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Management Programme


MS-11: Strategic Management

School of Management St !ie" IN#IRA GAN#$I NATI%NA& %PEN 'NI(ERSIT) MAI#AN GAR$I* NE+ #E&$I , 110 0-.

ASSIGNMENT /o r"e /o!e /o r"e Title A""ignment /o!e /o1erage : : : : MS - 11 Strategic Management MS-110TMA0SEM , I02014 All 2loc3"

Note: Attempt all the questions and submit this assignment on or before 30 th April, 2014 to the coordinator of your study centre.


Select a company of your choice. ecollect the current e!ents and identify the important macro en!ironmental factors "hich had an impact on the company. #ist out the opportunities and the threats posed to the company due to the macro en!ironmental factors. $hat role do organi%ation&s mission, goals and ob'ecti!es play in strategic control( )*plain "ith the help of an e*ample. +a,e a case of a recent merger and e*plain the reasons "hich led to the merger. $hat is -sur!i!al strategy( )*plain different !ariants of sur!i!al strategy gi!ing recent e*amples.

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