Introduction to Methodism

Session Two: Common Christian Affirmations

Methodists’ common affirmations with historic Christianity:

’God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit ’The human condition ’The church ’The Scriptures ’The church ’Baptism and the Lord’s Supper

God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit
We affirm the Trinitarian nature of God

’The Apostles Creed ’God:
’ Creates ’ Sustains ’ Loves ’ Suffers ’ Judges ’ Redeems ’ Reigns

’Son of God ’Son of Man ’The Christ ’Risen Lord ’Savior

Holy Spirit
’God with us. ’Comforts us ’Convicts us ’Awakens us ’Empowers us

The human condition
’ God created human beings in God’s image. ’We can choose to accept, or not, right relationship with God. ’All people need right relationship with God in order to be fully human ’Human beings are of sinful nature

The Church
’The body of Christ ’Extension of Christ’s life and ministry in the world today ’Mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ. ’“The communion of saints” ’Called to worship God ’Support those who participate in its life as they grow in faith

The Scriptures
’God’s Word ’ Primary authority for faith and practice ’Equality of both Testaments

’Joins us with the church and Christians everywhere ’The covenantal sign of new life, God's love and forgiveness of our sins ’ Persons of any age can be baptized ’ We baptize by sprinkling, immersion or pouring ’ Baptism only once ’God is the primary actor in baptism

Holy Communion
’Holy meal representing the body and blood of Christ. ’Recalls the life, death and resurrection of Jesus ’Celebrates the unity of the Church. ’Obeys & gives thanks for Christ's sacrifice ’Spiritually nourishes and empowers us for mission and ministry. ’"Open Communion"