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40 Palao, Mikhael T. 41 Pomantoc, Vanessa Mae N. 42 Prieto, Franclyn Andrea G. 43 amos, !lari"el #.$. 44 emo%&illo, 'athleen (.

4) $antia*o, $el+yn ,ose-h !. Gro&- ./ 0 !enter o1 Gra2ity and 3%&ili"ri&m 34-eriment .4

A"stract This e4-eriment o"ser2ed ho+ the +ei*ht o1 the "eam on +hich the 1orces act "eha2es like a 1orce concentrated at the center o1 *ra2ity 1 the "eam is o"ser2ed and the condition o1 e%&ili"ri&m 1or se2eral -arallel 1orces +as determined. The !enter o1 Gra2ity is the a2era*e -osition o1 o"5ects +ei*ht distri"&tion or sim-ly the -osition or -oint +here yo& can "alance an o"5ect. A meter stick +as +ei*hed to 1ind its center o1 *ra2ity and &sin* the +ei*ht o1 sin*le mass. The same +ith se2eral -arallel 1orces, the e%&ili"ri&m o1 the system +as also located.

Ans+ers to G&ide 6&estions/ 17 8e1ine the 1ollo+in*/ a7 the moment o1 a 1orce The moment o1 a 1orce is a meas&re o1 its tendency to ca&se a "ody to rotate a"o&t a s-eci1ic -oint or a4is. "7 the center o1 *ra2ity The center o1 *ra2ity is the a2era*e -osition o1 o"5ects at +ei*ht distri"&tion or the -oint at +hich yo& can "alance an o"5ect. 27 8i11erentiate transitional and rotational e%&ili"ri&m.

Transitional e%&ili"ri&m, 2elocity is constant in a strai*ht line +ith all 1orces "alanced. otational e%&ili"ri&m, an*&lar 2elocity is constant and all 1orces are "alanced. 37 A &ni1orm rod 1 m lon* +ei*hs 1)0 N and is s&--orted on some 1&lcr&m. 9ei*hts o1 40 N and )0N are s&s-ended 1orm the t+o ends o1 the rod. Find the -osition o1 the 1&lcr&m i1 the system is in e%&ili"ri&m. let the ori*in "e at the le1t hand end o1 the rod

:T;T40N<T1)0N=T)0N :T; 0 0;>40N7>47<>1)0N7>4=.)07<>1)0N7>1=47 0;2404=12) 4;0.)2.00 m or )2.00 cm 47 a &ni1orm rod 10 m lon* and +ei*hin* 1)0 N is s&--orted hori?ontally "y -ro-s P and a distance o1 2 m and 0m 1rom one end. 9ei*hts o1 2)0 N, 100 n, and 120 N are attached at distances o1 1m, @m, and 10m res-ecti2ely 1orm the same end. Find the 1orce on each -ro-. Tc+;Tcc+ P;AN >N7>2m7=>2)07>1m7;>100<1207>0m7 P;@)) N ;AN >3)0N7>0cm7; >N7>07=>120N7>2cm7 ;410 N