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Science Action BOOK-4

Science Action BOOK-4

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Published by: saisssms9116 on Oct 12, 2009
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Pencil Paper
Pair of scissors
Colours (paint, wax or pencil)
Plasticine (or any clay)

Draw a fairly large picture of a butterfly on a piece of paper. Colour it as
beautifully as you can (Fig 10.1).

With glue, paste it on a piece of cardboard. Cut the cardboard along the
outline of the butterfly. You now have a colourful cardboard butterfly.
Here is how you can balance it on the tip of its nose.
Make two equal balls of clay and press one each to the ends of the front
wings on the underside (Fig 10.2).
Adjust the size of the balls so that the butterfly balances on the tip of its
nose when placed on the end of a pencil (Fig 10.3).
Gently push the wings down and let go. What happens?
The butterfly is well balanced. It rocks here and there and finally returns
to the original position. It is quite stable.
Find the exact CG by the method of Activity 9. You can now balance it on
the point of a well sharpened pencil.
Now ‘invent’ a balanced toy of your own, say an aeroplane, an animal, a
clown etc. Try three dimensional toys also.

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