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(00T5-13) Timing Code Table (T939)

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Topic No. 00T5-13

Rev. Level

Topic Date 01-Jul-2000 Expiration Date (International): Plant Default

Group No. 05

Expiration Date (U.S. and Canada): Engine Family QST 30 Fuel System Bosch P Pumps Design Application Industrial

Build Date From Market Application All To

Timing Code Table (T939)

Manuals Affected by This Service Parts Topic Title Troubleshooting and Repair Manual Operating and Maintenance Manual Shop Manual Bulletin 3666217 3666134 3666190

This service parts topic provides a timing code table for QST30 Series engines. Engines built before January 3, 2000, have a two-letter timing code on the engine dataplate. Refer to the table in this service parts topic to convert the timing code to the nominal degrees before top dead center with the right-bank number 1 cylinder on the compression stroke. Beginning with approximate engine serial number first 37190914, and build dates on or after January 3, 2000, the engine dataplate includes the numeric value for the specified engine timing. Right or left bank is determined while viewing the engine from the rear. The timing marks are located on the vibration damper. Both of the right-bank number 1 rocker levers will be loose and push rods will be at the same height if the piston is on the compression stroke. The right- and left-bank fuel pumps are both installed with the engine in this position and with the timing pins engaged. The tolerance band for engine timing is 0.5 degree of the nominal value. The table below will be included in the next revision of the appropriate engine manuals. Timing Code JP KB KD KE KI KJ KM KO KP Degrees (nominal) 23.0 7.5 11.0 24.5 17.5 9.0 18.5 22.0 0.5

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(00T5-13) Timing Code Table (T939)

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KT KX KZ Table 1, Timing Codes

23.5 20.5 19.5

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