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Danielle Vetesnik Artifact Title: Classroom Management Plan Date: November 2013

Artifact description: The artifact is a classroom management plan I developed to apply in my future classroom to establish rules and procedures. This classroom management plan displays my classroom management goals, classroom rules, procedures, reinforcement, and the positive learning environment that my classroom will have. Wisconsin Teacher Standard Alignment Standard 5: Teachers Know How to Manage a Classroom. “The teacher uses an understanding of individual and group motivation and behavior to create a learning environment that encourages positive social interaction, active engagement in learning, and self-motivation.” This artifact demonstrates my competency in this standard because it shows how I will turn my classroom into a positive learning environment where each student feels welcomed to share and discuss ideas. Before I created my classroom management plan I observed different teachers in the elementary grades to get ideas of what procedures, rules, reinforcement, and classroom management techniques worked best; therefore, I was able to create a classroom management plan that supports and encourages learning, social interaction and self-motivation in the classroom. As a result of this experience, I realize how important a classroom management plan is. Furthermore, I understand how this plan will guide my students and me while we create a positive learning environment where everyone will feel safe, secure, and respected.

UW Platteville knowledge, skills, disposition, alignment This experience best aligns with KSD2.a. Creating an Environment of Respect and Rapport. “The candidate demonstrates genuine care and respect for students while the students exhibit respect for the teacher. The students also display genuine care and respect for one another as individuals and as students, and are aware of cultural, social, intellectual and physical variations among their peers.” In my classroom management plan my classroom philosophy states, “our classroom is a team, reaching for the same basic goals to achieve. We listen to each other and respect each other. We will believe in our classmates and ourselves and try our very best.” Creating a classroom environment that follows that philosophy is essential for respect and rapport. As a result of this experience, I understand that with more positive reinforcement, each student will recognize the positive things that they have done. Therefore, creating an environment that demonstrates genuine care and respect for my students, in return they will exhibit respect for my rules, procedures, their classmates, and me.

Secondary KSDS KSD2.b. Establishing a Culture for Learning KSD2.c. Managing Classroom Procedures KSD2.e. Organizing Physical Space Personal Reflection What I learned about teaching/learning: I have had a pleasing experience observing different classroom management styles, procedures, rules, and reinforcements. As a future educator and current early childhood student teacher, I have learned that a classroom management plan is an important resource for both the teacher and the student. A plan creates boundaries and expectations for students in the classroom; consequently, if the students help create parts of the plan, they will respect the boundaries

and expectations more. While student teaching, I have noticed that the more support and positive role models students have, the more confident learners they are. From this experience, I learned that by utilizing a classroom management plan; my students will learn and grow in an environment that is productive, fair, and safe. My classroom management plan shows that I am strongly in favor of creating a respectful classroom environment where learning can be done confidently and effectively. What I learned about myself as a prospective educator: As a result of this experience, I will become a better teacher because I understand how important a classroom management plan is and what it can do when it is enforced properly. I need to consistently use the procedures, rules, reinforcements, and rewards so my students have a routine. Since not every class or child is the same, I have learned that being flexible suits this profession; furthermore, my classroom management plan will always change to fit my students’ personalities and learning styles. From this experience, I feel confident that I will be able to maintain control of my classroom because I am willing to listen to my students and give them choices; therefore, each student has a chance to feel responsible for the classroom routine, procedures, and expectations.