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Group No: 7,
Anirban Dhar,
Anoop S Pillai,
Clevin Carvalho,
Mayank Rawat,
Vamsi Kanth.

The sale of 2 wheelers in India is amongst the highest in the

world with the largest two wheeler company in the world
present right here in our country. In February 2009 alone, 5.7
lac two wheelers were sold. Thus the number of opportunities
to visit a workshop by a two wheeler owner increases
Interestingly, theremonth.
substantially every is a huge demand supply gap in the
availability of organized workshops for meeting this demand.
Castrol understood this early on and in 2004 entered the
business of servicing bikes through its MULTI Brand two
wheeler service outlets - The BikeZones
Just leave it to the doc!

The Bike Doctor package has been put together to cover

each and every part in your bike and keep it in its best
Improved pick up
running condition. You get...
Safe and smooth ride
Reduced engine noise and
Smooth gearshifts
Increased engine life
Improved cold starting
Neat and clean looks
Pay Rs.499. Get up to Rs.1100 in benefits!
Consistent mileage
Winning customers Trust

Castrol’s 100 years of presence in this country has brought it

really close to the automobile owners. It fully understands
the two wheeler owners needs and wants. What a customer
wants is a good honest bike service done by smart
mechanics using genuine spare parts.
Castrol has plugged thecustomers
Winning need gapsTrust 
in servicing by
> Giving Personal Attention 
> Employing Expert Mechanics 
> Using Hi-tech equipment

Personalized attention and transparency

• Absolute transparency in transaction.
• No work is done without prior consumer approval
• Even the replaced parts are returned to the consumer,
post service

Trained manpower
Expert team of mechanics specially trained by the Castrol
training team
• The mechanics are sufficiently trained to handle any brand
of two wheeler

Customers can choose from a range of accessories 

• Helmets 
• Classy bike covers 
• Bike security systems 
• Graphics
• Helmet locks
• Wheel locks
• Coffee mugs etc
Primary Analysis
No of Problems Experienced in your Vehicle ?
No of Times you have returned for same problems ?
Rate your Castrol Bike Zone ???
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We Recommend CBZ !!!!

If you are looking for a service center that would

pickup your bike from home, has a cool

ambiance, has hip factor associated with it, has

people who listens to you, then we would

recommend you go to the Castrol Bike Zone. 

Thank U !!!!