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CRITERIA: 1. 2. 3. better. 4. endeavors. APPLICATION PROCESS 1. The Application Form must be completed and received by the set deadline in order to be accepted for review. 2. Applicant must provide two (2) letters of recommendation. Letter from uidance !ounselor Applicant must be active in school and community Applicant must be a high school senior. The actual scholarship will be awarded upon confirmation of enrollment in an institution of higher education. Applicant must have a grade point average of 2.5 or

Letter from Teacher 3. An official copy of high school transcript containing the school seal must accompany application. Applicati ! must "# $#c#i%#& a!& p stma$'#& "( Ap$il 1) 2*14 S#!& T : +$. La,$#!c# E. D#!!is &#!!isl-&u%alsc. ls. $/ $ Email:

2012 E/$#t 3al' T#$$ac# 4ac's !%ill# 5l $i&a 32221


". #cholarships will be offered to any applicants from $uval or !lay !ounty entering any !ollege or %niversity. 2. The recipients will be a &igh #chool #enior going into the freshman class of any !ollege or %niversity. '. The #cholarship ma( be presented to the students at the &onors $ay (rogram. ). The !hairperson of the #cholarship committee should have all information pertaining to the student no later than April "* 2+"). 5. #tudents should be recommended by the &igh #chool !ounselor* Teacher* or a lay person in the community. a. #tudents must have good character. b. #tudents must have good citi,enship traits. c. -ust have C or above average. .. /ecipients are limited to a one0time scholarship. 1. Two (2) scholarships will be given* 25++.++ per person.

3. #cholarship money will be released after the recipients have officially registered* and a notice sent to the chairman of the scholarship committee by the college.

All information must be included and postmar5ed on or before April "* 2+").