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ENGLISH ORAL COMMUNICATION Instructor: Wei-fung Tso Office Hours: Mon 8-10 Tues 8-noon Office: 6F32 Phone:


COURSE DESCRIPTION: The course is esigne to i!"ro#e $ #$nce %F& stu ents' or$( co!!unic$tion s)i((s *+ focusing on: 1, (istening s)i((s: co!"rehension of !$in i e$s $n i!"ort$nt et$i(s- un erst$n ing of s"e$)er's "ur"ose $n $ttitu e- un erst$n ing s"o)en $t$ in or er to !$)e inferences. for! gener$(i/$tion. $n r$0 conc(usion 2, s"e$)ing s)i((s: e1"ressing i e$s $n o"inions c(e$r(+- se(ecting. org$ni/ing $n "resenting infor!$tion s"ont$neous(+- su!!$ri/ing !$in i e$s fro! #$rious sources 3, "ronunci$tion: %ng(ish soun $rticu($tion. stress. rh+th!. grou"ing 2"$using. (in)ing. focus3 $n inton$tion 4, #oc$*u($r+ e1"$nsion: #oc$*u($r+-*ui( ing str$tegies $n i io!$tic %ng(ish 4, iscourse str$tegies: using "ro"er for!s of ($ngu$ge to "erfor! soci$( functions in #$rious conte1ts TEXTBOOK: 5$s(o0 6 7schser, 220063 Summit 1, &ong!$n, CLASS ACTIVITIES: 8($ss $cti#ities inc(u e: 1, $ #$riet+ of (istening e1ercises. such $s s"o)en !$teri$(s on 9:9s $n Internet 0e*sites 2, (ectures $n iscussions on the soun s+ste! of 7!eric$n %ng(ish $n fe$tures of s"o)en %ng(ish 3, "$ir 0or) $n s!$(( grou" $cti#ities on or$( co!!unic$tion s)i((s COURSE REQUIREMANT: 1. Online listening assignment 5tu ents $re re;uire to go to <$n $(('s %5& 8+*er &istening &$* 2htt":==000,es(-($*,co!3 to (isten to one on(ine (esson "er 0ee) $n h$n in $ 0ritten re"ort on the (istening $ssign!ent e#er+ 0ee), 2. Reading assignment & Homework There 0i(( *e re$ ing $ssign!ents for e#er+ c($ss !eeting, 5tu ents shou( finish the $ssigne re$ ings *efore c($ss $n sh$re their #ie0s on the re$ ings 0ith the rest of the c($ss, Ho!e0or) 0i(( t$)e #$rious for!s. such $s 0$tching $ #i eo c(i" or oing rese$rch on $ to"ic, 7(( ho!e0or) !ust *e one *efore ue $+s, 2. In-class discussions and activities 7 consi er$*(e $!ount of c($ss ti!e 0i(( *e $((oc$te to "$ir=grou" iscussions $n $cti#ities, 5tu ents !ust *e 0e((-"re"$re $n "$rtici"$te $cti#e(+ in the iscussions $n $cti#ities,

4. Attendance <egu($r $tten $nce $n "unctu$(it+ is e1"ecte fro! $(( stu ents, GRADING Wee)(+ on(ine (istening $ssign!ent <e$ ing $ssign!ents 9iscussions $n $cti#ities ?ui//es Fin$( %1$! 7tten $nce 30> 10> 10> 20> 10> 20>