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Veenai is a

stringed instrument

made from
jackwood. This musical instrument originates from Tanjore, a state in Southern India.

Tabla is a 2-pieced
percussion instrument

which originates from

Northern India. It is made of oak or rose wood. The 2 drums are usually handmade.

Indian flutes are

made of bamboo. It
has 7 finger holes.

The quality of the

flutes sound depends on the specific bamboo used to make it.

Bharatha Natyam is

a classical Indian
dance form. It

originates from Tamil

Nadu. This dance form dates back to as early as 19th century.

Odissi is a classical

Indian dance form,

originating from the

state of Odisha in
eastern India. It is the oldest and surviving dance form of India.

Kathak is a classical Indian dance which dates back to the 16th century. As the name suggests, it tells a story through its dance.