What is democracy?

For sure it's not the classic definition when group of people go freely to ballots and select their own representatives, because if we considered this definition in this case we mix between the aim and the procedure...the aim of democracy is not to people go and vote but the aim of democracy is to protect the void. Or rather the circulation of void, there will be no circulation of anything,(goods, power..) if it’s absolute,(that’s why maybe the indigenous in north America developed the "potlatch" system of exchanging the gifts because the circulation prevent the absolute of meaning and the accumulation of wealth which produce the power and violence “clastres” ) ....the democracy then is the process which make sure that the void remain empty and no absolute signifier can fills it even if it was its own signifier. If we looked into our Arabic and Islamic heritage the old and the modern one we find that it has an excess of meaning or signification because of the language and the historical accumulation, maybe the only holes of void took place through Sufism, (because of the oriental despotism the sufists developed the void-self as a technique to respond to the absolute rule of the ruler). Except that our history remained full of excess of meaning which made the circulation of power impossible. all our history till what is called the Arabic spring was nothing but exchanging one imam to another or one signifier with another, maybe because our episteme is linguistic due to the influence of the Koran, but language in its nature is absolute whether it was religious or secular or as “laclau” puts it language is Stalinism, when I say something, language prevents me of saying something else (Barthes). Any production of excess is violence in that sense capitalism is violence because it produces the excess of value, but in this case Marx considered it as a constructive violence. Because of the signifier is empty it produces an excess of meaning and that the root of dictatorship, all the experiments of the dictatorship were built on using the excess of empty signifier, starting from Stalin “History” the “progress”, Hitler “Race” united state “terrorism “the Arabs “palatine””unity” “”Islam”….as zizek said behind any massacre there is a poet ….because of the emptiness of all these segnifiers they produce the exce

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