Chris Bryan A.

156 Medicion, 1-D Imus, Cavite 0 26!2"2 56

OBJECTIVES #o $ind a %ob &here I can he'( the com(any to its $urther )ro&th a(('yin) my s*i''s and *no&'ed)e.

PERSONAL INFORMATION Date o$ +irth /)e 4e5 4tatus 8an)ua)e , , , , , -ctober 26, 1 5 10 Ma'e 4in)'e #a)a'o)9 :n)'ish .'ace o$ +irth 1ei)ht 6ei)ht 7e'i)ion Citi;enshi( , , , , , Dasmarinas Cavite 523 120 'bs. 7oman Catho'ic <i'i(ino

EDUCATION Pri ary Imus .i'ot :'ementary 4choo' 200" - 200 :mi''iano #ria #irona Memoria' =ationa' 1i)h 4choo' 200 - 201"


S$ILLS AND COMPETENCIES   :a)er to 'earn and can &or* under time (ressure. >ood Communication and 8istenin) 4*i''s

I do hereby certify that the above statements are true and correct through my knowledge and ability. It would be a favor if you will set me for an interview at your most convenient time.

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Chris Bryan A. Gratela

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