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I am a teacher because I take pride in hard work and helping others to find success.

I am extremely passionate about the value of private education, and Im eager to continue my teaching in an Independent School. Im dedicated to pushing each child to his/her maximum individual potential, and I feel the real-world experience and small classroom attention students receive in private school settings is irreplaceable. Through a variety of activities and strategies, I strive to create a classroom where differentiated lessons meet the needs of each child. In order to do this, I focus on a comprehensive curriculum that incorporates project-based learning, critical thinking, research, inquiry, and the integration of technology. Reading and Writing Workshop, math rotations, thematic social studies units and hands-on investigations are central in my teaching. I feel the best way to reach children and help them succeed is to motivate them through meaningful learning that pertains to their lives, through real-world application. Furthermore, I find character education and building the whole-child of utmost importance. I use the guiding principles of Responsive Classroom to build a caring classroom community, in which students become honest, confident citizens, who respect and honor the individuality of others. Through compassion and dedication, I do my best to ensure each child leaves my classroom with more strength of character, enthusiasm to learn, and passion to make positive change in tomorrows future. As a teacher, I view myself in both a professional and personal manner. A lifelong learner myself, I enjoy attending professional development conferences, classes, and workshops. I believe further education provides me with the knowledge to present the most up-to-date and comprehensive curriculum available to my students. Additionally, I create personal goals for myself and evaluate my teaching through careful personal reflection and assessment of student evaluations.