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Maintenance !ouncil " Detroit !hapter

Joint Meeting with MTA Detroit Safety Council

Date: March 11, 2014 Pai, Mem-ers: Free +on Mem-ers: 8uest =25.00 (er ,isit Student =10.00 (er ,isit +otice: No charge #or #irst ,isit.

Social Hour 5:00 PM until 6:00 PM Time: Topic: Presenter: 6:00 PM Meeting Starts

0atest in u1%ates for CSA .$*$ Mathew Fabry

Federal Programs Manger FMCSA/USDOT-MI Division


iegand Mac! Sales

!"#$ Moun% &oa% Sterling 'eights Mi( )# *$ + "#,--!!-#.$$ /

"# you wish to attend the M$% &'ui(ment and Maintenance )ouncil * +etroit )ha(ter (resentation mentioned abo,e email to Mi!e Mur(hy * mmur(hy-michigan( Please /S0P no later than March 7 , 2013. "# you are not a member o# the M$% &'ui(ment and Maintenance )ouncil * +etroit )ha(ter and you would li!e to attend the (resentation mentioned abo,e (lease (ro,ide your contact in#ormation, com(any name, school, etc1 in your res(onse. Payment #or non members will be ta!en at the door 2/emember your #irst ,isit is F/&&3. "# you would li!e to be added to our non member email list )lic! 4ere and (ro,ide your contact in#ormation in the email body. "# you are interested in 5oining the M$% &'ui(ment 6 Maintenance )ouncil * +etroit )ha(ter (lease )lic! 4ere to re'uest more in#ormation.
.... .... ' /ill atten, an, ' /ill ha0e >>>> 1uest2s3 ' am una-le to atten, 2013#201$ %&&'!E(S President: )huc! )ar,ey 0ice7President: 8ary 9i,ermore $reasurer: /oger Mauritho Secretary: Mi!e Mur(hy )%*(D MEM)E(S +wayne :an!e +a,e alters ;ill <erry 8reg <erelui! /yan Masserant D'(E!T%( %& P(%T%!%L :erry ;aran !H*'(M*+ %& THE )%*(D Paul Mare!

+ame: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> !ompan4: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 5uest: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Mem-er>>. +on Mem-er>>> Stu,ent >>> 1st 6isit >>>

Affiliate member of the American Trucking Association