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Product Description Introduction: CNC3040 is suitble for Industry, Technology Research, Advertising Design, Arts C reation, Teaching, Student

Project and Hobby Purposes. CNC3040 is a desktop CNC machine a nd designd for processing Industrial or Hobby Prototype Building, Building Model Ma king, PCB, Adverstising Signs, Artwork,Crafts, Aircraft Models, RC Model parts, etc. So,you can do engraving work at office or home. We provide 2 years free warranty. Technical Parameters: 1.Effective Working Travel:275(X)mm x 385(Y)mm x 60(Z)mm 2.Max.workpiece dimension:70mm 3.Work table dimension:320mm x 530mm 4.Max. speed:0 to 4000mm per min 5.Frame materials:aluminum alloy 6063 and 6061 6.Stepping motor type 57 two phases: 1.8A 7.Spindle motor: 200w dc motor 500 to 8000PRM per Min 8.Principal axis collet: ER11, 3.175 mm 9.Repeat position accuracy: 0.05mm 10.Carving Instructions: G-code, .tab, .nc , .ncc, .txt Features: 1.High Precision Stepping motor makes engraving more precise. 2.Large 3D engraving in soft wood, MDF board, native wood, PVC, Acrylic 3.Flexible coupling can be used for high torque transmission 4.Spindle motor knob is useful for small positioning adjustment, with steady and strong support structure. How to use Please refer to the following product user manual