Memorandum TO: Suzanne J.

McGrath, Director FROM: Corinne Buckwalter, Director of Public Relations DATE: October 2, 2013 SUBJECT: Dress code policy change ________________________________________________________________________ The purpose of this memo is to inform you of the dress code policy change the CommunicAID Board of Trustees would like to implement. More specifically, this memo will explain why the board thinks a more relaxed dress code will benefit both CommunicAID employees and clients. The board has drafted a detailed policy change to ensure the dress code change will improve CommunicAID as an organization. In light of the fact that all of our affiliate organizations including the government agencies have adopted more liberal dress code policies, we think CommunicAID should similarly relax our dress standards. We think a “business casual” dress code will fit CommunicAID’s organizational goals better than the current “formal business” dress code. CommunicAID prides itself on its focus of the people– both the members of our team and the people we serve. A more relaxed dress code will improve both the client experience and employee satisfaction. The more relaxed dress code will also create a more comfortable environment for CommunicAID’s clients, who are either homeless or low-income individuals. Clients will feel less intimidated by the staff’s “business casual” attire. With the adoption of a “business casual” dress code, the morale of CommunicAID employees will improve, which will create a better work environment and in turn, a more effective organization. Our younger employees will particularly enjoy this policy change due to their often-tight finances when it comes to maintaining a formal work wardrobe. We believe the happier our current employees are, the more easily staffing our new satellite offices will be. We understand that employees may interpret this “business casual” dress code in different ways. To ensure the effectiveness of this policy change, we drafted a detailed dress code section for the policy manual outlining gender appropriate attire for employees. This document is attached. We appreciate your time and consideration, and look forward to hearing from you soon.