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BTEC MEDIA Diploma in Creative Media Production Project Presenting, Auto Cue

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26th February 2014 12th March 2014 19th March 2014 26th March 2014 2nd April 2014

Brief Produce and present a 2 minute (360 words) feature to camera via autocue Tas! " As an individual decide on a subject of interest that you feel you could present to camera in an autocue piece. The subject should have a target audience and your scripting and presenting style should reflect this. All notes, ideas, plans and research should be attached to your blogs and tagged these unit 37 - autocue Tas! 2 Produce your draft script and practice this, making changes hen needed. P#EA$E %&TE' This script !"#T be submitted by 2 ()pm on "2t* Marc* $%&'. !ake sure the follo ing re(uirements are met Te+t si,e pt "-, .ont Ariel. Tas! ( )n the day of recording you Presenter +irector ,amera )perator Auto ,ue )perator ill undertake each of the follo ing roles*

Tas! -log your evaluation about your feature piece, hat you did and hy you did it. .e ill also e/pect to see references to here you think you could have improved on this and here you feel you achieved good (uality ork.