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Andres Avalos Jimenez Tel: 1(626)736-6631 Gearbox Software 101 East Park Blvd.

, Suite 1069 Plano, Texas 75074 Attn: Recruitment January 24, 2014

Dear Erin Dudley, I read in the GameBox Software website that the company was looking for new talent to join. As a passionate content creator, I believe I would make a great asset for the company and a great member in your developing team. To back up my claim, I know I have the capability to take a sort of leadership role as well as a major support for the direction needed to get to the final result. I am able to provide designs that will excite and visually stun people with the vision I can bring to the game. Aside from my artistic skills, to me the most valuable thing I can provide would be promptness. As an Art director in a game development team, I am well aware that collaboration is a must to ensure a product that is finished. In past experiences in making a game, this element was one of the most crucial aspects of being a part of a team. As the Lead concept artist and Art director, my responsibility was to keep assets and textures consistent to the vision that was set in place. The thought of working within a company like Gearbox Software would be a great achievement. This company has the most enthusiastic and creative minds in the industry. Equally significant, are the passionate people with hungry eyes for new IPs that are innovative in game play and visuals. This is somewhere I want to be and take a part in. Thank you for your time and consideration. I am looking forward to speaking with you soon. Respectfully yours Andres Avalos Jimenez PDF of Cover letter: