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Step 1

Analyze each of the five sentences.

Since these are all compound sentences, look for commas and coordinating conjunctions. How many sentences have been joined together? Mark all subjects, verbs, prepositional phrases, adjectives, adverbs, and complements (DO, IO, PA, PN). When finished marking, you may show your teacher your paper and get Step 2 papers.

Step 2
- Match each sentence with a diagram. - Complete each diagram using all the words from the sentence. - Submit your papers for scoring. 20 points will be awarded for each correctly filled-in diagram.

Step 1

Step 2

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Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7
Check your diagram. Make sure it matches your sentence. Points will only be awarded for correct diagram work. 100 pts. possible. Scoring: baseline (subject/verb) adj./adv. prepositional phrase do,io,pa,pn

10 pts. per sentence, max. 20 pts. 5 pts. each, max. 30 pts. 5 pts. each, max. 30 pts. 5 pts. each, max. 20 pts.

Step 8
Fold the paper so your diagram does not show. Exchange papers with another team. On your second sheet of paper, diagram their sentence.

Checking and Challenging

When you are finished, you may compare their diagram with yours. No changes may be made by either team. 1. If the diagrams match, submit your papers for scoring. If the diagrams are correct, both teams will earn the total number of points for that sentence. However, if your diagrams do not match, you may but do not have to challenge the team that created the sentence/diagram.
a) If their work is actually right and yours is wrong, you will lose 20 points. If theirs is wrong and your diagram is correct, they will not score any points, and you will score all the points for that sentence. If both diagrams are wrong, neither team will score any points.



The Winners
The team with the highest number of points in each section will be the winner. Each member of a winning team will receive 20 extra credit points in grammar and a grammar homework pass.