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Welcome HexagonTM DSP Developer!

This Hexagon SDK for Qualcomms Snapdragon processors will enable you to walk through four different examples for programming the HexagonTM DSP, the first being a simple calculator example that demonstrates how to migrate code execution from the host CPU to the Hexagon DSP utilizing the FastRPC technology included in Snapdragon800 and future Snapdragon chipsets. Additional examples include an audio post processing example, an image processing example and a computer vision example. Each example shows the development of a DSP shared object module that can be dynamically loaded to the Hexagon DSP for execution and coordination with the host CPU. In Dec. 2013, the Hexagon SDK has been upgraded to version 1.1.0. This update to the SDK provides the following additional features: Debug Monitor Enables simple, application level debugging without the use of JTAG, utilizing a USB interface to the host PC Integration with Trepn Power Monitor Enables the developer to examine the power consumption of the Snapdragon platform dynamically to evaluate optimization impacts LUA debugging scripting and documentation Correction of SW bugs and documentation, enhanced documentation Please note, if you have a previously installed version of the SDK and projects, you will need to copy over those project directories.

A resource for additional documentation and information is here: A forum where you can post questions regarding the use of the Hexagon SDK is here: Useful blogs regarding other users experiences, comments and tips are here: Give us feedback on the latest SDK version and thank you for the inquiry,

Steve Brightfield
QCT Product Management 5775 Morehouse Drive San Diego 92121-1714 USA

Hexagon DSP SDK Introduction Letter 01/06/2014