type of "ork that yo do is no longer available in yo r lo!ality) and there are many other people in yo r same predi!ament. %f yo believe this) yo "ill start to a!t the "ay yo think a poor person sho ld a!t) and !onse9 ently people "ill !ontin e to treat yo as s !h.

oin for!es to make things better or try to !ome p "ith a sol tion. ?ne of the sol tions to this dilemma is to 9 estion the beliefs) val es and habits ingrained in s be!a se of o r o"n Lst ff< and the Lst ff of so!iety. Cha $n'$s an( cons)"ain)s& *o!iologists p rport that one m st re!ogni8e the !onstraints that o r ! lt re and so!iety impose) and ho" they interplay into o r lives to be able to alter !ontrollable !ir! mstan!es.< (e see later on ho" this affe!ts goals) dreams) and all of yo r !hoi!es.< The only "ay to do this is to nderstand "here it all !ame from and !ommen!e "ith a systemati! program of !hanging the "ay yo think abo t yo rself arming yo rself "ith information and analy8ing events s rro nding yo r life. This message may never filter do"n to the individ al in the predi!ament be!a se they are too bogged do"n to see the total pi!t re7 so they !ontin e to str ggle and believe that their fail re is theirs "hen it is a!t ally a so!ietal iss e. s on an 0 . Gnfort nately) if yo !ontin e fa lty thinking for an e=tended period) it erodes yo r spirit al !ore. Constraints s !h as e!onomi! for!es) pop lar ! lt re) family) and politi!s infl en!e every one of individ al level. This impa!ts the individ al<s self>esteem and self>!on!ept and "hen this happens) it is very diffi! lt to move from that Lbad pla!e in life.This is now a socia !"o# $%& (hen a large n mber of people e=perien!e the same iss esJsK) politi!ians and so!ial "orkers .

%f yo are one of the nfort nate ones !a ght p in this transition) "hat is !an to make happening to yo may not be totally yo r fa lt.Econo%ic Fo"c$s* As the G. T$chno o'ica chan'$s have e=tended the life span of the average Ameri!an and the de!line in the birth rates.obs to lo">paying servi!e oriented . Therefore) rising medi!al !osts eat p savings and that !o ld easily !ast a borderline middle !lass family into finan!ial distress or homelessness. The gro"ing divor!e rate !ontrib tes to poverty) high !rime rates) domesti! violen!e and the list goes on and on. $any relationships fa!e diffi! lties over finan!es and many fall apart. %n addition) "ith dis!overies) there is a ne" po!ket of poverty established be!a se not everyone "ill be able to adapt to the steady rate of !hanges.obs have !reated barriers and !onstraints. %n addition) the listed so!ial problems dire!tly affe!t the lives of individ als7 ho"ever) the individ als "ho are affe!ted do not re!ogni8e the so!ietal !onstraints that hold them !aptive. This also affe!ts yo ng married !o ples) "ho are str ggling to make ends meet. This so nds like a blessing) b t look at the other end of the spe!tr m.*. To get one of them) one has to have a !ollege ed !ation or be skilled in a parti! lar area.obs) and this poses e!onomi! hardships on single mothers and nder ed !ated single fathers. 'ven the higher paying . *in!e people are living longer) "ages are going do"n and health !osts are steadily rising. This is "hy it is important to get as m !h information as yo 2 . e!onomy !hanges) it affe!ts the repla!ement of higher paying .

*ome people may think that maybe they do not deserve their dreams and desires be!a se of the inability to negotiate their environments.de!isions) establish long range) short range goals) and have a master s rvival plan. This !an lead to anger against Bod and the angrier one be!omes) the more alienated heDshe be!omes. The mass media is another agent of so!iali8ation and !hanges7 and the internet is be!oming a po"er tool to disseminate data.obs) and poor health . These !hanges !an !ertainly infl en!e o r personal development be!a se of the tenden!y to self>blame "hen things do not go as planned. The traditional families !onsisted of man) "oman and !hildren. and the over all stability of the family. $any people have fallen vi!tim to s"indles perpet ated by %nternet s!ammers) internet !hat rooms) "ebsites) and dating servi!es that 4 ?n!e this happens) it affe!ts relationships) !hoi!es of . %n the last fifty years or so) ho" "e see family has !hanged drasti!ally. %t is both a blessing and a negative in o r so!iety.o") be!a se of the transitions in o r ! lt ral beliefs) val es) and mass transportation) the family no" !onsists of same se= marriages) friends living together) or any individ al or gro p of individ als "ho !onsider themselves a family. %t provides a !ost effe!tive means of getting information o t to a large a dien!e and it provides a means of p tting o t harmf l information. The politi!al environment infl en!es families and the definition of "hat makes p a family. .

:o" these advan!es impa!t yo depends on the e=tent yo rely on the information that yo re!eive. %t is e9 ally important to be!ome a"are of all the barriers imposed by yo r environment) yo r val es) beliefs) ed !ational and skill level) and yo r so!ial !lass pla!ement. The vast !hanges in so!iety have led to the !hange of "omen<s roles over a period of time) b t the traditional role e=pe!tations are still there. Television sho"s) movies) pop m si!) maga8ines) radio) advertising) sports) hobbies) fads) and fashions pose !onstraints pon s by infl en!ing o r personalities) de!ision>making abilities) and s bse9 ent family life. '=perts "orry abo t the destr !tion of personal relationships fostered by the se of !omp ters by yo ng people and it be!omes a reality more and more every day.have made national ne"s be!a se of their negative effe!ts on !hildren) !ons mer relationships and the family. There are other !onstraints in o r so!iety) b t the ones listed provide e=amples of ho" o r !hoi!es may not be be!a se "e are nable to make good de!isions. Conservative religio s leaders) ed !ational instit tions) politi!s) and the printed and broad!ast media reinfor!e them. %t is important to monitor the type of information that goes in the psy!he. %t is e=a!erbated be!a se of the indo!trination of the printed) broad!ast media) and the infl en!es left in pla!e. Therefore) "hen "e start to think abo t !hange or taking o r lives to another level) "e m st !onsider the so!ial !onditions nder "hi!h "e make de!isions and the type of information "e let into 3 .

"$ an( s.!!o") )o '$) o.)$s wo%anhoo(/ $any "omen make the mistake of believing that be!a se they "ere born female they a tomati!ally kno" "hat makes a real woman. :o"ever) deep in their minds) they "onder) "hat does it really means to be a "oman. They perform the d ties that go into making a home r n smoothly) by raising the !hildren) holding do"n f ll time . +oth men and "omen are shaped by the so!ial str !t re in "hi!h they live) the stat s of males and females) and ho" ea!h play o t their roles and role e=pe!tations."). Traditionally) "omen<s "o $s assi'n$( )o )h$% )h$ "$s!onsi#i i)+ )o 'i. Traditional roles program "omen to give in order to re!eive. (omen are no" stepping o tside of their traditional roles to p rs e their o"n dreams and ambitions. st inherited does not s pport this . %f the environment that yo !reated or the one yo . Wha) cons)i).obs) and at the end of the day) many still have to find the time and energy to be a playmate to their partners.o r minds. %f) at anytime they go off to seek their o"n destinies) they seem selfish. This often "ill !a se g ilt be!a se of past so!iali8ations) b t efforts m st be made by "omen and their partners to strive beyond it to redis!over lost dreams. This is in dire!t !ontradi!tion to the so!iali8ation that men re!eive7 to a!hieve their highest "ith "omen ba!king them.$. 1 .o rney) make a spe!ial effort to align yo rself "ith a gro p of personally and spirit ally po"erf l "omen and men "ho do.$.)o n.

This in!ongr en!e !a ses imbalan!e in the psy!hes of many "omen) !reating all manner of dysf n!tions "ithin them that are naked to the visible eye. Wh$"$ a"$ )h$ "$a %$n/ $en) thro gho t the annals of time) have devoted m !h time and !ontemplation defining "omanhood) and it "as not ntil re!ent times that "omen have started to address these same iss es.K help to define "omen<s roles and identities.#emales go thro gh an identity sear!h every de!ade of their lives. They look to their partners) their fathers) their brothers) and their friends in sear!h of themselves as they try to rea!h some nidentifiable goal and silently "onder if they have the right or the liberty to ponder. Armed "ith dreams and desires formed by their peers) parents) the media) and all the information that !omes in thro gh all of their senses) females form relationships "ith fa lty belief systems that are based on these imbalan!es and life e=pe!tations."hat it really means to be a "oman. (here is she. Therefore) they . Can anyone really see beneath the mask and see the real "oman. st t !k their fears) inse! rities) n!laimed dreams) and desires deep inside and go into the "orld pretending that all is "ell. The problem "ith this is that these definitions are in!ongr ent "ith "hat many "omen feel and e=perien!e. (ho is this real "oman.. All of the vario s instit tions that form o r so!iali8ation system J!h r!h) family) marriage) politi!s) et!.. +ased on age) life styles) and self>a"areness many think they already have the ans"er. 5 .

$en learn from so!ially assigned roles and many men never find o t "hat it means to be a man be!a se of the !hanges in so!iety.ob and take !are of the finan!ial and emotional needs of their families. Traditionally married "omen !an "ork) if they !hoose) to b t d e to the e!onomi! sit ations in modern times) many "omen have to "ork in order to help s pport the needs of the family. %till. (hen they intera!t "ith other men) they .oin them in the perse! tion of those men "ho openly admit or sho" that they do not have a !l e abo t "hat it means to be a man) and those "ho a!!ept the !hanges and redefine themselves. many wonder. is that what it means to be a man? /0 . Their peers 9 estion them be!a se men are e=pe!ted to be the bread"inner "hile sim ltaneo sly trying to find it "ithin him to sho" kindness and sensitivity. *ome men !ontin e to believe that they m st "ork and many base their mas! linity on their ability to take !are of their families. This trend is !hanging) ho"ever) not as rapidly as for "omen7 men are opting to stay at home "hile their "ives "ork. $any men "ho try to hold do"n traditional definitions of manhood feel that they m st prove their manhood by demonstrating !ontrol over their partners7 sometimes this e9 ates to violen!e) manip lation) and psy!hologi!al imbalan!es in many men. ?verall) so!iety e=pe!ts men to hold do"n a f ll>time .

$any of the roles assigned to "omen do not fit all "omen and to try to p sh them on all "omen) regardless of their talents and interests) often spells disaster. st "aiting for the eyes to open. (ith this tr th !omes ne" !hallenges and opport nities . %f an individ al is overly !on!erned abo t their roots) looks) life s!ripts formed sing an o tdated and fa lty // . :o"ever) there m st be a starting point "ithin the self > "here one !an fa!e their demons) deal "ith them and move on.o rney and it has nothing to do "ith ra!e) ethni!ity) in!ome) se= al orientation) et!.$any men) attempting to define their o"n selves) attempt to define the roles of "omen. *eeking the tr th is the ltimate key to as!ending to a higher level of !ons!io sness be!a se on ea!h level there a"aits a ne" tr th and a ne" reality. $any people from all lifestyles may be on the same . % maintain that no one is to blame. ? r so!iety is !hanging and everyone has to seek his or her o"n pla!e in the ne" realities. (e kno" that their so!iali8ations as a man depend on their ability to perform spe!ifi! d ties in !ooperation "ith the "oman being the s bmissive partner. The partners have to !hange "ith them) and this !hange is leading to the displa!ement of many men<s self>!on!ept) and their vie"s of manhood in modern times. The travesty is to keep reality. (ho a!!epts the blame "hen disaster strikes. %t is nderstandable that some men strive to maintain the stat s 9 o "hether it is the man or the "oman "ho !hanges.

An individ al m st rise above the s rfa!e level Jhis or her o"n iss esK) to seek the tr th7 this makes it easier to !omm ni!ate "ith ea!h other be!a se there is no tenden!y to delve into the o ter layers of reality) b t to go "ithin the self and meeting Bod. /2 . (hen "e are able to shed the o ter layers of reality) "e !an start to deal spe!ifi!ally "ith the tr e spirit. #or e=ample) men and "omen have different paths and both e=perien!e pain and disappointment. (hen one person !annot hear the other<s story) !annot see that their paths are parallel) . The individ al "ho is able to stand ba!k and look at their life in perspe!tive is able to re!ogni8e their o"n !ontrib tions to their o"n pain) as "ell as re!ogni8e the strengths gained from the e=perien!es. %n addition) this affe!ts the total so!iety as "ell as prevents himDher from having empathy and !ompassion for the other person and this la!k of sharing "ill impede the re!eiver<s o"n sense of hisDher o"n.o rney. The individ al) "ho is not allo"ed to speak of the !hallenges of their o"n) !reates t"o dynami!s7 the speaker "ill not be able to pro!ess those e=perien!es7 and the re!eiver "ill not nderstand anything of that person<s . st per!eived differently) healing and gro"th is hampered.d ring !hildhood) then healing "ill not begin ntil internal pea!e is rea!hed7 that is the essen!e of personal and spirit al gro"th.

IS IT TOO LATE/ * have wondered up and down life’s highways Headed on a path that * did not chart.Yo. Jones) *pring 01) Ja!ksonville) . at this late stage. but now * learn that * have choices. As yo present yo rself in terms that s it the setting) yo r p rposes) and if others relate to yo reality emerges.C /3 . This makes it very important to be mindf l abo t "hat yo say abo t yo rself and yo r dreams and to "hom yo tell." own "$a i)+& %t is imperative that yo not spend a lot of time thinking abo t "hat yo do not have or !omplaining to others abo t yo r fail res. but is it too late for me? How do *. 'ven if "hat yo say does not represent yo r tr e feelings) b t yo present them as real) they be!ome real in their (hen an individ al tries to do"nplay their !onse9 en!es. !ontrib tions aro nd friends and family that are not as a!!omplished) the family "ill believe "hat yo say abo t yo rself and "ill rea!t to their beliefs and yo "onder "hy they do not nderstand yo . * thought that my life is predestined. !onstr !tion of reality) yo Thro gh a pro!ess of so!ial !reate yo r reality thro gh so!ial in this reality) yo r intera!tions. begin to chart a new course? Where do * get the energy and motivation to do the things? (ecessary to embark upon a new journey Is it too late? © Dr. Pearlie $. c"$a)$ +o.

Do yo even believe that yo !an do it. Praying helps b t yo still need information and an a!tion plan) and prayer re9 ires a !ommitment on yo r part and a belief that Bod "ill do "hat yo asked. The impet s of this se!tion is to stress the importan!e of developing a positive) n rt ring and s pportive environment b t this starts "ith yo and the first step is to believe in yo rself) tr st yo rself and believe that yo !an have "hat yo "ant. People "ho made it despite in!redible odds !an s ally tra!e their s !!ess ba!k to someoneJsK "ho en!o raged them. /0 .$any middle>aged "omen are dis!overing for the first time that they do not have "hat they "ant and are de!iding to take !harge of their o"n lives. Therapy !an help b t it "ill take a long time. They "onder if the damages of their so!iali8ations !an ever be ndone. +e of good !heer) anyone !an s !!eed at any part of his or her life and be!ome a po"erf l and empo"ered h man being be!a se s !!ess is) as yo per!eive it) and not ho" someone else does.

PART II MY INSPIRATION WHERE IS MY MUSE/ * am traveling on the lonely road alone and * don’t even know where * am going or who * will meet along the way. Where is my muse. maybe * would be better off *f * just went back to the beginning. at least there * will meet "eople that * know. What * wouldn’t give for someone To walk this road with me. +ut it is still good to know Where is my muse. © Dr. Pearlie $. +ut. * have come too far to turn back now. This journey is getting too hard. $ost important people often attrib te some of /2 . the one person who can Take me by the hand and lead me to great heights. #aybe that life wasn’t so bad. * come to the fork in the road and * can’t decide which "ath to take. after all. Jones %nspirations !an be fo nd thro gh many aven es7 sometimes it !omes by listening to the testimonies of others "ho have over!ome e=treme !hallenges.

These people are not ne!essarily family b t people "ho have done important things in their genre. %f yo present yo rself) as yo "ant others to believe yo to be and if yo "ork hard at be!oming that person) yo "ill begin to see this refle!ted in the "ay others per!eive yo . . There !annot be eno gh emphasi8e on "hat individ als believe. This does not !ome easy b t "ith pra!ti!e yo !an do it.their s !!esses to people "ho have gone before. 'n!o ragement and inspiration are available in books) television intervie"s of people over!oming in!redible odds) !lasses taken) !hosen a!tivities and a!tively b ilding a positive and n rt ring s pport gro p. J st think of the kno"ledge) skills and abilities it m st have taken to make it despite the odds. (here did they !ome from in life. :o"ever) to do this) make !on!erted efforts to gain information and se it to transform yo r life. 'a!h person has the ability to impa!t so!iety in a very small and a very large "ay. They internali8e and a!t pon the beliefs and the beliefs manifest themselves into a!tion. The first pla!e to begin is to begin "ith yo rself by believing that yo !an a!hieve yo r goals. Ao r family is often a good pla!e to start.o one has to e=ist in a perpet al state of hopelessness and despair. They may not be) in the eyes of so!iety) as s !!essf l b t they may have s rvived in!redible odds. Asso!iating "ith only positive people) reading positive literat re) /4 . #rom the Boals "orksheet) sele!t the goals that are important to yo and make a plan.

The attempt here is to provide information on the effe!t of domesti! violen!e on the psy!hologi!al make p of the vi!tim. (hile the man and "oman travel do"n life<s high"ay trying to seek ans"ers) they may e=perien!e and do many hideo s things to those they meet along the "ay) b t many "onderf l things "ill happen also. The 'mpo"erment *e!tion proves more information on domesti! violen!e and it is important to in!l de the relationship bet"een the different role e=pe!tations in this dis! ssion. This se!tion is not an attempt to . stify the violen!e in any "ay be!a se there are some mean and violent people and many theories are in pla!e as possible e=planations. The follo"ing poem speaks to domesti! violen!e) /3 . Do%$s)ic Vio $nc$& The different role e=pe!tations sometimes lead to domesti! violen!e. 'a!h ne" e=perien!e strengthens and adds to their po"er as h man beings7 all "e have to do is learn ho" to vie" ea!h obsta!le as a means to strengthen and provide tools to rea!h higher levels of reality.spirit al and personal development books) the +ible) and anything that yo !an get yo r hands on that "ill help in the improvement of yo r mind and yo r thinking "ill make this possible. This !an and often does !a se disaster.oin bringing their o"n ideas of "hat they are s pposed to be b t are ns re. $en and "omen sometimes . Fike any other goal) yo m st believe that yo !an believe in yo rself) and yo have to make others believe in yo .

ation. your dreams and visions so unfocused? !o your rights allow you all forms of abuses? When you are sociali. Pearlie $. WHAT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT/ * have been told as long as * can remember that * am supposed to be submissive to the man.ed to protect me? What rights do you have to lead me when you don-t know where you are going? What gives you the right to think that the world is your domain? .rape) in!est and verbal ab se at the hands of men in a "oman<s life. Jones) * mmer 55) Dallas) TM Gnfort nately) this poem e!hoes the sentiments of far too many "omen in o r so!iety. but what rights do you have to violate my inner parts with your desires so uncontrolled. #ort nately) there are many "ho have never /1 . Anger is a !onstant !ompanion and hope is ndeniably the ans"er b t anger p shes hope aside. * struggle to live according to my sociali.nd where does it tell you that my body is a part of this ac/uisition? !oes this entitle you to verbally and physically abuse me while * am still to believe that you love me? © Dr.

and may never e=perien!e ab se and oppression. :o"ever) this book is for those of yo "ho have or kno" someone "ho has. (hat type of family life do yo think a nion of this reality "o ld !reate; % gre" p hearing elders say) HDon<t do as % do) do as % say.I As a parent) this is a very po"erf l statement and perhaps the best advi!e yo !o ld give at a given sit ation) b t looking farther do"n the line) yo may have yo th "ho e=press the follo"ing sentiment& VOICE OF YOUTH * have been taught to be obedient, respectful and submissive e to my parents. * struggle hard every day to live according to these sociali,ations, but what rights do you have as adults and the ones to lead me, to violate my trust, my childhood with your desires and dreams so uncontrolled and so unfocused. How can you protect me when * see you as the perpetrators? They t rn to their mothers seeking the ans"ers) b t meet only the mask that she has "orn all of her life as she) too) asks the signifi!ant men in her lifeN !o your rights mean that the only rights * have left are to feel the pains that you have left in the place of my pride? What gives you the right my brother, my father, my lover, my friend, what gives you the right? © Dr. Pearlie $. Jones) * mmer 00) Ja!ksonville) .C /5

.o do bt) those "ho share these sentiments are filled "ith anger) resentment and hostility. %t is very diffi! lt to lead anyone else to a pla!e of pea!e and tran9 ility "hen yo r o"n head is a battlegro nd for the demons from yo r !hildhood) yo r environment and the res lting realities yo have !reated by the imbalan!es and in, sti!es in yo r o"n life. Wo%$n an( An'$"& $any of yo may not have s ffered ab se) b t "hat abo t the feeling of abandonment or re,e!tion; +e!a se of the !onf sion and transitions that are taking pla!e "ithin o r present>day families) many people emerge from families "ith feelings of rage d e to abandonment iss es. ?ne !an feel abandoned by a parent) friend or lover and still live in the same ho se or vi!inity to them. There is physi!al and emotional abandonment and they both "re!k emotional havo! in o r lives. The follo"ing poem represents ho" % felt be!a se of my father "ho "as not a father to me in any sense of the "ord. (hen % finally !onfronted him at aro nd t"enty>one years of age) he blamed his absen!e on my mother. F !kily my mother "as a strong and visible for!e in my life and % did not fo! s my rage on her. #or many years) rage "as my !onstant !ompanion ntil % finally de!ided to part "ays "ith it.


THE RAGE OF SILENCE *n silence, * watched my father race by my mother and me as if we were nothing. With my heart in my throat, volts of light were shooting from my tear0swelled eyes that scorched my nose and lips as * watched my father move down the road without ever looking back until he finally disappeared. * faced abandonment *( %*12()2 * served my mother for thirty unchallenged years to the best of my ability. Though no matter how much * gave3 it never seemed to be enough to keep her from choosing men over me. .nd like a good daughter, * shrouded my emotions in silence * suffered with my feelings of rejection *( %*12()2 * cried out to the dark until the river of my soul ran thy and my body ached while the words of my perfect, beautiful, educated husband rang out like thunder through my being, 4* never loved you5 and every day as my soul mate proved his words to be true, * let a little more of my hopes, dreams and youth pass into a dark abyss of self0pity with my sanity and self0esteem seemingly trapped in a state of irretrievable silence. © Oenton Jones) /551) Dallas) TM


I (hat do yo think.I ?r e9 ally "e hear) H#athers need to take more time "ith their !hildren.%f yo have a similar reality) anger "ill be one of yo r tr est and !losest friends.I :o" many times have yo heard someone say) HThe government needs to do something. The !y!le of violen!e !an be disr pted "ith information and a strong s pport gro p.obs yo "ill take) and "ill form a large portion of yo r reality base. (e see eviden!e of anger "hen o r !hildren are o t of !ontrol and "e hang o r heads in shame) m ttering to o rselves HOids aren<t the "ay they sed to be. The family is falling apart. +oyP Those "omen need to stop "orking) stay at home and raise those !hildren. Anger "ill be there "hen yo raise yo r !hildren and) if yo are not !aref l) anger "ill pass onto yo r !hildren and yo r !hildren<s !hildren. 22 . Poorly managed anger is at the root of many serio s physi!al) so!ial and emotional problems7 from heart disease to neighborhood violen!e.o rney for any length of time) anger "ill be there thro gh yo r ad lthood) helping de!ide "hom yo "ill marry) "hat types of . %f yo have been on yo r . %t is important that "e empo"er o rselves) nderstand o r o"n and othersQ feelings and resolve !onfli!t in a non>violent manner. This friend may be so !aref lly !on!ealed ntil no one ever noti!es.

. Then they !an learn and pra!ti!e more 23 . Hear "hat the other person is saying) "here the other person is !oming from. (hat makes yo angry. Can yo remember having a similar feeling. JR% feel angry "hen . Fearn to se R%R messages to e=press yo r feelings. (hen is anger sed as a !over> p for other emotions .RK. Try to see things from the other personQs point of vie". (hat are that personQs feelings. R%Qm trying to nderstand "hat yo are saying. *ometimes people need to speak o t their anger for a "hile) even if it seems disrespe!tf l. Empathi8e. % donQt like it "hen .. Integrate respe!t and love "ith "hat yo say abo t yo r anger. ?ften o r anger !omes from ho" "e look at things..R Fook into the other personQs eyes to sho" that yo are listening. *ome e=perts say that o r tho ghts a!t ally !reate o r angry feelings) and no one !an make s angry. :o" "e think abo t a sit ation) ho" "e interpret "hat someone says and ho" "e handle o r fr strations and disappointments are "hat stirs p o r anger. (hen people are h rt they "ant to be heard..... Think... fear) stress) shame) fatig e) embarrassment. Ao say.. Che!k to see if yo nderstand !orre!tly.Re!ogni8e "hen yo are feeling angry. Bive feedba!k that yo are hearing them. % am h rt that. This kind of a!tive hearing "orks both "hen yo are the angry person and "hen someone is angry "ith yo .

Do not bring p old gr dges and "o nds. Fong "alks) . (ords) after all) are safer than a!tionsP Noti!e yo r bodyQs rea!tion as yo get angry& in!reased heart rate) breathing harder and faster) heada!hes) stoma!h pains) tension in the ne!k) and pains in the !hest. Oeep yo r fo! s on the behavior that is !a sing the diffi! lty. Fearn to bring yo rself nder !ontrol and noti!e ho" yo !alm yo rself. Oeep personalities o t of it. (hat "orks for yo .R 0eep yo r attention on the present event and alternative sol tions.respe!tf l and !aring "ays to e=press the anger. 20 .ogging) thinking abo t other "ays to look at the sit ation) meditation) listening to m si!) doing art"ork) or telling yo rself R%Qm ?O.

The strength of their anger drove my fore parents. :and in hand) anger led me thro gh life<s trea!hero s bends and ! rves and shielded me from the pains of my life. #or many years) anger "as my shield from the pain and fr strations !reated by the negative energies en!o ntered in my travels. st did not kno" ho" to grasp it. Anger) my shield) my partner) "as there for me as % started my . #or a very long time) % !o ld not nderstand ho" anyone !o ld see that greatness in me "hen % !o ld only see pain in the essen!e of my being. 22 .PART III GETTING PAST THE PAIN % !onsider myself a seasoned "oman and have been told all my life) in!l ding no") that % am destined for greatness. (hile sear!hing for my inner pea!e) % !o ldn<t take the time to look inside be!a se "hen % did7 % !o ld only see darkness) sadness) and disappointments forged by the poverty) dis!rimination and my str ggle to make it in a !onvol ted "orld. % had a vision of a better emotional life b t % . Anger "as there for my fore parents be!a se of oppressive and ab sive environments that they lived and str ggled to s rvive in. % am strong) talented and have my "hole f t re ahead of me.o rney as a very yo ng "oman. There !ame a time) several years ago) "hen % gre" tired of my life mates and longed for something more. % t rned in"ard and listened to the 9 iet spirit.

% look ba!k on the e=perien!es no" and reali8e that % "as on a spirit al . * am the you that you forgot the moment you were born. you will find me there.nger6 * see the light in your eyes that signal to me that you are ready for me. Jones) * mmer 00 Ja!ksonville) .o rney) "eathering 24 . )ome with me3 allow the light into your life. teachers. and peer groups have taken so much trouble to make you forget.HOPE ETERNAL *n my spirit Hope silently whispered to me.C % fo nd that it "as possible to rise above the pain to find inner pea!e. *n the stillness of my spirit 7od said. % emerged a tr ly healthy and empo"ered h man being. 1earn how to look inside yourself and when you do. * am the you that your parents. At the ape= of that . just turn to #e listen to your heart.o rney) % fo nd Bod and it "as at that point "hen % emerged. * am He who has always been with you. P. society. As % !ontin ed my . © Dr. you are right3 you deserve more than to live your life through the eyes of .o rney.

my light. 23 . * felt my sanity slipping into the abyss of darkness and ignorance. %t also all des to the very point "hen % started to see my life in retrospe!t and reali8ed that % have be!ome& STRONG AND MAJESTIC 8rom the backwoods of poverty with a narrow view of life.all manner of storms) th nderstorms and h rri!anes) there !ame a point in my life "hen % reali8ed that these have only been !hallenges pla!ed in my path to help me see my strengths. (hat a "onderf l e=perien!e for me to look ba!k over my . Conse9 ently) it moved me "hen my son approa!hed me "ith this poem as his interpretation of my life. though bruised and battered. There was an absence. and all its mates disguised as security.o rney and reali8e "hat % had be!ome. !rawing upon the primal forces of love and light. B$co%in' Awa"$& The follo"ing poem is a very po"erf l and meaningf l pie!e "ritten by my son abo t /3 years ago. reached out yet again. % often told him of the str ggles that % had to end re !oming from an impoverished ba!kgro nd in Arkansas) raised by my mother in the Deep *o th. a void. ?ften) % have fo nd) in speaking to some yo th abo t past str ggles) they sometimes find it boring. * embraced the world with a virgin spirit.flame with hopes and dreams fort by tradition. . 9naware of the darkness or indifference.

* have miraculously given birth to a revelation. destiny has washed over my body like the tide. 1ike a phoeni:. * am woman. *t was the sisterhood founded in the she0part of the )reator that nourished your spirit and the creativity that flows with your life from the cup of your femininity. separate. as well as the hopes of the future rest within my +irth loins under control. struggled and found its way back. the duality of my soul depended on . With pride. * am aware of the past. * rise victoriously to new and untold challenges. * soar. Through many ugly and hostile planes of e:istence. yet isolated. and it has revealed only but a glimpse of infinite possibilities. a fierce combatant and a loyal friend. struggles for a still unfamiliar plane 0freedom. but in touch3 an innocent in a complicated world. awaiting the nourishment of my bosom. The soul now complete. beautiful and blinding. >efreshed and cleansed. The wisdom of the ages.< *t W. * am a mother. l am a bust with passion and. once again. weak and sick from separation. powerful and intelligent. sensuous. on fire with passion3 for the woman is mystical.% #= masculine strength and sense of justice that protected you. That spark. . and like an unknown deity. warm and wonderful. leader. am in touch with 21 . sentient. sister.7od.nd now. knowledgeable of the world. lover. healer. * have always been here.* concentrated my very soul into a spark.

25 . in e:cellence and in strength. but if * should fall. % fa!ed all of these !hallenges on my . at the interference of men. navigating my way through treacherous waves and reefs that men dare not sail alone3 isolated because * captain my own ship.con)1( * awake to a new day amidst the stormy seas. 8or all my encompassing spirit will rise again.the present. STRONG AND MAJESTIC. and * will mother the future I AM WOMAN. $y beliefs !reated my reality and % made !hoi!es and de!isions based on these false realities. free like stallions.o rney) b t no". Help me. (ritten by Oenton Jones) % traveled life<s high"ays !ons med "ith @AB' for years be!a se % felt this strong sense of abandonment "hen my father negle!ted me7 !onse9 ently) % allo"ed other people into my life that "o ld abandon me in other "ays. * can fly. % fo nd plenty of people) both men and "omen) "ho shared this sentiment "ith me. +ecause my father was not a father to me. % allo"ed myself to believe that % really "as not "orth it any"ay. +ecause my lovers wanted to run. +ecause my mother. *n innocence. allowed me to call upon strength untold and * moved beyond her.. don’t -tear me. +ecause * dared to survive to live to dream again..

in addition. (hen yo reali8e this) yo kno" it is time to peep yo r head o tside of the spirit al 30 . * reali. but in >.e what * have become and Why Do You Fear Me? (ritten by Oenton Jones) '=!erpt from HThe @age of *ilen!e)I the Play) * mmer 50) Dallas) TM (hen yo !an look at life and those aro nd yo in the fa!e and ask these po"erf l 9 estions mentioned in the previo s poem) yo are starting to "ake pP Fife<s !hallenges !an sometimes render one po"erless and "hen it does) it is hard to imagine anyone feeling fearf l or intimidated by yo . %t is not yo ) per se7 it is the po"er that resides "ithin every one of s. my child in the wake of their trampled and withered wild oats. %n fa!t) yo may not even be a"are that anyone is noti!ing yo . my soul cries out WH=6 . homophobic and self0hatred my brother has for his mother and the creative.72. my life. nurturing part of his soul that she was so careful to cultivate. +ecause * used those dark seeds. (o longer in silence. Fook aro nd yo ) yo "ill s ddenly reali8e that yo have been living in the shado"s all of yo r life.nd as my eyes look toward the sky and revel in the warmth of the morning %un. *ome people !an see this and some even try to keep yo from be!oming a"are of yo r o"n personal po"er.dragging my love. that gift of his anger and pain and all that man could throw at me to find my way back. +ecause * have survived the misogynist.

#y sojourn into the light was blinding. . * ventured beyond the edges of darkness and beheld the light of truth.ation of these oppressions. *t was akin to two souls +?9(! by my dark realities.!ave and fortress yo have been in all of yo r life and start on yo r . and thence * started my journey into lightness. poverty. peace and contentment. (o longer satisfied with the limitations of this darkness. This truth came to me through information. * tucked my fears and insecurities deep within my soul and ventured into the light once more. se:ism.o rney to self>dis!overy and personal and spirit al empo"erment. . 3/ . COMING OUT OF THE SHADOWS * spent a lifetime lurking in the shadows in a world created by racism. * built a fortress within the darkness. * learned to speak the language of happiness. (urtured only by my fears and insecurities. * wore self0confidence as a shield to prevent others who share this world with me from knowing who * really was. and the internali. * retreated into the comfort of the shadows. +ut these words did not reflect what * felt inside. +ut one day.nger has been my constant companion and has been with me through the ages. *n this dark world. pain was a constant companion.nger helped me build this fortress and was my only and best friend in this dark world.

T)H ?9T W?>1!. Ao "ere too blinded by yo r anger and its mates to see. © Dr. %s there something that still keeps yo bo nd to that dark "orld that yo fo ght so hard to es!ape. pain and shame keep me bound to a world of darkness and * celebrate the day * rushed into the light e:claiming at the top of my voice. :ope has al"ays been there in the re!esses of yo r mind) heart and so l.!?W%6< © Dr. Jones Coming o t of the shado"s is a tri mph7 b t on!e yo enter the bright "orld of s nshine) "ill yo be able to go forth and !laim the promises of Bod. ?n!e the e=!itement of the es!ape el des yo ) yo may still find yo rself 32 .C %n yo r spirit) yo kno" that yo did not find :ope. All yo had to do "as open p yo r eyes to see beyond the shado"s to find the goodness that "aited for yo . Jones) * mmer 00) Ja!ksonville) . @ea!h o t yo r arms and heart) take the hands of hope and allo" yo rself to be lead to a pla!e of pea!e and serenity. Five for the day "hen yo !an honestly say) * found myself6 (o longer can fear. Pearlie $. * found hope. * H.?nce into a world of bright sunshine. Pearlie $. from the depths of my soul.@2 )?#2 ?9T ?8 TH2 %H. W.

"ith the harsh realities of not kno"ing "hat yo have inside of yo . %ilently leading me beyond the fog? *s it me? 7od resonates in your spirit. When * try to push beyond my present reality. * am the watcher while you sleep and your guide as you go stumbling through life trying to find your path3 * . but * cannot seem to touch. st do not see it yet. * am the voice that speaks to you in the stillness of the night. there is something that * can’t see and touch that tells me endlessly that now is all that * will ever be. * reach. and stays just beyond my consciousness.# the planter of these seeds of 33 . Therefore) yo look inside yo rself and ask& IS IT ME/ * can’t get beyond the fog to a place where there are no more unseen strings that keep me from achieving my highest. *s it me? What is it that tells me that * can do what * don’t know how to do? Where do * get these notions that * am majestic. People tell yo that yo are spe!ial) that yo have a lot going for yo rself and yo "ant to believe it b t yo . strong and resourceful? Who plants these seeds of greatness in me. * look but * can’t seem to focus.

Ao th are asking the same 9 estion.nd making the right moves so that * can claim the promises of 7od? %adly you reali. =ou still ponder.e. 1ook into your heart and find me there. *T *% #26 Pearlie Jones © Ja!ksonville) ...greatness in you. . What dark forces reside within me that keep me from thinking. .o") yo are no longer satisfied "ith trying to hold p the "hole sky by yo rself and yo ask for s pport. st yo r part b t be!a se of yo r so!iali8ation yo took on the "hole sky "hile resting on a ro!ky fo ndation. Ao are "ell on yo r "ay to spirit al "ellness "hen yo !an look yo rself in the mirror and tell yo rself that yo need s pport and then be able take this re9 est beyond yo rself.C '=!erpt from the Performan!e) Pea!e in the $idst of the *torm . *ome "ere given to yo based on yo r gender and others yo took on yo rself trying to find love and a!!eptan!e. 30 . feeling. (hile s ffering from lo" self>esteem and all of the other emotional !onse9 en!es of being in partnership "ith anger) yo "ere too afraid to ask) H(hat abo t me.o" that yo are !oming into yo r o"n) yo are a"are of yo r greatness and yo have be!ome f lly a"are that yo have taken on a"esome responsibilities.I Ao didn<t "ant to appear too selfish) so yo "ent forth trying to hold p the "hole sky7 "hen yo "ere a!t ally e=pe!ted to hold p .

* am told to go out to be a lady but they forgot to tell me what this entirely means.. *’m told and * mother the earth.. * look around me and wonder where the father of this earth is? * look to my sisters and brothers . )enturies and more it seems. * have been charged with the responsibility to keep the family and community together.. * have to be responsible for the religious values of my family and teach my sons how to be men. * look to the T@ and all * see is meaningless se: and violence. * feel that * am standing alone. take care of the home and maintain control of my family.s a man. * listen to the pop music and * hear women degraded.WHO1S WATCHING MY BAC0/ * rise each day to new and unfolding challenges ready to go forth into this world being strong.. This has been pounded into my head as part of my truth and reality as a woman.Who’s watching my back? 32 . Who’s watching my back? *’m strong. *’m told. * stumble through life everyday pretending to have all of the answers when silently * am wondering. invincible and in control of my world and all it encompasses. * then go back to my family and * get confusion.s a young person.nd * cry out in lonely desperation. Who’s watching my back? . but someone forgot to tell me how this works. . * hear violence and * look to my community and * see apathy. *’ve been told that * am supposed to protect.

Was * supposed to do this alone and after all. * play my role well as the protector. * have discovered that all alone. according to the e:perts. * look into my heart and soul and ..sk myself.*’m trying to watch your back as *’ve been told that this is my duty as a man. when * look around me. That our present leaders leave behind and that we are aiding and abetting the demise of this society because of our wild and violent ways.Who’s watching my back? (ow. +ut. +ut where do * get to get the strength to shoulder your pain and mine too? * feel your pain but right now. * want to know. Who’s watching my back? * believe that * have it made over the man.< Who’s watching my back? *’ve been told that the =outh is the key to the future that we have to inherit a world. We aren-t doing this single handily because many of us can-t see the safety net beneath us. 34 ...* still stand alone and * wonder to myself. sweet brothers . . . the decent /ualities that they said that they wanted are not in demand. * listen to the rhetoric of my dear. caretaker and nurturer.nd fashioned myself into a collage of what * have heard that they want. * have been aiding and abetting the demise of the male child * did this single0handily because there was no man around to lend support..

the se: and violence that we see in the communities? !id we cause our parents hearts to break because of their dreams unfulfilled. W O’! WA"# IN$ YO%& 'A#(? Pearlie Jones) Ja!ksonville) . are we supposed to do this alone. Who’s watching my back? * was so busy watching the backs of my brothers and hurting sisters. as * look around me and see the confusion that abounds. did we make the drugs.C) 2000 33 . * forgot to let them know that my back needed watching. * am asking you. * ask you.We look into our own souls and hearts and ask ourselves. their visions blurred by the pains of every day survival. and after all.

D ring this stormy time) % t rned to my heavenly #ather for g idan!e and s bstan!e. st "as not over"helmed and depressed 31 .PART IV THE ROAD TO PEACE 'vent ally) the raging for!es of the storm may propel s into its eye "hile the "hirl"inds of life h rl aro nd s. % started taking . % remember one day "alking thro gh my ho se feeling sorry for myself) "ith my heart heavy and my so l !rying o t) H(hy. st one moment at a time and started really looking for the positive and good things in my life. (itho t preparation) the raging storm still a"aits s.I %n the midst of all this pain) a s dden !alm !ame over me and then % kne" that from that moment on) it "as Bod and me.oy in the smallest of mira!les and one day) % . #rom that pre!ise moment) % started to live . As % "alked from one point to the other) % noti!ed that the sky "as bl er) the grass "as greener) and that people really responded on!e % opened my eyes and heart to them. *ometimes this l ll makes s think that the storm has passed) "hile in a!t ality) it has not. The one period in my life "hen % felt most !onne!ted to Bod and felt :is eminent presen!e "as d ring the time "hen everything in my life "as in transition and !haos. % tried rea!hing o t to others in the !h r!h !omm nity b t felt more b rdened than relieved. 'a!h morning "hen % got p) % "o ld pray for the things that % "anted to happen that day and thanked my Bod for them.

I % felt Bod<s presen!e in everything that % did and "herever % "ent7 that "as s !h an over"helming feeling and one that % tho ght % "o ld !arry "ith me for the rest of my life. $y finan!ial sit ation "as not any better) my marriage "as not repaired) my !hild still e=hibited behavioral problems and physi!ally % "as still alone. 35 . $y !hallenge in later years be!ame my la!k of "orking on the spirit al fo ndation on a !ontin o s basis) by be!oming too rela=ed "hen the storms abated. (hen the time !ame for de!isions to be made) % made them more prayerf lly and !aref lly. % relin9 ished my life to Bod and "aited on :im for the first time in my life. % sa" little mira!les on every day of my . st that simple. % "orked hard to get to this point and % had to let go of some tr ths imposed pon me by my so!iali8ations) my peers and repla!ed those that !ame to me thro gh my o"n personal dis!overies. 'a!h birthday bro ght its o"n ni9 e !hallenges b t having gone thro gh s !h a spirit al void and re>emergen!e) % had a strong spirit al fo ndation.o rney. This "as an a!!elerated period of gro"th for me. % a"oke ea!h day an=io s to start the ne" day) e=!ited like a yo ng !hild an=io sly a"aiting *anta to bring ever hoped for toys. % felt) ho"ever) that % "as not alone. %t "as . % stopped "hining and !omplaining to my friends and "hen they asked me the stat s of my sit ation) % replied) H%<m tr ly blessed. % "as not thro gh gro"ing and life<s little lessons "ere not thro gh "ith me yet.any more. % prayed for "hat % needed) believed that % "o ld get it and it "as done.

These negative energies are akin to a vir s.$n$ss& .ed then it becomes clear that they overlooked all of 7od’s greatest blessings shielded under the guise of their challenges and the ability to meet them triumphantly. not aware of what they possess in mind. ?n!e they get in) they slo"ly eroded yo r spirit al !enter. They wallow in the afterglow of these feelings and wear them like badges of honor. © Dr. body and spirit. (hile the love of Bod) kno"ledge of :is po"er) and love are still there7 these energies !an and "ill !a se a spirit al void. Jones Ho!$ an( Fo"'i.BLESSINGS %ome people spend an inordinate part of their youth bemoaning their misfortunes. They see the world through glasses of the . D ring this Hdo"n time)I negative energies and negative people are more likely to enter yo r spa!e.ot "orking on b ilding a strong emotionally defenseless and spirit al fo ndation "ill leave yo v lnerable. They complain about all of the things they do not have and things they cannot control. This void allo"s those angry) petty and hostile feelings to move in and on!e 00 .have0nots< and allow themselves to feel the aches and pains of deprivation. *n the face of death and when the real pains of loss are reali. Pearlie $.

How terrible is it to wake each new day and in a sea of despair. WHAT IS LIFE WITHOUT HOPE *n trying times like these.=.these negative feelings are in !ontrol) a !omplete !hange in attit de and tho ght patterns "ill o!! r. because there in the midst is H?"2. 8or many of us there will be a tomorrow. The first step in re!laiming this spirit al po"er is re!ogni8ing that there is al"ays hope and that yo r heavenly #ather is .I 0/ . st a prayer a"ay. These !hanges often !a se physi!al stresses that lead to many of the stress related diseases that invade o r pop lation today. it is difficult to find something to hold on to or believe that there is a tomorrow.C '=!erpt from HPea!e in the $idst of the *torm) the Performan!e. (hen negative energies move in) a !omplete spirit al re> a"akening m st take pla!e. not mindful of the beauty that surrounds us and the blessings that come with a new day? To live each day in this bottomless pit is akin to living without hope and what is the beauty in that? 2mbrace each new day and awake to the promises of 7od and give praises for the challenges that come along the way. © Dr. but the challenge is to find beauty in the world that shows us strife and shows it as a guide that points our path to the W. Jones) 2000) Ja!ksonville) . Pearlie $.

02 . S (hen personal problems arise) do yo sometimes think) oh) no) not again. S Do yo "ish yo !o ld apologi8e to someone yo have "ronged and be forgiven. %n addition) do yo str ggle for years "ith the demons that keep yo p at night. S Are yo ashamed of things yo <ve done. S Are yo plag ed by tho ghts like) %f only % had. S Do yo "ish yo !o ld set the re!ord straight and finally be vindi!ated.$n$ss is )h$ 2$+& ? r o"n personal healing !omes "hen "e are "illing to forgive others.S Are yo afraid of re.Do yo feel that the key to pea!e of mind is merely for the asking. The a!t of forgiving is not so m !h for the other person) as it is for yo . $any people a!t ally kno" "hat it takes to find inner pea!e b t they are not "illing to do "hat it takes to a!hieve it. (hy hold on to the h rts and pains from the past "hen they are !learly !hains that keep yo bo nd in spirit al darkness. S Do yo harbor g ilt) gripes) or gr dges from past sit ations. or % "ish % didn<t . %f yo ans"er yes to any of the follo"ing 9 estions) it is time yo spend a little time "ith yo rself in learning ho" to let go and find forgiveness "ithin yo rself for yo r "rongs and misdeeds as "ell as things done to yo by other people. Fo"'i.e!tion) disapproval or abandonment. Ao pray and pray b t those dark tho ghts !ontin e to !lo d yo r mind and prevent yo from living a life free of g ilt) shame and pain.

The 03 . can provide for you and me. +ecause He made the mighty rivers. S Do yo fre9 ently feel disappointed by or bitter abo t) yo r relationships at "ork or life in general. Jones) Dallas) Te=as) /551 %t appears that many older people kno" ho" to take things in stride7 to live life at its f llest) to "eather the storms) yet e=hibit an ltimate sense of pea!e and serenity despite in!redible odds. © Dr. He peaked them low or high3 He made the little birdies. He’d already made a way for you and *. He formed the great mountains.S Does thinking abo t the "ay yo on!e "ere Jbea tif l) !arefree) pop lar) athleti!) et!. Pearlie $. made them narrow or wide because He loves us so.K leave yo dissatisfied "ith "ho yo are today. +ecause He directs the wind and tells it the way to blow. and gave them wings to fly. scooped out the valleys. and He even controls the weather. He will help us to achieve our dreams. S Are yo fearf l of the f t re. because He planted the trees3 because He clothed the grass of the field. S :as life not lived p to yo r e=pe!tations. and carved out the pathways for the tiny stream. +ecause He placed the beauty. and reminds it. He created the vast ?ceans3 on them He placed the many waves3 +ecause of His grace. our heavenly 8ather. and He alone. rescues and saves. He reaches down. I HAVE THE ANSWER +ecause He feeds the birds. then through his enduring power. of the rainbow in the sky. its time to snow.

*pirit led seniors kno" that the ans"er to life<s !hallenges rests "ith Bod.MOTHER When * travel the roads you trod mother. a strong sense of survival and compassion. * now know and understand the true depths of the despair you must have felt being poor.ne=t !han!e yo have) take the time to talk to a senior !iti8en "ho has fo nd that pea!e that yo seek. alone. Jones) Dallas) Te=as) /551 00 . *tay a"ay from negative and mean spirited people of all ages. %t is so !omforting to hear abo t the !hallenges they fa!ed in their yo th and to see the po"er of their faith today.o rney. !espite the pain you suffered. safely and security you provided me during the lean years when * know it must have been hard for you. * think of the love. #other thank you for teaching me how to have faith when everything around me was falling apart. *pend time "ith yo r older relatives and really listen to them. @emember no") not all seniors have fo nd their inner pea!e. THAN0S FOR THE LESSONS. Pearlie $. uneducated and female. They !an be a strong so r!e of en!o ragement to yo on yo r spirit al . my heart becomes heavy and my eyes misty. © Dr. you were able to teach me love of 7od.

%t is diffi! lt to move for"ard ntil the past be!omes . The more yo kno" abo t yo rself) the more self> !onfident yo be!ome. The more information that yo a!9 ire on anything "ill p t yo in a po"er position. $ake yo rself a st dent of life7 amass kno"ledge abo t yo rself) yo r !hallenges and ho" yo affe!t the "orld that yo impa!t. (e all have impa!t) yo kno". Th$ Roa( )o Inn$" P$ac$& $any "omen do not kno" "hat they "ant or if they even deserve the goodness in life be!a se for so long they have believed that they !o ld not have it7 or they have delayed their o"n dreams for the sake of the family. :ave yo ever been a part of something b t not in the information loop. %t is advisable to "ork thro gh the '=er!ises& Assist in Personal Bro"th and Development) 02 .o rney. 1ife is like that also. st that) the past. This se!tion makes a !onne!tion bet"een history) negative and positive e=perien!es. %f yo have fo nd yo rself on the o tside) then yo are familiar "ith the feelings that are asso!iated "ith not being a part of things and the res lting inse! rities.PART V PATHS TO EMPOWERMENT 'mpo"erment !omes from information that "e have gathered on o r . In3o"%a)ion is !ow$"& Take a fe" min tes to refle!t pon this phrase. There are for!es operating in so!iety and ! lt rally that impa!t the environment "here "e live) thrive and negotiate o r s rvival and s bse9 ent empo"erment.

Fook inside yo r heart) find and a!kno"ledge 04 .lo!ated in the Appendi!es) at the start of yo r . This "ill prevent yo from f mbling aro nd in the fog trying to find yo r path."s$ 3& This means forgive yo rself for not being perfe!t) for the mistakes yo have made in yo r life and for the bad !hoi!es that lead yo to bad pla!es and people. Ao may e=perien!e an array of feelings as yo "ork thro gh the e=er!ises) and yo may dis!over that yo harbor negative feelings against individ als from yo r past be!a se of things that they may have done to yo . L$a"n To Fo"'i. Can yo find it in yo r heart to ask them for their forgiveness. 'ven if they "ill not or !annot forgive yo ) forgive yo rself and move on. This may !reate anger against yo by yo 7 so the first order is to forgive.o rney. L$a"n )o Fo"'i. Fook at all the relationships in yo r life) in!l ding family and friends.$ O)h$"s& Do not be afraid to give the release they need to move on in their . Do yo find that this re9 est for forgiveness !omes hard for yo be!a se yo ) too) have been "ronged and yo do not nderstand (:A they !annot see that. They may not be able to get past their pain to see yo rs) therefore) yo have to take responsibility for yo r o"n pain and yo r o"n pea!e of mind.$ Yo.o rney7 yo "ill find a sense of pea!e in doing this. Are there people that yo feel that yo have h rt. Additionally) yo "ill !ome to a f ll nderstanding that yo allo"ed yo rself to step do"n be!a se of some mispla!ed loyalty to a friend or a family member.

Think long and hard before taking any a!tion. Ao "ill find that person "ill !hange to"ards yo . This "ill be painf l and diffi! lt b t "hen it is all over) yo "ill start to find a sense of pea!e.o matter "hat they have done to yo and ho" nfair it is to forgive them7 for yo r o"n sake) yo have infl en!ed have to let go. 03 . dge them) . %f yo do this eno gh) yo "ill a tomati!ally do it and it "ill be!ome se!ond nat re.areas "here yo might have failed a loved one. s to @emember o r past beliefs and ho" "e remember the events all s7 and ho" o r de!isions lead n!omfortable pla!es. %t is ironi! ho" the "orld seemingly !hanges "hen yo !hange ho" yo per!eive things. st go into yo r prayer mode. %n retrospe!t) yo !an see that it "as not b t it is a "ise person "ho !an look himself or herself dire!tly in the mirror and admit transgressions. They have their o"n spe!ial . st love them thro gh Bod as one of his spe!ial !hildren. The goal is to !lear the path to yo r glory sing pea!e and tr th) as yo nderstand it. @emember) at the time of the deed) yo might have been operating on limited information) a false reality base and yo may have tho ght it "as right. . (hen yo find yo are thinking bad abo t someone . *o) give this individ al !los re and repair the bridge that prevents yo from being !lose to loved ones. Jes s des!ribes this transformation. Bod "ill provide the "ords and the strength "hen it is time. Ao !annot !ontrol "hat other people feel or "hat they believe.o rney. (e are not to .

%n all of o r "aking ho rs) "e are !ontin ally re!eiving messages from the environment that affe!t o r reality. (e !an !ontrol the type of people "e are aro nd) the type of entertainment7 vis al) a ditory) and sensory information that "e absorb. The brain is like a !omp ter. $ !h of this information enters o r psy!he on a s b>!ons!io s level. %t is very easy to fall into the Hpoor me mentalityI be!a se it feels good to bemoan the in. The bad thing abo t it is "hen yo are no longer of the fr strated) yo r a dien!e "ill !onstantly remind yo 01 . Therefore) "hat is p t into yo r mind m st be .The ltimate goal of spirit al strengthening is the re>programming of the tho ght pro!esses. @eading inspirational books that motivate and inspire are e=!ellent tools for the re>a"akening of the inno!en!e and godly po"er that lie "ithin ea!h person.evertheless) over 50T of environmental things "e !an !ontrol. %t is paramo nt that "e be!ome a"are of o r s rro ndings and "hat goes into o r senses. This is one time "here yo !an be the !enter of attention "hen yo are venting yo r fr strations and most of the time yo !an find an a dien!e. . %t takes !o rage and a strong !ommitment to one<s o"n spirit al health to say no to garbage.ealo sly g arded as yo "o ld yo r most pre!io s gems. ? r environment provides n mero s stim li both positive and negative. %f negative information goes in then the only o tp t "ill be negative information. sti!es heaped pon yo at times.

(hen yo are feeling do"n on yo rself) . Choose these people very !aref lly. *pirit al friends m st be developed and n rt red to prevent the inevitable loneliness) fr stration and sometimes depression that "ill !ome. :o" many times have yo said something like that abo t a fello" Christian." inn$" #$a. %t is very !lear that to gro" spirit ally means that yo have to persevere and stay on that spirit al . %t is important that this inner !ir!le of peers have the same philosophy as yo be!a se too m !h energy spent in disagreements over basi! philosophi!al differen!es "astes pre!io s time.)+ an( c ai% i). %n fa!t) the ro!ky road !an be sed and an impet s for !hange. don<t be!ome strong "itho t fle=ing yo r *o "hen tro ble !omes) this "ill be an e=!ellent opport nity to test yo r resolve. The travelers on this road need !onsisten!y to be able to stay fo! sed.$" +o.o rney even "hen the road gets ro!ky. %t does not mean that either one is "rong7 it means that the t"o realities are divergent and "ill !a se fri!tion and sometimes estrangement.in. Ao Christian m s!les. Disco. %f yo get off the path too often) yo may appear as a hypo!rite. st think of the po"er yo inherited from yo r 05 . Do not make the mistake of thinking that sin!e yo are on an enlightened path) that yo r life is going to be smooth sailing. sti!e and it "ill be diffi! lt for yo to take that high spirit al road again.

(henever yo are aro nd negative people or in negative !ir! mstan!es7 go into that spe!ial pla!e and allo" yo rself to feel the "arming flo" of Bod<s love and imagine :im anointing yo "ith yo r birthright. How does that feel? Aeep your eyes closed for a few moments more to allow the reali. nk. Claim the val e that Bod gave yo at birth. Fin( )h$ 'oo( in $.o" try to !arry that feeling "ith yo "herever yo go. That feels good. . Allo" yo rself to feel the po"er that !omes from kno"ing that yo are a ni9 e and spe!ial person) and before yo kno" it) yo "ill start to feel Bod<s presen!e. A !lose and !aref l s!r tiny of a sit ation "ill reveal that the o!! rren!e is be!a se of a re!ent or a 20 .ation of your birthright to sink into the essence of your being.$"+)hin'& +e!a se "e live in a !onvol ted "orld) bad things do happen to good people. )lear your mind and allow yourself to think about your anointing with power directly from your heavenly 8ather. )lose your eyes for a moment.heavenly #ather and kno" that :e did not make . Do not allo" anyone or anything to steal this from yo be!a se yo are +ea tif l. %t sometimes appears that "hen yo try to do right) it is as if yo "alk aro nd "ith a neon sign flashing) Hd mp on mePI (hen it is yo r time to sho lder some pain) a!!ept it gra!io sly and learn ho" to see Bod<s plan in it. Do not be so 9 i!k to think that Bod p t the b rden on yo .

$"+(a+& This !an be a small gest re) like giving someone a sin!ere !ompliment) letting a shopper go ahead of yo 2/ . @efer to the Boals (orksheet lo!ated in the (orkbook se!tion to develop an a!tion plan. canno) chan'$& The serenity prayer really helps in making this a reality be!a se it does absol tely no good to spend a lot of energy on things in yo r life that yo !annot !ontrol. S$) on' )$"% an( sho")4)$"% 'oa s& @efle!t ba!k on the Boals (orksheet and list yo r goals in the follo"ing !ategories7 personal) finan!ial) spirit al) ed !ational) so!ial and !ivi!. *o) think abo t short>term and long>term reper! ssions. #rom this a!tion plan) develop yo r short term and long>term goals. Do yo think yo "ill ever kno" "hen yo rea!h yo r destination if yo do not kno" "here yo are going.past de!ision. Do a 'oo( ($$( $. Allo" yo rself to believe that yo have "hat yo "ant. %f yo fail to plan yo r goals) then yo plan to fail. Determine if it is !a sed by one of yo r !hoi!es if so) "hat have yo learned from this sit ation. Fearn to re!ogni8e those things that yo do have !ontrol of and "ork on them. #or e=ample) if yo are in a bad relationship) do not "aste yo r time trying to !hange the other person. : manity has free "ill to make good or bad de!isions that affe!t o r lives for the rest of o r lives and o r !hildren<s lives. Do not limit yo rself. The only person that yo !an !hange is yo rself and yo kno" ho" hard it is to !hange. Acc$!) )h$ )hin's +o.

Attit de means a lot and a positive attit de "ill dra" other people to yo . #ind . $any people already give sa!rifi!ially b t is it be!a se it is e=pe!ted of yo . Bratit de opens yo r heart to . %f so) do something for someone "ho absol tely does not have any e=pe!tations from yo and relish the feelings that yo gain from a tiny a!t of kindness. . $ake yo r life more positive and f n by e=pe!ting a mira!le everyday. A"esomeP An)ici!a)$ w$ & (e form o r realities by "hat is believed. (hat "o ld happen if these tiny a!ts be!ome !ontagio s aro nd yo r offi!e or home. %t does not matter "hat yo do) b t fo! s a portion of everyday thinking and doing something ni!e for someone else. B$ '"a)$3. %nstead of e=pe!ting the "orse) e=pe!t the best from everyone yo meet.at the s per market or a h ge one) like ! tting an infirmed person<s grass or organi8ing a !lean p !re" from the neighborhood to !lean a ho se for a senior person.o rney. Fook for life<s tiny mira!les everyday and do not be ama8ed "hen yo find them. 22 . .oy) so be s re to appre!iate all of yo r blessings) even the tiny ones.o one "ants to be aro nd a !omplaining) ngratef l gro !h.oy in even the smallest things in yo r daily . #or instan!e) no matter ho" bad things are in yo r life) look at "hat yo do have and be gratef l for that.

B$ )h$ chan'$ +o. Atta!k ea!h !hallenge "ith optimism) honesty) tena!ity) a!!eptan!e) and event ally yo "ill be an over> all happier person even d ring !riti!al times of stress. This is the order of the day. wan) )o s$$ in )h$ wo" (.B$ Ha!!+& Ao !an solve most problems if they are per!eived as !hallenges rather than obsta!les.o rney thro gho t yo r life) yo "ill find many opport nities to make a differen!e in this "orld. 23 . As yo . Fook at ea!h obsta!le as an opport nity to learn something ne". Do resear!h) read books and talk to other people "ho have gone thro gh yo r !hallenge and find ne" "ays of doing things.

20 . *he gre" p in an environment "ith no Afri!an Ameri!an professionals or +la!k :istory !o rses that ta ght her the strengths of her ra!e.o rneys of others.o rney. :er immediate family "as poor and many did not finish high s!hool be!a se of poverty. %t is hoped that one of these stories and their res lting dis!overies "ill assist yo in yo r .PART VI SCENARIOS FROM REAL LIFE Sc$na"ios depi!t a!t al e=perien!es7 the names are fi!titio s to prote!t the identities. st started on their . Th$ i%!ac) o3 in)$"na i5$( o!!"$ssion& Cynthia $i!helle "as born in the late 00<s and !ame to mat rity in the 40<s in an impoverished Afri!an Ameri!an !omm nity in the Deep *o th. *ome of these individ als have . After that) she "as on her o"n.o rney b t % felt that "as signifi!ant too to demonstrate their str ggles to !hange and the importan!e of finding others on this same . %n fa!t) her getting o t of high s!hool "itho t being pregnant satisfied her mother<s dreams and her mother "as very pro d of her. As mentioned nder the %nspiration se!tion) many people get motivated and inspired by listening to the . $i!helle did not re!eive any information or en!o ragement abo t "hat she "o ld do beyond high s!hool.o rney.

Cynthia<s referen!e gro p and her mother tho ght she sho ld find a good man) get married and have !hildren.?ne day) "hen she "as in the 3th or 1th grade) she anno n!ed to her *pee!h tea!her that she "anted to be a Jo rnalist. +e!a se of her poverty) la!k of information and reso r!es) and relying on her peers) she did not kno" ho" to even go abo t going to !ollege. $ost of the information "as given to !hildren of Prea!hers and Tea!hers be!a se they "ere prod !ts of the respe!ted families in this r ral !omm nity. *he did not give p on "riting7 ho"ever) she !ontin ed to "rite poetry and short stories that she never shared "ith anyone be!a se she did not think they "ere any good. That planted another seed in her head) so her ne" goal "as to go to !ollege) b t to do "hat) she did not kno". The high s!hool Co nselor never !o nseled her abo t her f t re or even a!kno"ledged that she even had a f t re. Fater in high s!hool) her 'nglish tea!her told her that she "as very e=pressive) had a very vivid imagination and "o ld do "ell in !ollege. That one bit of advi!e from the tea!her sh t this yo ng girl do"n for many years) b t not forever. *he dreamed of having bea tif l !lothes) a bea tif l 22 . This did not feel right to her and she "anted more. +e!a se of her age and her respe!t for her elders) Cynthia never spoke of this dream again. *in!e Cynthia "as poor) her life !han!es did not ens re her a bright and prospero s f t re d e to her mother<s ed !ational !ompletion of the eighth grade. This respe!ted tea!her told her that her dreams "ere nrealisti! be!a se there "ere not any Afri!an Ameri!an Jo rnalists.

*oon Cynthia started to em late her mentor<s style of spee!h and did not "ant to leave her present . This one spe!ial "oman looked beyond her naivety and sa" her potential greatness.ob and en!o raged her to 9 it her . Cynthia "as very !yni!al) disbelieving and no matter ho" m !h she "as told abo t her nat ral abilities) she did not believe it.obs) she landed a .ob.ob "here her boss re!ogni8ed her intelligen!e and en!o raged her to go to !ollege. *he often felt g ilty be!a se she felt she "as not sing "hat nat ral gifts Bod gave her.ob and go to !ollege. :er mentor did not let her settle for this . This "as the first time she learned that she did have skills. :o"ever) she did not hear abo t her potential "hen she "as very yo ng and she did not even kno" that she had them. *he still did not kno" ho" to make things happen and no one really ever took the time to mentor her. The first day she "ent on !amp s she felt like an ant in a 24 . After a series of minim m "age and dead end . T"o !olleges a!!epted Cynthia and she attended the one in her to"n. %n the ne" environment) she blossomed and ne" opport nities opened p for her.home) b t her mother and her e=tended family tho ght she "as a dreamer. :er mentor helped her !omplete !ollege appli!ations) finan!ial aid appli!ations and a!t ally took her nder her "ing. 'vent ally) she finished high s!hool and relo!ated to Te=as. #ear "as her biggest reason for not getting the things she "anted o t of life.

:e advised her to start "earing shorter dresses) learn ho" to "ear her hair differently) !ome to the front of the !lassroom) stop hiding in the ba!k behind other st dents and to speak p. 'ven tho gh she did not tr st his motives) she did as he s ggested. *he "ore one o tfit timidly on !amp s the follo"ing day. %n her !lasses) she felt so in!onse9 ential that "hen the tea!her asked 9 estions) even tho gh she kne" the ans"ers) she "o ld not speak p be!a se she kne" she "o ld probably be "rong and she feared being "rong and ridi! led. To her s rprise) they "ere looking and ga"king at her.high ivory to"er. Cynthia s rvived that dreadf l first day and started her !lasses. *he bo ght a stylish "ig) "ent to *ears and p r!hased some p to date !lothing. :er only redeeming feat re "as her ability to "rite and e=press herself on paper) so she did "ell on essay tests. *lo"ly her 23 . %n the first assembly) she looked at the other st dents and felt that) s rely) they belonged there and) s rely) she did not. :e told her that she "as pretty b t she needed to dress to a!!ent ate her feat res. 'ven tho gh she made good grades) she never tho ght she deserved them and "o ld often be!ome depressed "hen she got her papers ba!k "ith an HA. This happened more than on!e.I ?ne day a male instr !tor asked her to remain after !lass. That day "hen she "alked a!ross !amp s) a gro p of yo ng men "histled at her. *he looked aro nd to see if some other girl "alked behind her.

There "ere no other !hildren "ho lived !lose to her) therefore) she had to find her o"n type of entertainment. %t "as a long time before she !o ld really feel that she belonged in !ollege environment be!a se of the feedba!k she had re!eived from her peers) family) the so!ial milie that she gre" p in and the internali8ation of these negative oppressions. %t "o ld take a little "hile longer for her to be able to vo!ali8e this. (hen her family finally p r!hased a se!ond hand television) it be!ame her other o tlet. %t "o ld take years to deprogram these embedded tho ghts. %n the early fifties) there "ere not many programs on the air and the only images that she sa" of bla!ks "ere negative and stereotypi!al s !h as Amos and Andy) the bla!k person on The Ja!k +enny *ho" and the image of A nt Jemima on the flo r sa!ks. That gave her a strong sense of empo"erment to kno" that she "as not "eird as some of her peers and family tho ght. *he loved reading b t her reading !hoi!es "ere the tr e !onfession maga8ines) et!. 21 .self>!onfiden!e started to rise and for the very first time in her short life) she felt bea tif l. :o"ever) "hen she read the ideas of philosophers) theologians) so!ial s!ientists and so!ial "orkers) she "as ama8ed to find that these ed !ated people voi!ed some of her ideas. College opened p a ne" reality for her and she met different types of people. The o tlets Cynthia had "ere reading) playing "ith farm animals) and "riting short stories. *he had a mind and something to say.

. The "ider !omm nity per!eived bla!k "omen d ring this time as inferior b t strong and n rt ring to "hite !hildren. All of these negatives be!ame her master stat s that follo"ed her thro gho t her life.o matter ho" she tried to move beyond it) it "o ld raise its gly head repeatedly. +e!a se there "as no n rt ring and s pport provided) no en!o ragement to her dreams7 she delayed them into "ell into her life. st +la!k "omen. *he did not personally kno" anyone "ho had made it) so she had to keep b mping her head ntil she finally fo nd her "ay o t of the sha!kles of poverty) ra!ism) e!onomi! deprivation) and se=ism. These dynami!s are not ni9 e to . %f yo are the type of person "ho val es being a!!epted and being a part of a 25 . All that she heard abo t being bla!k "as negative. These "ere not the roles that she "anted to !laim b t she didn<t kno" ho" to break o t of the !o!oon.(hat for!es do yo see in this short story. *he !ontin ed to dream b t her dreams "ere la ghed at be!a se she "as the !hild of a poor ned !ated single parent. This !ame to her thro gh ed !ation. *o!iety determines the so!ial stat s of "omen in ea!h ! lt re and "hen !o rageo s "omen dare to step o t side of their roles) it is done at great personal and so!ial risks. This "as re>enfor!ed by the myths and stereotypes from her ra!e and as "ell as "hites. *he had no kno"ledge of the a!!omplishments of Afri!an Ameri!ans before her be!a se her high s!hool did not tea!h +la!k :istory. %t demonstrated most of "hat "e have been talking abo t p to this point. (hat are the risks.

. %t is important that yo "ork espe!ially hard at b ilding yo r self> esteem and self>!on!ept. That<s "hy so many people don<t take it on. 'very one of s is !onne!ted to ea!h other and together "e form a gro p . *he moved to another level in her 40 .bigger gro p) then going against the norms "ill p t yo at odds "ith the gro p and yo might fa!e ridi! le and e=!l sion from the gro p. Cynthia event ally made a de!ision to . (hen she !ame home from !ollege) often her ned !ated family and high s!hool friends avoided her. There "ill !ome a time "hen yo might have to go it alone ntil yo find yo r ne" ni!he.o rney "ith them7 they may not like it) b t they don<t have to like it) . . a so!iety. *o) if yo are married or in a relationship) it is important to share this . This is a pro!ess and it "ill not !ome over night. st a!!ept it. The self>esteem proponents and some religio s leaders make it appear so easy7 many try to make yo believe that all you have to do is believe it and you will achieve it. %t is imperative that yo believe and amass information) b t it is e9 ally important for yo to nderstand that the road to !hange is diffi! lt. $any people end p abandoning their plans to please loved ones and referen!e gro ps. (hen yo !hange) things aro nd yo !hange. st ba!k off from high s!hool a!9 aintan!es and friends that she made before she started on her . Ao have to believe in yo rself to be able to stand strong and tr e to yo r dreams.o rney and even some e=tended family members.

%f she spoke the same lang age as them) she "as admonished for not speaking any better for a !ollege st dent. %nstead) she "ent aro nd for years living t"o different realities often feeling h rt be!a se no one really kne" the real her. %f yo are honest "ith yo rself) most times yo !an tra!e it ba!k to a de!ision that yo made re!ently or far in the ba!k.o rney "ith others) and they did not see the !hange in her. Cynthia did not tr st herself eno gh to assert her ne"fo nd reality and she still relied too heavily on the approval of others to demand her ne" respe!t. st did not seem to fit in any"here. (hen this happens) it is time to stop and take a personal inventory of yo rself. ?ften they talked to her as if she did not kno" anything.o rney on a !ommitted basis) so 4/ . People "ill believe of yo "hat yo tell them or "hat yo lead them to believe. (hen she "ent aro nd her family) she talked abo t "hat they "anted to talk abo t) and never inter. %f she sed proper 'nglish) she "as admonished for being a kno" it all. *he . Fook at the !hallenge) disse!t it) and think of all of the "ays this !o ld have happened. Cynthia made no effort to share her . Cynthia !ompleted !ollege and event ally entered into professional employment) b t !ontin ed to flo nder aro nd for years in and o t of . 'very a!t or de!ision has !onse9 en!es.e!ted any of her opinions or e=perien!es.obs) relationships and t"o marriages.. *he did not !ontin e her . The self>!onfiden!e she garnered in her early years did not follo" her thro gh o t the years.o rney and she 9 i!kly dis!overed that she did not belong in her previo s reality.

. After not finding the pea!e and !ontentment she so ght) she de!ided to embark pon a ne" . This man served as a "ay o t for her. After reading the foregoing s!enario) think abo t the 9 estions belo". (as it her fa lt that she !o ld not make the right de!isions to lead to her s !!ess initially. Can yo identify for!es in her ba!kgro nd that infl en!ed her f t re) after reading the first part of this book. (hat she fo nd on this . Ma2in' D$cisions 3o" )h$ W"on' R$asons& $ar. The Jo rney !ontin es. Did Cynthia give her family and friends the !han!e to kno" her "hen she hid behind the !omfort 8ones of an earlier reality. Can yo personally identify "ith aspe!ts of this s!enario. 0.she made bad de!isions that led to nhealthy pla!es and dead ends. *he needed a male fig re for her son and she "anted to relo!ate.onetheless) she !ontin ed on her path and event ally she learned ho" to find pea!e d ring the !hallenges in her life.o rney took her to ne" heights and e=posed her to ne" people. Do yo think that Cynthia<s bad de!isions !a sed her to have diffi! lties in her life.o rney "as e=!iting in some "ays) fearf l in others) b t ltimately) she fo nd that many of the de!isions that she made "as be!a se of her la!k of information and this made her angry "ith herself.orie married a man that she felt in her heart "as not p to her level) b t she "anted to be in a relationship. /. . 2.o rney and that . *he tho ght that sin!e she "as a ni!e person) it "o ld be all 42 . 3.

:e did not hold a g n to her head and he did not promise that he "as a saint. :e did not "ant to transform be!a se he did not think anything "as "rong "ith him.right. :e t rned o t to be a liar) a manip lator) misappropriated some of her money and "as not even that good of a role model for her son. :e "anted an ed !ated and 43 . Fooking deeper into this s!enario) "ho do yo think "as at fa lt. :e tho ght she sho ld !hange be!a se that is "hat a "oman is s pposed to do) right. $ar. ?n!e "hen they "ere deep in arg ment) he broke do"n and !ried saying) H(hy did yo marry me any"ay.I This st mped her and then she kne" that) ltimately) he did not !hange. They both "ere "rong be!a se they did not stop to analy8e their motives.orie tho ght that her kindness) her display of tr st and professions of love "o ld transform him. Gltimately) $ar.orie<s de!ision to marry him for the "rong reasons and to tr st him played into her disappointment.orie<s h sband needed to be responsible for his o"n behavior b t $ar. 'vent ally they divor!ed and she did not leave the marriage "ith the same !redit standing be!a se he ran her !redit !ards p) hid the statements and before she fo nd o t abo t it) they "ere already talking abo t reporting to the !redit b rea . *he did not allo" herself to see "hat "as right there before her eyes) and she did not follo" her o"n instin!ts be!a se the signals "ere there. $ar.orie spent many * ndays in Ch r!h praying for him and bemoaning her ltimate betrayal.

(hat happens "hen "omen de!ide to ! t ba!k on this s pport to p rs e their o"n dreams7 an imbalan!e o!! rs and this !a ses !haos in relationships. *he had her "ants b t "hat they both "anted "as not !ompatible and they "ere not honest "ith ea!h other in the beginning.ob) raised the !hildren and made s re the ho se "as 9 iet and in order "hen he !ame home.ob demanding the pay!he!k.orie did not "ant to be the type of "oman "ho met her h sband at his .orie "as so !onfident ntil this did not bother her for the short time she had to spend "ith him. (hile she stood behind him) she started to feel nf lfilled. %n fa!t) on paydays he !o ld not make it home "ith his entire pay!he!k. $ar. Thro gho t his mistreatments) his many affairs) +etty felt that if she loved him more he "o ld see ho" inval able she "as and he "o ld !hange. (hat "o ld yo do. +etty de!ided to find her 40 . $en and "omen mar!h to a different dr mmer and this means that men are en!o raged to mar!h to their o"n t nes "hile "omen are so!iali8ed to s pport them in the ba!kgro nd. 'ven tho gh she "as very kind to her h sband) and did all the things "omen do to make a home r n smoothly& she held do"n a f ll time . $ar.professional "oman. :er h sband treated her "ith the tmost disrespe!t b t she still h ng in there. Ho (in' On To a Pi!$ D"$a%& +etty) 32 years old) "orked for over /0 years to s pport her h sband<s b dding !areer. *he did not s ffer emotionally b t she did finan!ially be!a se he did not handle money "ell.

ob. +etty did not tell her family abo t his physi!al and emotional violen!e. At first) she "as devastated and fearf l be!a se she "as not s re if she !o ld do this by herself. Therefore) he kne" he !o ld not get a"ay "ith the physi!al ab se b t he !ontin ed the verbal ab se.o"n destiny and slo"ly she started to !hange. Therefore) "hen her h sband started to "ine and dine her) it did not take m !h for him to pers ade her to give him another !han!e. *oon) +etty started to think that maybe it "as not so bad after all so they remarried abo t one year later. :er family tho ght that she "as !ra8y for leaving a man "ith s !h a good . #or t"o years) she blossomed and her self>esteem and !onfiden!e rose to in!redible heights) b t deep in her heart she "anted to keep her family in ta!t. %t did not take long before he started the "omani8ing) verbal ab se) and intimidation7 this time she "as not that afraid of him be!a se she got him in tro ble d ring their first marriage. *he had material things b t deep in her heart she longed for her family to be ba!k inta!t be!a se this is "hat she learned from her parents "hen she "as gro"ing p. %n fa!t) her family still en!o rages her to try to bring her family ba!k together. They only sa" the pi!t re that they both painted. This did not sit "ell "ith her h sband) their relationship f rther deteriorated and they event ally divor!ed. +etty fo nd and attended a (omen<s * pport Bro p that en!o raged her to set goals) make an a!tion plan and "ork the 42 .

*he dropped o t of the gro p for a month b t "hen she !ame ba!k to the gro p) she pro dly anno n!ed that she is on the spirit al .o rney !ontin es. *o) the . st let them pass. *he has !hallenges in problem solving be!a se that) too) "asn<t anything she ever learned to do. 44 . %t is very diffi! lt for her to identify her "ants be!a se she never had to think abo t them. +etty still fa!es !hallenges) b t the greatest !hallenge e=ists "ithin her.plan. +etty often presents herself as the happy) helpf l person7 b t is finding it very diffi! lt to maintain this image "hile traveling her path.o rney that the gro p leader spoke so m !h abo t. *he said that ntil the gro p !onfronted her "ith the tr th) she never looked inside herself7 she al"ays !ontrib ted all the blame on her h sband. (hen !hallenges presented themselves) she .

a . ?n!e yo have dis!overed) to yo r dismay) that yo may need to "ork on yo r self>esteem after !ompleting the eval ation) yo "ill need tips on boosting it. $s 3o" R$s!onsi# $ G"ow)h& Cery simple reminders of ho" to bring together all of yo r emotional and !ognitive reso r!es. *ome of this information "ill be asto nding) and some "ill hit yo in a negative sense. B$ i$3s an( R$ a)ionshi!s is a fa!t sheet that "ill help yo identify yo r beliefs abo t yo r relationship "ith others. (hat 43 . %ndivid als "ho do this e=er!ise have tro ble listing all of the things they "ant be!a se they don<t kno" "hat they "ant.a)ion an( Ti!s )o Boos) S$ 3 Es)$$% are po"erf l tools that "ork together. As yo "ork thro gh this list) % am s re yo "ill find e=amples of "ays of thinking that have held yo !aptive) have f n breaking sha!kles of mental bondage. :ave f n "ith this. Ao probably already kno" this) b t sometimes seeing them organi8ed differently "ill stim late a !omplete ne" nderstanding. Ao !an have anything that yo "ant. R.$ o!%$n) E6$"cis$s "ill most definitely help yo n!over the hidden messages that yo learned from yo r yo th) the environment) friends) family) broad!ast and printed media. Th$ P$"sona G"ow)h an( D$. S$ 34$s)$$% E. Goa s Wo"2sh$$) is a very po"erf l tool and a very diffi! lt one to do. %f yo "ill take the time to "ork thro gh the e=er!ise) yo "ill noti!e a heightened sense of self>kno"ing and nderstanding.WOR0BOO0 SECTION This se!tion is designed to assist yo "ith yo r self>dis!overy. Dis)o")$( Thin2in' !an prevent yo from having all of the things that yo vis ali8e. Please keep in mind that all e=perien!es "ork to make yo a po"erf l and spirit al h man being. This is an opport ne time for yo to vis ali8e all of yo r lost dreams) hopes and material !omforts that yo "o ld like to obtain.

a i)i$s )ha) I wo. ( Li2$ )o D$.a i)+ o3 M+ R$ a)ionshi!s/ Ao r beliefs abo t yo r relationships impa!t ho" yo make friends and "hat type of people yo allo" in yo r life.$ o! helps yo identify "hat yo "ant and "hat yo e=pe!t from yo rself and "hat yo are "illing to give to others in order to have a balan!ed life. S)$!s a) R$so . Th$ 7. %n "orking the vario s e=er!ises) yo perhaps have dis!overed that yo do harbor some deep>seated anger and hostility. Do%$s)ic Vio $nc$ In3o"%a)ion* This is an over>vie" of "hat domesti! violen!e is and if yo need more spe!ifi! information) please visit or !all yo r lo!al domesti! violen!e !enter) like the (omen<s Center. Ao !annot obtain the pea!e yo seek ntil the anger is resolved and this is an on>going pro!ess.yo believe and "hat yo feel "ill affe!t all of the relationships in yo r life. Wha) is )h$ 7. This information is important be!a se it sho"s the different types of domesti! violen!e be!a se many people think that it only involves hitting or beating.in' An'$" this is a po"erf l fa!t sheet that merely provides yo an idea of spe!ifi! steps to deal "ith yo r anger. 41 . Ao may find that yo are dealing "ith the "rong type of people.

This is yo r time) g ard it .?T'+??O and take a fe" moments ea!h day to re!ord yo r !omments to the 9 estions belo".ealo sly and allo" yo rself to e=pand. 2.E6$"cis$s To Assis) In P$"sona G"ow)h An( D$. This is the first 9 estion in any sit ation and the basi! one in life.  Pay attention to other people aro nd yo 7 observe them and the s rro nding events. /. Take the fear and mystery o t of "hat yo dire!tly observe. Are yo "illing to have everything yo "ant. Do the follo"ing e=er!ises ntil yo feel restored&  Fook at yo r list everyday) vis ali8e yo r possession of them) and tell yo rself that yo !an have "hat yo "ant. 45 . (hat do yo "ant.$ o!%$n) PG@C:A*' A *P%@AF . $ove thro gh any n!omfortable feeling and "rite do"n e=a!tly "hat yo "ant.  +e a"are and !ons!io s of yo r body) yo r feelings) yo r rea!tions and yo r e=perien!e from moment to moment. Ao have no limitations. +e spe!ifi!. (hen yo re!ord in yo r Personal Bro"th Jo rnal) go to a 9 iet pla!e "ith soft m si! in the ba!kgro nd. This may be one of the most diffi! lt tasks yo !an initially ndertake be!a se many people do not kno" "hat they "ant or ho" even to identify their "ants.

*ele!t the p rposes) goals) "ants. Fook at people) sit ations) events) and materials and see them for "hat they a!t ally are) not for "hat yo think they mean or have represented to yo in the past. Alternatively) did yo de!ide to make others less so they !o ld not overpo"er yo . *pend some time alone and think abo t some of the dreams from yo r yo th.I 3. ?n!e yo have de!ided to do this) mira! lo sly) the "ay "ill !ome. 0. Did yo as a res lt or in!ident sh t yo rself do"n and de!ide to be less than yo are. @e!laim yo r dreams. 30 . ?f !o rse) yo "ill find that many are no longer important to yo b t there are still some !inders in yo r spirit "aiting to be f eled to a b rst of energy. @e!over yo r life by re!overing yo r p rposes) ob. 4. 2. %n fa!t) if yo lose the ability to dream) hope is lost. %dentify any events in yo r life "herein yo felt stopped) diminished) or po"erless.  Tell yo rself and noti!e yo r rea!tion7 HThe "orld % see doesn<t mean anything)I then) H% give meaning to "hat % see. (rite do"n all fail res yo have had "ith a bearing on p rposes) goals) "ants) dreams) relationships) et!. %t is never too late to dream.e!tives)intentions) and vision.

(rite do"n any tho ghts) fears) beliefs) and notions that have to do "ith yo and others having e=a!tly "hat yo Dthey "ant.3. %f yo !o ld !hange it) ho" "o ld yo do so. (hat have yo done to get even) sh t do"n) and get "hat yo "ant. Then "rite the affirmative statement again and !ontin e. /2. Allo" yo rself to Hmo!k it pI in yo r imagination) envisioning yo r f t re e=perien!e. //. Consider a spe!ifi! !onfli!t that yo are presently e=perien!ing. $ake it realP Do this on!e or t"i!e a day) as "anted. *ee yo rself having "hat yo "ant in detail. 5. (ho stopped yo ) for!ed yo ) or gave yo s bstit tes for "hat yo really "anted. Close yo r eyes and allo" yo rself to see) sense) feel yo rself in yo r ideal s!ene. (rite do"n affirmative statements abo t yo r having "hat yo "ant ten times a day for one "eek. 3/ . 1. Fook at "hat it has !ost yo to sh t do"n and reali8e the de!isions yo made as a res lt or sh tting do"n and their impa!t on yo r life. @emember) yo are !reating a fresh) and these affirmations may be diffi! lt to keep at first) b t keep one. %f any do bts) fears) or misgivings !ome forth from yo ) simply "rite them o t in the margin of the page. /0. (hat is keeping yo from having it that "ay.

/1. ?bserve and "rite do"n the "ays in "hi!h yo evoke g ilt in others) and then tell them so that they are a"are of yo r games and "ill s pport yo in giving p g ilt as a tool of manip lation and domination. /4. 20. /3. . (hat /2. a. Des!ribe in "riting "hat yo r life "o ld be like "itho t 32 . #orgive yo rself for all of it. 2/. has it !ost yo to be at "ar "ith yo rself. Fist ten "ays that yo hold yo rself ba!k by sing inner !onfli!ts. (hat does yo r heart tell yo that yo "ant.ame them. . :o" do yo !ontrol others by holding yo rself ba!k.ame them. (hom do yo feel yo failed to help. . (hom are yo being loyal to in denying yo rself the life yo "ant./3.e=t to ea!h g ilt item) "rite do"n "hat yo really are angry abo t) and give yo rself permission to feel anger. Ao r feelings are al"ays appropriate. Commit to living as yo !hoose. (hom do yo feel failed to help. (hat are yo afraid of losing or being negle!ted by. 22. /0. Fist everything yo feel g ilty abo t Jin!l de "hat yo "o ldn<t "ant anyone to kno"K /5. (rite do"n yo r payoffs in sing g ilt on others as "ell as yo rself. b. ?bserve "hat g ilt !osts.

Pi!t re it and allo" yo rself to e=perien!e it. 33 . (rite a des!ription of the "ay yo r main relationship appears at this time. Fook to see if yo have repressed yo r o"n self>e=pression and ho". 20. (rite do"n yo r ideal intimate relationship and in!l de everything yo desire this relationship to be. Cis ali8e the male and female relationship as both being yo and let this relationship be!ome a dialog e "ith yo rself bet"een yo r feminine and mas! line energies.g ilt. Fist the names of the men of "ho !a sed yo fear and intimidation. 24. (ithhold nothing) tell the tr th and e=press yo r deepest desires and needs. Fist the names of the "omen "hom !a sed yo fear and intimidation. Fist ten "ays yo deny yo r feminine nat re. Do this e=er!ise for yo r mas! line nat re as "ell. 23.. %magine a g iltless life. Des!ribe the relationship or the la!k of one in as m !h detail as possible. 23. 22. :ave them make an agreement to love and take !are of ea!h other. 21. Fist ten fears yo have abo t allo"ing yo rself to f lly e=press yo r feminine nat re. #ind a safe "ay to e=press and release yo r anger and h rt having to do "ith men and "omen Jsee the e=er!ise on assertivenessK.

30 . (hat feelings and emotions do yo find diffi! lt to p ll p o t of yo rself and e=press. Bive yo rself permission to open p.  Cis ali8e yo rself as a "hole person e=pressing both yo r feminine and mas! line energies f lly and easily "ith yo rself) in yo r relationships) in yo r "ork) and in yo self>e=pressions.  (hen) "here and "ith "ho do yo find it diffi! lt to ask for "hat yo "ant and do "hat yo feel like doing. 30.25.  @e!all the times in yo r life "hen yo sh t do"n and made a !ons!io s de!ision not to feel or e=press yo r feelings and needs. Fist the feminine and mas! line 9 alities that yo are no" e=pressing !omfortably. Bive yo rself permission to feel and e=press them more often ntil it is nat ral and easy for yo .

%f not) "hat is it getting it. (hat tentative models are more !onsistent "ith yo r val es. (hat is the "orst thing that !o ld happen. (hat spe!ifi! behaviors do yo "ant to try o t." si). (hat are the likely !onse9 en!es of being more like this or that) of trying on !ertain ne" behavior.e. 3. B$co%$ awa"$ o3 +o. $s 3o" R$s!onsi# $ G"ow)h /. (hat 9 alities do yo "ant to manifest in yo r life. Ask yo rself these 9 estions) "here am % going. %s it getting me "hat % "ant.) by e=perimenting "ith different behaviorsK are yo to bring abo t different res lts. A33i"% +o.$s& (hat general things do yo really "ant to "ork on." ($cision& Gsing the po"er of fantasy and belief) imagine yo rself manifesting this ne" behavior in 32 .R. 0. Choos$ a%on' )h$ a )$"na)i. (hat is the best thing that !o ld happen."s$ 3& Gltimately this in!l des not . 2. 2. Loo2 a) )h$ !ossi# $ a )$"na)i.$s& (hat other !hoi!es of behavior are open to yo .a)ion* This means that yo m st be "illing to a!!ept responsibility for the res lts of yo r behavior. Ta2$ "$s!onsi#i i)+ 3o" +o. %n other "ords) if yo are not getting "hat yo "ant) it is probably yo r fa lt and only thro gh yo r a!tion Ji. st being a"are of yo r physi!al) and mental self) b t also yo r emotions as "ell even of yo r n!ons!io s drives and motivations.

Ac) Now8 At some point) yo m st a!t ally take the risk of Htrying onI the ne" behavior. +e very diligent in developing this plan and even more so in sti!king to it. 3. 4. %f yo are "illing to add this ne" behavior or attit de to yo r repertoire) yo have be!ome e=panded) yo have !hoi!es. D$.a .a)$ )h$ o.)co%$& 'val ate the res lts of yo r attempts.$ o! a ! an o3 ac)ion& $ap o t in detail the spe!ifi! steps of yo r plan in the order that yo "ill need them. E. 34 . :o" did yo feel. (hat happened. Gse the items listed in yo r goals "orksheet to help yo in developing yo r plan of a!tion. %t may be diffi! lt at first) b t if yo persevere) it "ill pay off.a variety of sit ations. 1. (ere the res lts "orth it. Ao have gro"n.

(hat habits) attit des) or asso!iations "ill yo have to alter. #rom this list) "hi!h ones do yo think yo !an a!!omplish in /0 years) 2 years) 3 years) and one year.  Ten year goals&  #ive year goals&  Three year goals&  ?ne year goals& *ele!t the three most important one>year goals& /. Can yo identify individ als "ho !an help yo . 0. These things !an be personal) finan!ial) materials) et!. Fist them "itho t regard to "hether yo think yo !an get them. (hat "ill yo have to do different. (hat are yo doing no" to "ork on these goals. 2.Goa s Wo"2sh$$) Fist 20 things that yo "o ld like to a!hieve) a!!omplish) or a!9 ire d ring yo r lifetime. 3. (hy are yo r one>year goals important. (hat !an yo do today to start on these goals. 33 . a. Fook at yo r list.

I 99& B a%$* Ao blame yo rself for something yo "ere not 31 . Ma'ni3ica)ion o" %ini%i5a)ion* Ao blo" things "ay o t of proportion or yo shrink their importan!e.sions& Ao !on!l de things are bad "itho t any definite eviden!e.%!in' )o conc . J.Dis)o")$( Thin2in' $ost bad feelings !ome from distorted thinking /. E%o)iona "$asonin'* Ao reason from ho" yo feel. O. 3.n$ )$ in'* Ao predi!t that things "ill t rn o t badly. 3. La#$ in'* %nstead of saying) H% made a mistakeI yo tell yo rself) H%<m a . Disco. M$n)a Fi )$"* Ao d"ell on negatives and ignore the positives. 4. 2.I /0.$s& Ao insist that yo r a!!omplishments or positive 9 alities do not !o nt. H% feel like an idiot) so % m st be one.I H*ho ldI statements& Ao !riti!i8e yo rself or other people "ith Hsho ldI Hsho ldn<tI Hm stsI) Ho ght)I and Hhave tos. Fo"). 0.erkI or Ha loser. 1.$"'$n$"a i5a)ion* Ao vie" a negative event as a never>ending pattern of defeat. 2. Min( "$a(in'& Ao ass me that people are rea!ting negatively to yo . 5.n)in' )h$ !osi)i. No)hin' )hin2in'& All of yo look at things in absol te) bla!k>and>"hite !ategories.

%t "as emphasi8ed in the beginning per!eption of events gives meaning "orldvie" or reality. Ao !annot find the pea!e yo seek as long as yo r thinking is distorted. 'vents have themselves) and if yo vie" events "ith feelings "ill evolve. of this book that yo r to yo and form yo r no meaning in and of a distorted vie") negative The !y!le is tho ghts U evokes feelings U evokes a!tion U evokes habits.entirely responsible for) or yo blame other people and overlook "ays that yo !ontrib ted to a problem. 35 .

st are. Ao are en!o raged to "rite do"n yo r bottled> p feelings !a sed by yo r distorted thinking. To be able to e=press the !ontained feelings is a matter of good mental health. > (hat do yo think "o ld happen if yo "ere to e=press any of these feelings to another person. :o" these feelings are e=pressed is a matter of individ al responsibility. > %n the above bo=) "rite the feelings yo e=perien!e most often. These yo keep bottled inside. They . 10 . > Cir!le the feelings yo e=press freely "ith yo r family and friends.F$$ in's #eelings are neither right nor "rong. > P t a bo= aro nd the remaining feelings.

.. % am a happy) !arefree person. 3. %t is important to !learly nderstand all statements and be !ompletely honest in yo r s!oring if yo are to obtain a valid *'%.. 1/ ..Ch$c2 Yo. *!ore as follo"s Jea!h s!ore sho"s ho" tr e or the amo nt of time yo believe that statement is tr e for yo K& 0 V not at all tr e for me / V some"hat tr e or tr e only part of the time 2 V fairly tr e or tr e abo t half the time 3 V mainly tr e or tr e most of the time 0 V tr e all the time *!oring V 0 / 2 3 0 . JThis is an 'CAFGAT%?. %t is essential that yo ans"er these statements a!!ording to ho" yo a!t ally feel or behave) instead of ho" yo think yo Rsho ldR feel or behave. % have no need to prove % am as good as or better than others..) not a testK This *elf>'steem 'val ation meas res yo r ! rrent level of self> esteem) yo r *elf>'steem %nde= J*'%K) and serves as a ga ge of yo r progress in a!hieving so nd self>esteem." S$ 34Es)$$% 4 Ba"2s(a $ S$ 34Es)$$% E.a)ion No& :. % donQt feel anyone else is better than % am. % am free of shame) blame) and g ilt.ot Tr e . 0. Tr e 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 S$ 34Es)$$% S)a)$%$n)s /. 2.a .

4. 3. % am not h rt by othersQ opinions or attit des. % do not find fa lt "ith my family) friends) or others. % am open and honest) and not afraid of letting people see my real self. //. % feel "arm and loving to"ard myself.0 1 2 3 4 2. % do not feel % m st al"ays please others. % am friendly) tho ghtf l) and genero s to"ard others. /4. % do not need praise to feel good abo t myself. /0. Fosing does not pset me or make me feel Rless thanR others. % am at ease "ith strangers and make friends easily. % do not feel others are better than % am be!a se they !an do things better) have more money) or are more pop lar. /2. % do not have a strong need for people to pay attention to me or like "hat % do. /2. /3. /0. % speak p for my o"n ideas) likes) and dislikes. % feel good abo t othersQ good l !k and "inning. 12 0 0 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 0 1 2 3 4 . 0 1 2 3 4 0 1 2 3 4 0 1 2 3 4 0 1 2 3 4 0 0 0 1 1 1 2 2 2 3 3 3 4 4 4 0 0 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 /3. 1. 5.

oy being alone "ith myself.0 1 2 3 4 /1. 2/. Bood self> esteem is indi!ated by a s!ore of 50 to 50.) J505K 425>0434 Copyright © /554>2002 13 .A. 23.R 22. 20.?. . % do not need others to agree "ith me or tell me %Qm right. % do not brag abo t myself) "hat % have done) or "hat my family has or does. 20. /5. Copyright © /530>200/ by Filb rn *. . % admit my mistakes and defeats "itho t feeling ashamed or Rless than. Ao !an raise yo r self>esteem by "orking the +arksdale *elf>'steem Program.*. 22. '=perien!e sho"s that any s!ore nder 50 is a disadvantage) a s!ore of 32 or less is a serio s handi!ap) and an *'% of 20 or less indi!ates a really !rippling la!k of self>esteem. % feel no need to defend "hat % think) say) or do. % do not blame others for my problems and mistakes. . % en. % a!!ept !ompliments and gifts "itho t feeling n!omfortable or needing to give something in ret rn. +arksdale) The +arksdale #o ndation) P. +o= /13) %dyll"ild) California 52205) G. *o nd self>esteem is indi!ated by an *'% of 52 or more. % do not feel Rp t do"nR "hen !riti!i8ed by my friends or others. 0 0 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 0 1 2 3 4 0 0 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 0 1 2 3 4 0 1 2 3 4 The possible range of yo r *elf>'steem %nde= is from 0 to /00.

Ono" and refle!t on who +o. 0. '=er!ise) eat right) and get plenty of sleep. 3. 2. Do "hat makes yo feel 2. +eing e=ha sted and o t of shape !an leave yo feeling more v lnerable to inse! rity) an=iety) and self>dissatisfa!tion. Take alone time) reg larly) to read) play) garden) "rite. Develop yo r talents and abilities.e!tion. Tr st yo r tho ghts and int itions. @epla!e negative self>talk "ith positive) kind) loving statements. *et realisti! goals for yo rself. DonQt depend on others to make yo feel good.. 4.Ti!s To H$ ! Yo. 5.. happy and f lfilled. a"$ in the event of a re. #orgive yo rself for mistakes) and) instead) see them as opport nities to learn and gro"." S$ 3 Es)$$% /. (hen something goes "rong) instead of blaming yo rself) that yo m st have done something "rong or that there<s something "rong "ith yo ) learn to a!!ept that it may not have anything to do "ith yo . This doesnQt mean "e donQt have to "ork on things. 10 . 3. basi!ally to n rt re yo rself. Take pride in yo r a!hievements) big and small. /0. A!!ept "ho yo are >> yo r strengths and yo r "eaknesses) yo r feelings and emotions. Boos) Yo. 1.

st like everyone else) and that their fla"s do not refle!t yo r o"n self>"orth or val e as an individ al. #$))$" "a)h$" )han wo"s$ o33& $ake !hoi!es that syn!hroni8e yo r beliefs) val es) and a!tions. * rro nd yo rself "ith positive) healthy people. Bet involved in pro.e!ts "hi!h help other people or the environment& :abitat for : manity) Fitera!y programs) +ig +rothersD+ig *isters. Ma2$ choic$s )ha) $a. Also) if yo !annot !ontrol !omparing yo rself to others) "hy not try !omparing yo rself "ith +o. ?verall) this self>reali8ation pro!ess Jgetting to kno" yo rself betterK may help yo fig re o t "hat the real problems are behind yo r lo" self>esteem. /3.$ +o. This shift in fo! s !an help yo reali8e that they have imperfe!tions) too) . Take !are) and be gentle "ith yo rself. /0. /2. +e honest. Ali!e also hopes yo "ill take steps to find assistan!e thro gh s pport gro ps or therapy. 12 .//. *eek !o nseling or self>helpDs pport gro ps."s$ 3) instead. $ost importantly) make !ons!io s) healthy !hoi!es. Alternatively) ho" abo t fo! sing on only the similarities "ith others. The R!hoi!e to !hooseR is the most important !hoi!e yo "ill ever make. Ao may find these very helpf l andDor !omforting.

14 .I a% (hat yo believe abo t yo rself "ill g ide yo r tho ghts) feelings) and a!tions in regards to yo rself and others. I #$ i$.I a% I #$ i$.I a% I #$ i$.B$ i$3s An( R$ a)ionshi!s (hat yo believe abo t yo rself as an individ al affe!ts yo r relationships "ith others.a "$a %.$ in %+ s!i"i).I a% I #$ i$.$ in %+ "$ a)ionshi!s.I a% I #$ i$.$ in %+ 3"i$n(shi!s. This in!l des the positive or negative roles relationships play in yo r life.$ in %+ 3a%i +. These beliefs g ide yo r intera!tions and determine the depth of intima!y yo "ill risk. Are the individ als in yo r relationships n rt ring) promoting and !aring or negative) !riti!al and deval ing.$ in %+ wo"2! ac$.

fat % tell myself % amN. % look at my limitations and sayN.Gainin' Insi'h) In)o S$ 34Ta 2 Complete The Gnfinished *tatements +elo"& '=ample& % tell myself % amNNN. N 13 .honest % tell myself % amNNN.organi. % look at other<s !reativity and sayN % look at my o"n !reativity and sayN % !omplete a diffi! lt task and sayN. % look at my talents and sayN % am !apable of doing. % tell myself % amN % tell myself % am % feel fearf l and sayN.ed % tell myself % amNNN.

n rt ring and positive J. P ac$ N o" C depending on "hether yo find this relationship most often or Criti!al and deval ing JCK P ac$ M o" R depending No)$ appro=imately ho" on "hether in this relationship yo most pretending to be someone yo are not) or allo" yo r J@K self to !ome for"ard many ho rs per "eek yo spend "ith ea!h person.K often "ear a $ask J$K) 11 .Wha) Is Th$ 7.a i)+ O3 M+ R$ a)ionshi!s/ Lis) )h$ 9< most signifi!ant relationships that infl en!e yo r life in yo r day>to>day a!tions) in a positive "ay.

15 .PERSONAL REFLECTION* Are yo spending 9 ality time "ith people "ho are n rt ring) positive and !aring. Do signifi!ant relationships reinfor!e yo ) and allo" the real yo to be present. Alternatively) are yo spending more time "ith individ als "ho are !riti!al and deval ing) people "ho ask yo to "ear a mask and "ho they "ant yo to be instead of yo r real self.

Fet them solve their o"n. 2. *et limits on the amo nt of garbage yo listen to. /0. *ay "hat yo think) feel and don<t be !on!erned abo t ho" someone per!eives yo andDor "hat they do in response. 4. +e *elfish 50 .eed Are $ost %mportant T? $e SELF4FIRST A!tions % "ill take to a!hieve& /. *et bo ndaries. 1. Dream abo t yo r f t re and "hat yo "ant. 3. Don<t p t others before yo . Don<t ass me responsibility for other people<s problems. 5. Don<t let others negatively impa!t yo r life J!areer) a!tivities) dreams) et!K. Don<t dis!o nt yo r val es and beliefs //.a i)+ Tha) I Wo. Don<t give more than someone is giving. 3. ( Mos) Li2$ To D$.Th$ 7. 2. Bet rid of andDor set bo ndaries on emotionally and physi!ally to=i! relationships Don<t dis!o nt andDor se!ond g ess yo r o"n tho ghts and feelings. Ao have them for a reason. Don<t overe=tend in relationships.$ o! Is* S$ 3 Ca"$ $y Affirmation is& (hat % Think) #eel) And . 0.

/3K Don<t over e=plain and defend yo tho ghts and feelings . st state them. )hapter B. /3K @o!k the boat if ne!essary /0K 'at "ell7 J4>1 o8. 5/ . J%. 8ormat for setting goals for 1ife "lan out of 1ife #akeovers by )heryl >ichardson. %f they are talking abo t yo they are giving someone else a break. B&&&. not there for yo ) al!oholi!) nemployed) et!. /5K Don<t settle for less than yo "ant. /1K *top being !on!erned abo t "hat others think or say abo t yo . :2?7 e=er!ise 3>2 times a "eek) et!K /2K Don<t enter into one sided relationships andDor relationship "ith individ als "ho do not add to yo r life andDor emotionally and physi!ally navailable./2K (at!h and believe people<s behaviors vers s their "ords. or others "ho yo feel yo have to res! eK.e. /4K Don<t do things that yo do not "ant to do be!a se someone "ants yo to andDor to infl en!e them et!.

?ne of the most effe!tive means of 52 . 2. 2. 3. %f "e do not !omplete this mopping p step) "e "ill !ling to the resentment of having been done "rong and "ill !arry the festering resid e of o r anger and rage in o r hearts. 1earn appropriate modes of e=pressing yo r legitimate anger at others so that yo !an begin to !ope more effe!tively "ith anger>provoking sit ations as they arise in yo r personal relationships. *dentify fa!tors from yo r !hildhood that prevent yo from e=pressing yo r anger as appropriately as yo other"ise might. They !an be removed so that yo r s ppressed anger "ill not !ompo nd itself inside yo .in' An'$" /. #a!tors like fear and denial are impediments to the effe!tive and appropriate management of yo r anger to"ard others.Basic S)$!s To R$so . ?n!e these mistakes have been !orre!ted) "e "ill be less likely to be!ome e=tremely angry than "e "ere in the past. 0. )onsider the mistaken attit des and !onvi!tions that predispose s to being e=!essively angry in the first pla!e. Heal the anger "o nds that may have been left by the potentially devastating emotional impa!t of anger.

53 .giving o rselves immediate relief from anger in o r personal relationships is to forgive others. Gltimately) if "e "ant to e=perien!e pea!e) "e m st rid o rselves of resentment) for resentment) it has been said) is the only a!id that eats its o"n !ontainer. +etter to love one<s enemies and do "ell to those "ho hate yo .

(hy (omen *tay *it ational #a!tors  Econo%ic ($!$n($nc$& :o" !an she s pport herself and the !hildren.  Ph+sica > in!l des p shing) shoving) slapping) hitting "ith fist) ki!king) !hoking) grabbing) pin!hing) p lling hair) or threatening "ith "eapons.c)ion of property or pets.a > in!l des for!ed se= "ith the threat of violen!e) se= after violen!e has o!! rred) or the se of ob. 50 .a & #ear that her partner "ill follo" her and kill her if she leaves) often based on real threats by her partner.  F$a" of greater physi!al danger to herself and her !hildren if they try to leave.i.  D$s)".  S$6.  Ps+cho o'ica =E%o)iona > in!l des brain"ashing) !ontrol of the "omanQs freedom to !ome and go "hen she !hooses.e!ts or damaging a!ts "itho t the "omanQs !onsent.".Do%$s)ic Vio $nc$ In3o"%a)ion (hat is Ab se.  S.  F$a" of being h nted do"n and s ffering a "orse beating than before.

 F$a" of emotional damage to the !hildren.  F$a" of losing ! stody of the !hildren) often based on her partnerQs remarks.  Lac2 of alternative ho sing7 she has no"here else to go.  Lac2 of ,ob skills7 she might not be able to get a ,ob.  Socia iso a)ion res lting in la!k of s pport from family and friends.  Socia iso a)ion res lting in la!k of information abo t her alternatives.  Lac2 o3 .n($"s)an(in' from family) friends) poli!e) ministers) et!.  N$'a)i,$ "$s!ons$s from !omm nity) poli!e) !o rts) so!ial "orkers) et!.  F$a" of involvement in the !o rt pro!ess7 she may have had bad e=perien!es before.  F$a" of the nkno"n. R+etter the devil yo kno" than the devil yo donQt.R  F$a" and ambivalen!e over making formidable life !hanges.  >Acc$!)a# $ ,io $nc$>& The violen!e es!alates slo"ly over time. Fiving "ith !onstant ab se n mbs the vi!tim so that she is nable to re!ogni8e that she is involved in a set pattern of ab se.  Ti$s )o )h$ co%%.ni)+& The !hildren "o ld have to leave their s!hool7 she "o ld have to leave all her 52

friends and neighbors behind) et!. #or some "omen it "o ld be like being in the (itness Prote!tion program>>she !o ld never have any !onta!t "ith her old life.  Ti$s to her home and belongings.  Fa%i + !"$ss."$? be!a se $om al"ays said) R% told  yo it "o ldnQt "ork o t.R or RAo made yo r bed) no" yo sleep in itI.  F$a" of her ab ser doing something to get her Jreport her to "elfare) !all her "orkpla!e) et!.K  Una# $ )o .s$ "$so."c$s be!a se of ho" they are provided Jlang age problems) disability) homophobia) et!.K  Ti%$ needed to plan and prepare to leave. Types of Domesti! Ab se

Ph+sica * slapping) p shing) hitting) ki!king) biting) et!. E%o)iona * name>!alling) p tting do"n) ins lts) et!. S$6.a * being for!ed into se= al !onta!t Th"$a)s& R%f yo ...%Qll kill yo PR In)i%i(a)ion* gest res) looks) smashing things Iso a)ion* being kept from seeing or talking to others) not allo"ed to go o t. 54

    

Econo%ic* being given an allo"an!e) not allo"ed to have a ,ob.

(arning *igns  *ho"s g ilt) ambivalen!e) and fear over living !onditions.  #eels isolated and ntr sting of others) even tho gh she may be involved in the !omm nity.  %s emotionally and e!onomi!ally dependent.  :as a poor self>!on!ept Jthis may not have been tr e +'#?@' the relationshipK.  :as observed other "omen in her family being ab sed or may have been ab sed as a !hild.  #eels angry) embarrassed) and ashamed.  %s fearf l of being insane.  :as learned to feel helpless and feels po"erless.  :as ne=plained in, ries that may go ntreated. The ab sive man&  *ho"s e=treme ,ealo sy and "ants to keep the "oman isolated. :as an inability to !ope "ith stress and sho"s a la!k of imp lse !ontrol. JThis may not ne!essarily appear o tside the homeK


%f yo follo" the g idelines in this book) yo r spirit al) personal) and emotional development "ill improve. . %f yo !annot gain !ontrol of yo r tho ght life by yo rself > there is no shame in seeking help.o") take a fe" more min tes and !omplete the personal eval ations again.othing !an take the pla!e of professional assistan!e. This book is merely a g ide) not a ! re>all. Ao m st remember that a "ise person kno"s "hen to seek professional help.o one "ill see this book nless yo sho" it to him or her. . This "ill determine if this book has helped yo . 51 . %f yo really "ant to !hange and make yo r life more pea!ef l) reading this book on!e "ill not do the tri!k. .Fina Ch$c2 U! Congrat lationsP Ao have "orked yo "ay to the end of this "orkbook. #ind time ea!h day to "ork an e=er!ise in this book7 revie" it and really !on!entrate on yo r ans"ers.

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