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From Paintings to Architecture in Modern Society

Art is a vehicle for the mind to explore beauty, tragedy, horror, joy, sex, and multitudes of other emotions. Whether admiring a sketch or painting, examining a sculptural piece, or traipsing through amazing architectural sites, art can take the viewer outside of themselves or force the viewer to take note of inner emotions perhaps unbeknownst before. Because of technological advances, art and modern media have become bed fellows in the journey to garner the attentions of the world’s viewing audience. This is an examination of how art has come into play many, many times over the years to promote ideas, drive home a point, titillate, humor, and expand the capabilities of cinematography through modern media.

While commercialism is not the only reason art is introduced to our daily society, this Surrealist inspired art ad for VW Polo BlueMotion is a wonderful example of art projecting big business agenda while still sending a public message for our environment. Illustrations by Kirill Chudinskiy has shown the amazing ability of Chudinskiy to channel Salvador Dali and René Magritte in his Volkswagen ad promoting “the car's 'absurdly' low fuel consumption” ( while providing amazing Surrealist inspired art to ponder.

Dali’s influence of dreamlike settings and disturbing images blends well with Rene Magritte’s fondness for turning regular objects into fascinating, twisted versions of the original and his habit of including clouds and sky into many of his paintings and are evident in Chudinskiy’s version of their blended works.

Libreria Norma Ads Featuring Adam and Eve in the Modern World (

The graphic design for the website,, is focused on convincing the public that the most efficient and environmentally friendly thing to do is “to download the ecofriendly online version” (TrendHunter Eco) of their books for e-readers, IPhones, etc. in order to stop purchasing regular books thus saving trees and our planet. Their ads feature artwork inspired by classic books such as Don Quijote, Le Petit Prince, and The Bible. In the artwork ads, a common theme of the main characters chopping down the very last tree on Earth to produce yet another book is shown. The artwork is classical in the Adam and Eve ad, child-like in LePetit Prince, and dark and gloomy in the Don Quijote ad artistically playing on the themes of the books while a logo in the corner of each ad identifies how many times each book has been printed and reiterates the companies position to download the e-book to save our planet.

While art is exceptional for catching the attention of the public concerning promotional advertisements intended for marketing and/or inspiring global green efforts, art can also provide a window into the social climate of the world both historically and currently. In the 1936 photograph Migrant Mother, taken by Dorothea Lange, a message of desperation, fear, and hopelessness permeates the black and white photograph. Famous for representing the plight of the migrant workers throughout California, Migrant Mother tells a poignant tale of a mother trying to survive with her children. “Photography is uniquely suited not only to documenting events and social problems, but to bringing about empathetic awareness that can lead to reform” (Prebles’ Artforms 125). While discovered later that the photo was misrepresented, it allowed quick aid to come to migrant workers and saved many lives during The Great Depression.

The world need not be exposed to art merely for marketing or promotional purposes. It can also lend enjoyment to modern cinema and aid to drive home themes of the movie’s plot points. In the 1991 film, Dying Young, the viewing public is exposed to an exceptional oil and gold leaf painting, The Kiss, by Gustav Klimt. This vibrant and sensual painting expounds upon the movie’s plot of two people falling in a deep yet desperate love as they struggle to come to terms with their feelings and his impending death. Klimt used rich colors, patterns, and attention to detail as he shared his vision of the ultimate view of love with all its joys. “The man's form is filled erect squares and rectangles, while his lover's is composed of concentric circles and spirals. The eventual outcome of such a passionate kiss could hardly be more explicit” ( This beautiful portrayal of intimate love creates a timeless painting of all love should be.

The Kiss (1907-08) created by Gustav Klimt

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