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uear arenLs and SLaff,

l wanLed Lo lnform you LhaL Lhe kenLucky ueparLmenL of LducaLlon (kuL) recenLly compleLed lLs
Leadershlp AssessmenL of Myers Mlddle School, and offlclals dellvered Lhelr flndlngs Loday. l am
saddened Lo reporL LhaL kuL has deLermlned LhaL l do noL have Lhe capaclLy Lo lead our school ln lLs
efforLs Lo lmprove sLudenL achlevemenL.

Myers was prevlously ldenLlfled as a erslsLenLly Low-Achlevlng School (now called a rlorlLy School). As
a resulL, kuL performs Leadershlp AssessmenLs every oLher year Lo deLermlne lf currenL admlnlsLraLors
have Lhe capaclLy Lo lead.

1he !efferson CounLy ubllc Schools (!CS) leadershlp and l wlll LhoughLfully revlew kuL's enLlre reporL
ln Lhe comlng days Lo deLermlne Lhe besL paLh for Lhe fuLure. l wlll communlcaLe our nexL sLeps Lo you
as soon as posslble.

ln Lhe meanLlme, l wanL Lo assure you LhaL our focus wlll remaln, as always, on provldlng Lhe besL
learnlng opporLunlLles and envlronmenL for our sLudenLs. When l Look on Lhe responslblllLy of lmprovlng
achlevemenL for every Myers sLudenL, l dld so wlLh Lhe besL lnLenLlons, and l am proud of Lhe progress
we have made. l belleve ln our sLudenLs. l belleve ln our sLaff. l belleve ln lmprovlng Lhe llves of chlldren
Lhrough educaLlon.

l wlsh Lo Lhank my sLaff, my sLudenLs, and Lhelr famllles for Lhe hard work, dedlcaLlon, and engagemenL
Lhey have shown durlng my Llme as prlnclpal.

lease feel free Lo conLacL me wlLh quesLlons or commenLs regardlng kuL's reporL.

Agaln, Lhank you,

!ack 8aldwln, rlnclpal
Myers Mlddle School