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Nadia Turrahmi 1010732014 Morphology II (Class Assignment)

Problem 43 (data consist of data for problem 9) Instructions: a. List all the morphemes which may be identified because they occur in isolation. b. Indicate by number the forms in which all such morphemes occur.

1. Fred goes to the playground every day 2. The ragged tramp walked under the bridges 3. Some students enjoy finding morphemes 4. A reddish-haired flapper dashes down the highway in a speedster 5. Fifteen boys jumped noisily into the newly finished swimming pool 6. The wrinkled little old man wobbled uneasily along the slippery sidewalk 7. The employer angrily dispatched a message to the workmans home 8. The hungry creature creeps stealthily through the dark 9. The faithful dog showed the greatest of love to his unkind master 10. The fool crowded ten persons into the car

Problems Solving A

1. Fred go-es to the play-ground every day 2. The ragg-ed tramp walk-ed under the bridge-s 3. Some student-s enjoy find-ing morpheme-s 4. A redd-ish hair-ed flapp-er dash-es down the high-way in a speed-s-ter 5. Fif-teen boy-s jump-ed nois-i-ly in-to the new-ly finish-ed swimm-ing pool 6. The wrinkl-ed little old man wobbl-ed un-eas-i-ly a-long the slipp-er-y side-walk 7. The employ-er angr-i-ly dis-patch-ed a message to the work-man-s home 8. The hungr-y creat-ure creep-s stealth-i-ly through the dark 9. The faith-ful dog show-ed the great-est of love to his un-kind master 10. The fool crowd-ed ten person-s in-to a car

B : go-es, dash-es. : bridge-s, student-s, morpheme-s, boy-s, creep-s, person-s, speed-s-ter : workman-s . : ragg-ed, walk-ed, hair-ed, jump-ed, finish-ed, wrinkl-ed, wobbl-ed, dispatch-ed, show-ed, crowd-ed.

1. es 2. s 3. s 4. ed

5. ing 6. ish 7. er 8. i9. ly 10. y 11. Un 12. Dis 13. est 14. ful 15. ure 16. ter

: find-ing, swimm-ing. : redd-ish : flapp-er, slipp-er-y, employ-er. : nois-i-ly, uneas-i-ly, angr-i-ly, stealth-i-ly, : noisi-ly, new-ly, uneasi-ly, angri-ly, stealthi-ly : slipper-y, hungr-y, : un-easily, un-kind : dis-patched : great-est : faith-ful : creat-ure : speeds-ter

17. teen : fif-teen