“Equal pay for equal work” sounds like a hollow election year

promise to the state’s M/C administrative professionals.
Since 2008, more
than $20,000
in pay has been
withheld from M/C
secretaries, while
colleagues working
at the next desk and
in the same title have
received raises.
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This message is advanced on behalf of OMCE members who have dedicated their careers to public service.
Make pay equity a
budget reality for
valued M/Cs.
Governor Cuomo has filed executive budget
amendments and despite his pledge to ensure fairness
“to all state workers…within the context of the
State Budget”, he has once again left long-term M/C
employees, behind.

For years, dedicated career M/C employees have had
their wages frozen while new workers are being hired
and paid top salaries. According to published reports,
the Governor is also seeking to “embed appointees”
within his administration to work on priority projects
at an average salary of $70,000.
Pay equity starts with restoring the M/C salary
structure in this year’s state budget.
Now is the time for action, not hollow promises.
Governor Cuomo and the Legislature must resolve this
inequality and repair this unacceptable reality where
some are more equal than others.

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