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A CHRISTMAS CAROL produced by Grace Christian College high school Behind Twin Bill...

department. Staged at the Phil-am Life Theater(December, 2010). Lighting design by Joseph Directed Joseph G. MatheuG. is aMatheu. freelance Lighting De- by Francis G. Matheu.
signer/Technical Director/ Lighting Director for Theater, Live TV, Dance, Concerts, Fashion, Live Events, and the like. He also teach Lighting Design and Technical Theater. His training includes from basic lighting classes to master classes, from photography to cinematography, from theater lighting to tv commercials, from electrical to drafting. For lighting design, he was trained by lighting designers Jun Gomez under the Production Design Center of the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) and Class A international lighting designer Naomi Shoko Matsumoto, founder of Sinag Arts Foundation, where he became her apprentice.

Genius is one per cent

For photography he attended the class conducted by the Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation (FPPF). For both Cinematography and TV Commercials Directing he was under British cinematographer Matthew Rosen and TV Commercial Director Crispo Mojica, both conducted by the International Institute for Film and Arts (IIFA). For Drafting and Basic Electrical he attended classes conducted by Sinag Arts Foundation in cooperation with Meralco Foundation. Joseph Matheu was a teacher in De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde (CSB) under the School of Design and Arts. He taught Lighting Tools and Systems Integration for the Technical Theater Program of CSB. His most recent and notable projects for TV, Concert, Theater, Dance, Fashion, and Events include the following: Eat Bulaga, Jose and Wally Cocert, Diz Iz It, Shell V Power Nitro + Launch, 75th Birthday of former Philippine President Joseph Estrada, 37th Metro Manila Film Festival Awards Night, Saved Festival 2011 by Becca Music Inc., PLDT Dance-A-Thon, The new Colgate Fresh U TV commercial, "Sana Bukas", Love to Pole 2 featuring Ciara Above, training in advance cinematography at the Sotto. INTERNATIONA INSTITUTE FOR FILM AND

inspiration and ninetynine per cent perspiration. Accordingly, a genius' is often merely a talented person who has done all of his or her homework."

Joseph attended master classes in lighting and set design by American lighting designer James Taylor and STAFF JUKU of Japan respectively.. For Technical Direction, he was a student of Takashi Hojo of Nike Stageworks, a stage management company based in Tokyo, Japan. Under Armando "Dong" Alegre, Joseph took up Production Management.

Behind Twin Bill...

For Trumpets' hit musicals: Joseph The Dreamer, Little Mermaid, First Name and Pamilya Maleta. For Gantimpala Theater Foundation: Snow White, Florante at Laura, Kanser, El Filibusterismo, Bombita, Ramona ng Forbes Park, The Necklace, New Yorker in Tondo and Silang Magigiting. For CCP's resident theater companies, he worked with Tanghalang Pilipino for Prinsipe ng Buwan and Middle of Silence; Ballet Philippines' Master Works and with Ramon Obusan Dance Folkloric Group. For festivals held at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, he lit Virgin Lab Fest, Wifi Contemporary Dance Festival and Cinemalaya Awards Night. For Dance, he has collaborated with Air Dance, Manoeuvres, Myra Beltran's Dance Forum, Ballet Philippines, UP Dance Company, Chameleon Dance Theater, Steps Dance Company, G-Force, Comatose for Dancing. For Fashion, Joseph was part of Bench Understatement fashion show, Unica Hija, Pia Gayon Fashion Forecast, Slimmer's World Bikini Bodies and Slimmer's World Great Bikini Bodies, Fasionissimo 1 & 2, and Fabulous Armando Fabia.

Here, at the set of EAT BULAGA.

For Operas under Music Theater Foundation: May Day Eve, Song of Joseph, Why Flowers Bloom in May. He has also rendered his services to Music Artes Inc., Atlantis Production, Chancel Repertory Theater, Actor's Actors Inc., Chase International, Stages, Nine Works, Father's Production, First Name, Video Sonic, Philstage's Buhay Theater Festivals, APT and TAPE Inc., Joseph toured 9 cities in Japan with the Tokyo Opera Association's staging of Takayama Ukon. In Korea, He was the Lighting Designer and Technical Director for the Philippines' contribution for the International Cultural Center Festival under CCP. He is currently a board member of Sinag Arts Foundation, a technical training center for theater and he is the lighting director of the country's number one noontime show EAT BULAGA which airs live everyday at 12 noon.

Joseph G. Matheu as Lighting Director and Designer

Hollywood in the streets of Manila. Joseph is seen here at work on the set of the international film BOURNE LEGACY shot at Intramuros and Palawan Island. Joseph is the only Filipino lighting staff who was handpicked and hired directly from Hollywood.

Joseph G. Matheu as Lighting Director and Designer

Top, Josephs lighting design for THE RYZZA MAE SHOW airing daily. Above, Igorot by BALLET PHILIPPINES.


Joseph G. Matheu as Lighting Director and Designer

Top, Gatimpala Theater Foundations production of KANSER.

Center, Trumpets production of JOSEPH THE DREAMER.

Left, Gatimpala Theater Foundations production of FLORANTE AT LAURA.

Above: Charice Pempengcos number in her concert with Aiza Seguera in THE POWER OF TWO.

Left: Aiza Segueras acoustic number in EAT BULAGA.