Authorized By: Officer Benson Date: 02/26/2014

Name: City/Town/Villag e Charge: Location: Relea e/Ret!rn: Narrati"e

Thomas E. Be ton "omer A%oidin& traffic contro de%ice )o ice De*artment )ar+in& ot State #.$

Age: Date: Time:

1! 02/26/2014 12:'6 A(

,eturna- e to )otsdam .i a&e /ourt0 (arch 141 2014 at 2:'0 A( Officer o-ser%ed a %ehic e tra%e from E m 3treet to (ain 3treet %ia the )o ice De*artment *ar+in& ot thus a%oidin& a traffic i&ht. A-o%e su-4ect 5as identified as the o*erator and 5as issued a tic+et for the a-o%e char&e.

00'6 0'46 07'' 0787

Traffic sto* on )ierre*ont A%enue 6 Tic+et issued Traffic sto* on E m 3treet 6 .er-a 5arnin& issued ,ecei%ed a re*ort of an o*en door on )ine 3treet1 Officer res*onded ,e*ort of a *ro*erty dama&e accident in the / ar+son 9itness /enter *ar+in& ot. )atro dis*atched. :ay ;. ,i&s-ee1 a&e 82 of )otsdam1 5as issued a traffic summons for .T< 1211A = >nsafe -ac+in& = returna- e in )otsdam .i a&e /ourt on 0'/07/2014 at 02'0. )otsdam ,escue dis*atched to BO/E3 on ,t 86 for a ma e 6 chest *ain (enta "ea th com* aint. 3u-4ect ocated and trans*orted to / a?ton "e*-urn for e%a uation ,e*ort of a *ro*erty dama&e accident on )ierre*ont A%enue. #ico e (. E is1 a&e 17 of )arish%i e1 5as issued a traffic summons for unsafe -ac+in&0 returna- e in )otsdam .i a&e /ourt on 0'/07/2014 at 02'0 )otsdam ,escue dis*atched to 3>#$ )otsdam 6 an+ e in4ury )otsdam ,escue dis*atched to 3>#$ )otsdam 6 su-4ect *assed out ,e*ort of a *ro*erty dama&e accident / ar+son "a . )otsdam ,escue dis*atched to / ar+son >ni%ersity 6 /am* -ui din& for a su-4ect 6 seizure )otsdam ,escue dis*atched to <a5rence A%enue 6 3eizure ,e*ort of a &as dri%e off. O5ner returned to *ay the -i

0!10 1082 11'6

11'2 12'8 1'82 1428 1442 180!

1622 1!2' 202' 2112 2'4! )otsdam ,escue dis*atched to /o ton for a motor %ehic e accident. )atro com* eted an e@ui*ment ins*ection for an inade@uate i&ht char&e )otsdam ,escue dis*atched for (utua Aid to /anton ,ecords /hec+ com* eted for >3 A,($ Attem*t to ocate *erson re@uest. 3u-4ect ocated in &ood hea th.

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