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Danielle Vetesnik Artifact Title: Parent Letter Date: February 1, 2014

Artifact description: This artifact is a letter to parents introducing myself as their son/daughters early childhood student teacher. In the letter I let the parents know the time frame I will be working with their children, my contact information, information about myself, and how much I enjoy working with their children. Wisconsin Teacher Standard Alignment Standard 6: Teachers Communicate Well. “The teacher uses effective verbal and nonverbal communication techniques as well as instructional media and technology to foster active inquiry, collaboration, and supportive interaction in the classroom.” This artifact demonstrates my competency in this standard because it demonstrates how I used nonverbal communication to reach out to the parents/guardians of the children I am working with. During this experience, I am able to have some conversation with parents/guardians during drop off and pick up times, but I feel that it is still important to let everyone know some background information about me, a reason why I am in the classroom, the way I feel about this opportunity, and a way to reach me if they have any comments, questions or concerns. As a result of this experience, I realize how important and meaningful a simple letter to the parents/guardians can be. Furthermore, I understand how communicating with parents orally and non-verbally will create collaboration, and supportive interaction in the classroom. UW Platteville knowledge, skills, disposition, alignment This experience best aligns with KSD3.a.Comunicates Clearly and Accurately. “The candidate's spoken and written language are correct,

expressive and clear, with well-chosen vocabulary that enriches teaching and communicates thoughtfully, responsively, and effectively for a wide range of student understanding and encourages appropriate student language development.” In my artifact I took time to have the letter revised three times, first by myself, second at the writing center, third by my cooperating teacher. I understand as a future teacher, that every time I write something I will not have such a long time frame to proofread it; although, I think it is very important to get more than one opinion on something and also to look it over for any grammatical errors.
As a result of this experience, I understand that my spoken and written language should be clear, accurate, and correct. Just like verbal communication, non-verbal communication needs to be clear and accurate. Consequently my artifact proves that I was clear, accurate, and correct, and writing is an effective form of communication. Secondary KSDS KSD2.d. Managing Student Behavior KSD3.c. Engaging Students in Learning Personal Reflection What I learned about teaching/learning: This is my first experience writing a parent letter for student teaching. I realized that when using non-verbal communication, the letters that go home to parents/guardians must be accurate and promote interaction in the classroom. At my placement I observed how nonverbal communication created a reason for interaction in the classroom. A parent read that I attend UW-Platteville and told me that she attended UW- Platteville and majored in business. Just from that interaction I realized that non-verbal communication often turns into verbal communication, whether it be with me the teacher, or just with their child. From this experience I learned that by utilizing non-verbal communication promotes verbal communication, and it could help build connections, interactions, and relationships with the parents of

my students. Non-verbal communication is another way for parents to know what is going on in their son/daughters class so they can talk about it at home. What I learned about myself as a prospective educator: As a result of this experience, I will become a better teacher because I understand how important it is to communicate well. I feel confident that verbal and non-verbal communication will be important in my teaching career because it helps gain support from parents and interactions between us. My artifact shows that I am excited to be at my placement and love the children and people I am working with. As a parent/ guardian getting positive notes like these, may put worries they have about leaving their child during the day at ease. From this experience, I feel confident that I will be able to maintain non-verbal and verbal communication between the parents, students and me. If everyone is working toward a common goal, it will be easier for students to succeed when they have so much support backing them up. ! !