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TUCO fe J ‘complemented by SLL at Salisbury ee and Breast Center By Heidi M. Berkheiser Waiting for results of a poten- tially life-changing diagnostic test can be extremely worrisome and in some cases, overwhelming. “This is one of the leading topics ‘of concern in seminars across the country,” Salisbury Diagnostic and Breast Center Manager Susie Warwick attested. “The waiting and turnaround time can be so difficult” For example, one woman re- counted her experience at anoth: cr imaging facility that contacted her about a questionable mam- ‘mogram result. “They simply told ‘me to contact my physician right away; no other information was given. It was da could get in with my doctor. I was a nervous wreck ‘woman, who wished to remain anonymot Warwick and her staffat the center on 145 E. Carroll St, (an affiliate of the Peninsula Health Group), took their patients’ concerns to heart and developed a “no wait” policy that sets the center apart from any other in the area, "Most facilit like ours have a 2-to 4-month scheduling backlog” said War- wick. “A physician can send a patient with a breast abnorm: before I said the 2LLAC4HOM yp fp) : Che Se ne Center Manager Susie Warwick assists a patient, delivering personal, comfortable and confidential care, ity to our center for testing the same day, or when best a commodates the patient. Even when we are extremely bu: ‘we will work them in if that’s what they need. ‘Come now" ‘our motto,” Warwick continued. Warwick said that policy extends to the waiting area as well. “Our patients spend very little time in the waiting room. There's not the hustle and bustle of a hospital setting.” Also, if patient is unable to have an earlier appointment, the staff will work them in, The center has Tuesday evening appointments until 7:30 p.m. The staff may stay after hours to work patients in and will go in on Saturday in the event ofa special need, And it doesn't stop there. When performing a mammogram, the staff doesn't ignore sensitivity, Warwick not- ed. “There's fine line between a good ‘mammogram and a painful one, We en- sure that there is enough compression while doing our best to ensure patient comfort.” id the center also offers federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved cushioning that is softer and Top L-R: Sandy Meyers, Sue Ross, Susie Warwick, Star Stephens, Sandy Clark, Or. Jim Miller; Left LR: Or. David Sechler, Dr. Nicholas Dudas, Or. Janet Wasson, Dr. John Bartkovich ‘warmer to the touch, which, according to patients, really makes a difference. “When patients come in, we discus with them what we are going to do and why we are doing it, We make sure that they are as comfortable as possible pri- or to any testing,” Warwick explained. Follow up care may be done by gen- eral surgeons from Peninsula Surgical Group who maintain continuity of care if needed. Films are kept at the diag- nostic center and sent to the surgeons if necessary. Patients don't have to run around to gather their previous films. “Ifa test result is questionable, and nal imaging is needed, we call tient ourselves, explain the situa: tion and schedule them immediately for the follow-up exam. This is not neces- sarily bad news.” Dr. James W. Miller, radiologist on staff, is prompt in dictating results and having them sent to the ordering physician(s). Dr. Miller has a website providing education: Sue Ross has been with Peninsula Health Group for 19 years. She is regis- tered in mammography andis pursuing certification in breast ultrasound. Star Stephens, the center's coordi: ine 'Wlemme sg eant It is your choice where to be tested. We offer Bone Density Testing, Mammography, Ultrasound & Stereotactic Breast Biopsy. Personal, Private and Confidential care in a relaxed atmosphere 1s with them hal we are going le de and why we are deing tt..le make sure that they areas comfortable as possible 9 9 Accredited by American College of Radiology Certified by the Food and Drug Administration ee, & Bronst Providing over 15 year 410-546-8400 148 B. Carroll Street» Salisbury ser of ice nator, is always a pleasure to talk with and is willing to help solve any issues a patient may have. Sandy Meyers, an LPN for 25 years, is a great addition ‘when the center performs breast and thyroid biopsies with the Peninsula Surgical Group. Sandy Clark, mammographer, is loved by her patients who request her often, In addition to mammography, the center offers bone density (dexascan), stereotactic biopsy and ultrasounds including studies of breast, thyroid, renal, testicular, ab dominal, gall bladder and urinary bladder. The staff strongly encourages early testing of bone den- sity to detect osteoporosis, a condition in which density is low and the bones become fragile and more likely to break or shatter, or osteopenia, the thinning of bones: an early sign of osteoporosis, Osteoporosis affects 13-18 percent of women in the US, and osteopenia affects 37-50 percent, according to Warwick. “There are several criteria that contrib- ute to this condition: ‘menopause, not taking hormone replacement therapy, cancer, in- sufficient calcium and vitamin D intake, smoking, family his tory, lack of exercise, too much alcohol or caffeine or, simply, aging.” - Osteoporosis can Star Stephens, Salisbury Diagnostic go undetected until a and Breast Center's Coordinator. fracture is incurred, Warwick said that 50 percent of middle-aged and older women report that their physicians have never discussed bone loss, which accounts for 1.5 million fractures annually. Abone density exam, or dexascan, measures bone mass, thickness and strength. Itisa safe, painless 15-minute pro- cedure that requires the patient to lie on a padded table while a small scanner measures the spine and hips. “Ask your doctor to explain bone density and what you ccan do to increase bone strength. Assure that the technol- ‘gist has all the information needed to give the best prog: is,” Warwick concluded It'sthe personal, specialized, confidential care by a com passionate team of conscientious professionals that has made Salisbury Diagnostic and Breast Center what it is today. The center is accredited by the American College ‘of Radiology and is proud to be in 100-percent compliance with the FDA, which recently gave the center salutations. Warwick is registered in mammography and quality ‘management and is pursuing her bone density registry. Miller, who has been practicing on Delmarva since 1987, is certified by the American Board of Radiology. Licensed in Delaware and Maryland, he has been with the Salisbury center for two years.