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Go-o-o-o Fish!
Objective To collect the three forms of many different irregular verbs Players 24 You will need 48 index cards Pencils or pens Verb list shown on this page Verbs to Use go, went, gone see, saw, seen do, did, done give, gave, given write, wrote, written eat, ate, eaten take, took, taken grow, grew, grown



Before you play Players make two cards for each word on the verb list. How to play 1. Player 1 shuffles the cards and deals seven cards to each player. The dealer places the rest of the cards facedown in a draw pile.
2. Player 2 asks another player for a card that goes with a card

Player 2 already has. For example, if Player 2 has take, he or she could ask for took or taken.
3. If the other player has the card, he or she must give it to Player 2.
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Then Player 2 takes another turn.

4. If the other player does not have the card, he or she says Go

Fish! Player 2 draws a card from the pile. Then the next player takes a turn.
5. Players should lay out each verb set as soon as they have the cards

with all three verb forms. The game is over when there are no more cards in the draw pile.
Scoring At the end of the game, players count their word sets. The player with the most sets is the winner.

Grade 3

Unit 3: Verbs

Blackline Master