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Yang Socials 10

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Chapter Four: Review Guide!

" Format (test is out of 40)! 20 MCs (1pt each)! 4 short answer (worth 3 pts each, total = 12pts)" DBQ (8 pts)!


Important People, Groups, Events, and Terms:# Ruperts Land" The Orange Order" Hudsons Bay Company" Robert Semple" North West Company" Duncan Cameron" Mtis" Colin Robertson" Lord Selkirk" pemmican" Miles Macdonell" Seigneural Pattern" Cuthbert Grant" John Schultz" Battle of Seven Oaks" Custom of the Country" George Simpson" country-born"


home guard" Bison Hunt" Primary source" Secondary source" Selkirks Grant" pemmican proclamation" Red River Settlement" sovereignty" credibility#

Main Ideas and Concepts:! 1. How a resource or product (i.e. fur or a smartphone) can impact history in terms of geography, society, politics, and economy"

" 2. How did the HBC and the NWC differ in their operations and organization?" " 3. Advantages and disadvantages of the HBC/NWC" " 3. Discuss the origins and development of the Mtis" " 4. Why was the bison hunt so important to the Mtis?" " 5. In what ways were women indispensable to the European Fur Traders?" " " "
7. Explain the conict between the following people ! a) Miles Macdonell and the Mtis" b) Robert Semple and the Mtis" 8. Describe the Red River Settlement of 18211860 under the following:" Population, Economy, Society, the role of women."

6. Why did Lord Selkirk wish to establish an agricultural settlement? What difculties did the settlement endure in its early years? What facts did he overlook when he decided to establish such a colony in the Red River Valley?"

" 9. What major changes took place in the Red River Settlement between 1860 and 1870?" " 10. Why did the HBC and NWC merge in 1821? What were the terms of this merger?" "
11. Be familiar with the concepts of credibility (particularly regarding sources) and also sovereignty.