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Long Island Aquarium Camp Schedule

Long Island Aquarium Camp Schedule

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Camp Flyer Schedule 2014
Camp Flyer Schedule 2014

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Our Adventure Days camp program adds interactive excitement to summer vacation. Children ages 2-14 explore the wonders of the marine environment through age-appropriate learning and activities. A Tour Boat adventure, close encounters with marine creatures, the chance to catch fish on a deserted island – just some of the fun for children 8 and younger. Older children can collect and identify marine specimens on our Tour Boat, hike the Pine Barrens, climb a rock wall, go canoeing and kayaking, take a Shark Dive and Snorkel Adventure, and more!

Please visit our Web site for more details. Full schedule and application on reverse!

431 East Main Street, Riverhead, NY 11901 631.208.9200, ext. H2O (426) | LongIslandAquarium.com

All prices plus tax. Admission included. 72-hour cancellation, within 72 hours, no refund – Aquarium credit only.

Sea Squirts
June 23 & 24 9:00am – 11:00am two days Hop, skip, and splash your way through animals how re explo that crafts of games and move, hide, and eat. Craft each day. $60.00 (Members: $50.00)* *Includes 1 parent / guardian (Ages 2 & 3) (Ages 6 – 8) Session 1: July 14 – 18 Session 2: July 21 – 25 9:00am – 2:00pm There’s a whole world to explore… unde rwater. Participants will be guided on a marine adventure that will explore the hidden treasures of the sea. Meet horseshoe crabs, feed stingrays, seine for fish in local waters, and take a ride aboard the Atlantis Explorer Tour Boat. Craft and snack each day. $310.00 (Members: $260.00)

Junior Explorers

Shark Explorers (Ages 9 – 11)

Session 1: July 7 – 11 Session 2: August 4 – 8 9:00am – 2:00pm -based This experience is shark-tastic! This shark eling experience includes a shark dissection, snork r than with sharks, shark feeding, and more. Bette be based Shark Week - lessons and activities will around our very cool shark inhabitants. $330.00 (Members: $280.00)

(Ages 3 & 4) June 30 – July 1 9:00am – 12:00pm Sharks, alligators, and seals – oh my! We will lurk and learn about all our predators and how they hunt, what they eat, and where they live. Be ready to get wet in our Interactive Salt Mars h exhibit. Craft and snack each day. $75.00 (Members: $65.00)* *Includes 1 parent / guardian

Shark Bait

Penguins, Bugs & Butterfl


(Ages 8 – 10) August 11 – 15 9:00am –2:00pm rot, and explore our Meet a penguin, feed a par down the Peconic ture Ven . tory butterfly labora Tour Boat and see r lore Exp River on the Atlantis itats. Identify sea birds hab ral natu r thei in als anim g the boardwalk. right in our backyard and alon 0.00) $310.00 (Members: $26

(Ages 12 – 14) August 11 – 15 9:00am – 2:00pm Discover the aquatic and terrestrial ecosy stems of Long Island! Using their five senses to expe rience nature, your child will hike in the Pine Barrens, engage in pond studies and kayak down the Peconic Rive. Program is in partnership with NYS Department of Environmental Cons ervation. Parents / guardians are responsible for drop-off and pick-up at various sites. $330.00 (Members: $280.00)


es 4 & 5) Discoverers (Ag y2&3

June 25 & 26; Jul 9:00am – 12:00pm sure map for a wild Ahoy, pirates! Follow a trea high seas aboard our adventure – we’ll take to the ed treasure. Craft and tour boat searching for buri . snack each day .00*) $80.00 (Members: $70 n *Includes 1 parent / guardia

(Ages 8 – 10) July 14 – 18 9:00am –2:00pm Pow! Boom! Bam! How can an octop us turn itself invisible in the blink of an eye? How can a frog grow claws like Wolverine? Explo re and experience some of the most interesting and unique animals on the planet. Your child will create his / her own animal superhero. $310.00 (Members: $260.00)

Animal Superheroes

es 12 – 14) Adventurers (Ag 1

(Ages 6 – 8) Session 1: July 7 – 11 Session 2: August 4–8 9:00am – 2:00pm Better than Shark We ek – this interactive sha experience for our younger shark enthu rk siasts will include an Atlan tis Explorer boat trip , shark jeopardy, and a rea l-live shark feed. Cra ft and snack each day. $310.00 (Membe rs: $260.00)

Shark Pups

9 – 11) Explorers (Ages – 25

July 28 – August 9:00am – 2:00pm t exciting adventures Experience some of the mos r. Throughout this team offe can m ariu Aqu the that Adventurer will kayak, building experience, your l. For the ultimate thrill, wal rock a b snorkel, and clim our 120,000-gallon into end the week with a dive shark tank! 5.00) $400.00 (Members: $33

Session 1: July 21 gust 1 Session 2: July 28 – Au 0pm 2:0 9:00am – a marine exploration Immerse your child in collect and analyze will rs lore Exp program. lorer Tour Boat. Get a Exp ntis Atla organisms on the le snorkeling in our whi fish up-close look at tropical behind the scenes go , Also . tank lon -gal 80,000 it takes to care for t wha see and m ariu at the Aqu als. thousands of anim 0.00) $310.00 (Members: $26


2:00pm to 5:00pm $50 Additio Per Week, nal Fee Per Child.


Complete the information below and return no later than 6/20 with a check, payable to Long Island Aquarium & Exhibition Center. Medical Form will be sent upon receipt of registration. Payment must be paid in full prior to the first day of camp and is non-refundable.
72-hour cancellation, within 72 hours, no refund – Aquarium credit only.

REGISTRATION FORM (one per child)

Child’s Name: _________________________________________________Age: ____________Date of Birth:*________________________________________ Parent/Guardian: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Street Address: ____________________________________________________________City: ____________________________________________________ Zip: _______________________ Phone: ___________________________ E-mail: ______________________________________________________________ Session Name/#: _____________________________________________Second Choice: ________________________________________________________
*Proof of Age Required.

Office Use Only: Date Received: _________________________Amount Received: _______________________Proof of Age Recorded: ____________________

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