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Gabriela Hernandez 819-1990-00080 Videos summaries Dr.


First video summary This video, is very interesting because it is about how children begging to say his/her first words. According to studies children after crying, cooing, and babbling they just begging to say his/her first words. This stages called first words is denominate as the most rudimentary stage of vocabulary a great example is presented in this video in where this child use a sequence of syllables and vowels to express what he really wanted to say. For example in this video we can see many words that this child built. Those words were: apple and water. At the beginning this child said ga ga ga to referrer to water then this child said wa wa wa wata wata wata to refer to water, we can say that this child mixed vowels and syllables to build his vocabulary development. Children build words to communicate what they want or what they like.

Second video summary In this other video, we can see a comparison between human and animal and it treats about how animals produce sound to express its animal instinct such as emotions. This species express these sensations to develop its own ways to communicate and interact to each other. We can see in this video a study of many animals such as: dog, monkey, and goat. The study show us that the nasal cavity and that vocal tract of those animals works with flexibility at the moment to produce any sound. On the other hand, our vocal tract and nasal cavity are very flexible as the animals do, with the difference that we produce language and the animals do not it. In others words, our brain connect language and how our brain is capable to produce speech and memorize, that is really interesting, and also how our brain is able to learn any language is a mystery because we do not know at what moment we develop that skill to learn what we want.