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~Graduation Day Speech 2013~

Good morning Mrs Jalil, Mrs Mohinder, teachers and my fellow East Springians. I am Kevin Tan, the chairperson of 5N1. Weve come to a time where our Secondary School life would end in just a few moments. Coming from a long road of education, weve finally come to the last lap.

Education in Singapore has encouraged us to be all-rounded learners, and excels in every aspect. For us, we definitely did not start out as all-rounders. We made mistakes, failed and went the wrong way numerous times. But we picked ourselves up with your guidance, the teachers.

Our class did not start out as bonded. When 5N1 first got together in Secondary 3, it was as if all of us were stepping into a different place. But, with the teachers help, we were able to create a one united chaotic class. There was loads of conflict along the way, some which broke us up till we thought we could never be bonded again. But in the end, a class is still a class, and we became a family.

We are grateful to all our teachers, but the ones we want to thank the most are our form teachers and tutors of Secondary 4 and 5, Mdm Asnoreen, Miss Elieen Tay, Mdm Chin and even though he unfortunately doesnt teach here anymore, Mr Evan Lau. And also this years subject teachers, Miss Cheong MeiXi, Mr Gavin Bi, Mdm Badriah, Ms Angelina Liu, Miss Kristy Goh, Mr Jim Teo, Mr Lim Aik Kwang, Mr Dominic Chia, Mr Mazli, Mr Sui Lei, Mdm Liu Li Ping, Mdm Sabariah, Mr Jamal and lastly, Mr Edwin Koh and Mr Azuan Tan!

{On behalf of the class, I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to all the teachers whom we have hurt. Once again, we are truly sorry for our actions and we are thankful for the teachers that did not give up on us. WE LOVE YOU!}

I hereby wish all graduating classes, best of luck in the upcoming O levels exam. Thank You.