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Talking about family

Task 1-Look at this family picture. Talk to your partner about it and decide who is who. Refer to the box below to help you. Report your findings to the class.

I think this man is .... I guess this girl is their I think they are married I think so too. I dont think so. I think they are brothers

Task 2- Watch this episode and write the names of the characters on the picture in Task 1. Were your guesses correct?

Task 3- Complete the sentences with the correct family vocabulary from the box:
grandfather--husband--- husband wifechildrenparents motherbrothercousins---step-brothersons-in-law

a) Clair and Phil are _______and________. They have three _________. Hayley, Alex and Luke. b) Jay is Glorias ____________. c) Mitchell and Cam are Lilys ________. d) Gloria is Mannys ___________. e) Mitchell is Claires ___________. f) Manny is Claire and Mitchells ______________. g) Hayley, Alex and Luke are baby Lilys ________. h) Jay is Hayley, Alex, Luke and Lilys ______________. i) Cam and Phil are Jays __________________. Task 4- Use a characteristic from the box below. Choose two members of the family youve seen on the episode and describe him/her. Write sentences. Refer to the example.

emotional bossy perfectionist sentimental impatient intelligent sensitive dependent idealistic irresponsible determined passionate charming sociable careful good-humored generous calm honest energetic reliable

Phil is calm and Alex is intelligent. ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ Task 5- Share your ideas with the classroom.