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Our Group CCNAX Outline

CCNA Code now is CCNAX CCNAX cover ICND 1 & 2 Topics I made this outline for you , i customized it in categories . soon once books will be available i will tell how to study these topics Introduction. Introduction to Networking -Cables Types -Network Devices -OSI Layers l&v=vq5gpTGNTYI -TCP-IP ayntZwQGmpH&index=3 ZwQGmpH -TCP vs UDP -IPv4 Addressing -IPv4 Subnetting Or UayntZwQGmpH UayntZwQGmpH ayntZwQGmpH

-VLSM Basic Configuration for Switch & Router -Boot Process -connecting by Console -OSI CLI Modes -Basic commands -Backup IOS &Config files dex=12 -CDP ex=8 -Routing Table , Static Route , Default Route -NAT Or Securing Devices -Telnet vs SSH -ACL dex=28 dex=29 index=30 OR -Banners English -Port Security JA57gL74OCCy Switching -VLAN -Trunking -DTP -Intervlan -STP -Per VLAN STP -troubleshooting switches -etherchannel layer 2 -bpdu guard -port fast Routing Protocols -OSPFv2 single & multi area A57gL74OCCy A57gL74OCCy Or -EIGRP Or A57gL74OCCy A57gL74OCCy IPv6 -Introduction to IPv6 -IPv6 addressing aJA57gL74OCCy -static / default routes -OSPFv2 -EIGRPv6 JA57gL74OCCy WAN -Introduction to WAN -serial Links -HDLC -PPP -Frame Relay -GRE Tunnels -introduction to VPN Management Network Devices -DHCP -SNMP -NTP -SYSLOG -NetFlow -Password Recovery -Licensing commands and overview

TroubleShooting -Tshoot switches -Tshoot Routers