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Ms. Suzanne. J. McGrath, President CommunicAID 577 W St. Washington, D.C.

, 20016 Telephone: 240-444-1212 Fax: 240-444-1313 Email: For Immediate Release


(WASHINGTON, Oct. 16)—The CommunicAID Board of Trustees and Mayor Vincent C. Gray voted last night to purchase the Mercer Elementary School property for $2.5 million as the location for CommunicAID’s new facility. The new facility will serve as a satellite office for the CommunicAID staff and nonprofit affiliates operating in the Mercer Street area. It will also provide food and shelter, as well as education and counseling services to local residents.

Due to the success of CommunicAID’s original office, the D.C. Housing Authority and D.C. City Council presented grants to CommunicAID for the project. Elderly and lowincome families in need of support for food and housing populate the Mercer Street area. The new facility will have a 32-bed overnight shelter, a 60-person day shelter with food service, a 30-person long-term family shelter and a 12,000 square foot food pantry.


CommunicAID––New Homeless Shelter, p. 2 of 2 ―I can’t express how excited we are to open an additional office to make CommunicAID’s services more accessible to the Washington, D.C. residents,‖ said Director Suzanne J. McGrath. ―We hope to restore this neighborhood to the thriving bluecollar neighborhood it once was.‖

CommunicAID has been dedicated to helping the homeless in the D.C. area for the past 19 years. Founded by a group of concerned citizens in 1994, CommunicAID quickly grew from a small-scale effort to fund a homeless shelter to a citywide organization with support from five nonprofit affiliate organizations and four government agencies. CommunicAID plans to continue to open more satellite offices to provide food and shelter, as well as education, employment and counseling services to those in need.

### For more information about the new shelter, contact Suzanne McGrath at 240-444-1313, 240-444-1212, or by email at For more information about CommunicAID, or to learn more about volunteer opportunities, please visit