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The all-metal SolarWall® system delivers heated ventilation air in an industrial setting to the GM Battery Plant in Oshawa, Ontario

In 1991, a 420 m2 (4,520 ft2) SolarWall® system was installed at the Toronto area General Motors of Canada Battery Plant to preheat the ventilation air required for the facility. The initial project was such a success that a second system was specified for a GM waste water treatment facility, also in Oshawa. The original system delivers 40,000 cfm of warmed ventilation air to the plant via 400 ft of perforated fabric ducting. It was designed so when the outside temperature is above 18ºC (65ºF), the SolarWall system is bypassed, and automatic dampers in the canopy allow air to be drawn directly from the building exterior.

heating system was achieving an average active solar efficiency level of 72% over the eight months of heating. (This means that 72% of the sun energy that collected on the wall was being converted into usable energy.) The monitoring also showed that the SolarWall system was delivering 455 kWh/m2 of solar energy per year. As well, because the solar cladding reduces heat transfer through the south wall, recovers heat lost in the incoming air, and destratifies the residual ceiling heat, there were additional savings amounting to 300 kWh/m2. This brings the total annual energy savings to 755 kWh/m2 or 317 MWh, which translates into a permanent displacement of 81 tones of CO2 emissions each and every year.

The installation reduced energy costs by: • Decreasing the need for conventional heating • Reducing heat loss through the south facing wall of the building. • Destratifying residual ceiling heat. The monitoring and field data from GM’s SolarWall installation confirmed the excellent performance of the system. Based on 1993-94 monitoring results, the solar air
Canada Conserval Engineering Inc. 200 Wildcat Road, Toronto, ON M3J 2N5 P: 416-661-7057 F: 416-661-7146 E:

Second SolarWall system was integrated into a new GM waste treatment plant.
U.S.A. Conserval Systems Inc. 4242 Ridge Lea Road, Suite 28, Buffalo, NY 14226 P: 716-835-4903 F: 716-835-4904 E:

SolarWall® systems are patent protected. SolarWall® is a registered trademark of Conserval Engineering, Inc.

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