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Vishal Julkas Dilemma SYNOPSIS Vishal Julka is the Regional Sales Manager of Victoria, a company that manufactures quality

writing pens. He looks after western Indian market. Being a middle level manager, he has to do a lot of a lot of work. It is his job to promote sales, do field work, plan for the sales staff, meet the clients and talk to regional distributors regarding market expansion. Along with Mr. Sandeep Singh, the regional sales manager of south India, he had to finalize a joint sales forecast that they are planning to prepare for the coming year. He also has to look for the reasons of delay by the suppliers of plants located in Goa for the supply of new range of pens to western Indian market. Production people were not responsible enough to understand the market demand for pens around 15th June when educational institutions were going to open and high inventory levels should be kept. He had to see few files and answer phone calls too. After a lot of persuasion, he was finally able to collect sales calls reports of the sales representatives of his area for finding out their productivity and profitability. He felt he could improve the productivity by adopting various measures. In the meeting with Area Sales Manager (ASM) he had to discuss problems of his area and suggest corrections in the sales promotion programme. The Vice president (sales) wanted him to present a new incentive programme at the Area sales officers meeting to be held at Hotel Taj, Mumbai. He had to find out ways to motivate the field sales force through proper rewards and incentives. He can tell them success stories which would motivate the sales people to work even better. In the midst of all this, he suddenly remembers that he had promised his wife to take her out for dinner. There is a role conflict. He was over burdened with responsibilities. In the initial stages, it is alright because then his subordinates will look up to him and get inspired and motivated. But in the long run, this will not work because he has to take care of his health and he also has personal commitments to be fulfilled. He then has to start delegating the minor tasks to his subordinates and focus on major work in the organization.

Answer 1. Doing a cost-benefit analysis for Vishal, at the current post of Regional Sales Manager, one can clearly identify that other than the designation the job has been costlier for Vishal mentally, personally and also at physical front. Vishal has started suffering from high cholesterol due to the same. The stress from the job has taken a toll on his health. Also, the job specifications do not seem to be clear to Vishal as he himself feels that being a middle level manager, the plethora of work which he struggles to finish everyday is endless and beyond his job profile. Also, Vishal has prolonged been

negligent towards his family and is unable to find any quality time to spend with his wife. His time management is getting poorer since time is too less in accordance to the work he attends to, during a day. Vishal is thus unable to succeed at any of these fronts and thus it makes the job less worthier and more burdensome.

Answer 3The case study has instances where the planning and organising skills are getting clearly visible. The set of skill which Mr. Vishal Julka should possess is the controlling and directing skill, He is unable to delegate the task and duties assigned to him and moreover he is lacking that simple skill of tackling things in the post of regional sales manager. He is getting overburdened by the work load and moreover, the amount of stress he is undergoing due to inefficient handling of work has lead him to arrive at an unfit stage of health at a young age.

Answer 4Vishal is handling too much as being the middle lever manager of the company he has to attend calls that had come that day , promote sales, travel and also plan for the benefits of the sales staff. He also had to meet various clients and talk to the regional distributors relating to market expansion. He did not even have time to go for his lunch and also had some health issues. He was not even able to handle his personal life properly. Being the regional sales manager, he should delegate the minor tasks to his subordinates like answering phone calls, collecting market reports etc and work more on the major tasks like redesigning the territories to improve the productivity of the salesperson, adjusting the area of salesperson territory to reduce travel time etc. He could also postpone not so important tasks and focus on the tasks which were more important.

Answer 5Vishal would have a lot of trouble managing his life in the long run. He has a lot of pressure on his professional life due to which his personal life is also getting hampered. The load of his work has even made him unhealthy. He has so much work up his sleeves that it is impossible for him to do it al alone which may lead to him being

unsuccessful both on the personal and professional fronts. On the other hand if Vishal organizes his routine and the way he works he can perform much better

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