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Vincent Roy II (b. 1795)

Vincent Roy II (b. 1795)

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Chief Vincent Roy of the LaPoint Band is profiled. He signed the Fond du Lac Treaty of 1847.
Chief Vincent Roy of the LaPoint Band is profiled. He signed the Fond du Lac Treaty of 1847.

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Roy II, Chief Vincent.

Chief Vincent Roy was one of the LaPoint Band Half-B eeds who si!ned the second " eaty of #ond d$ Lac in 18%7& "he second t eaty of #ond d$ Lac was si!ned 'y (ssac )& Ve *lan+ and Hen y ,owe Rice fo the -nited .tates and e* esentati/es of the 01i'we of La+e .$*e io and the ,ississi**i on )$!$st 22 18%7 and * oclai3ed on )* il 72 18%8& "his t eaty ceded lands in a t ian!$la a ea west of the ,ississi**i Ri/e 2 'o$nded 'y the P ai ie d$ Chien Line2 ,ississi**i i/e 2 C ow 4in! Ri/e and Lon! P ai ie Ri/e & Vincent Roy (( 3a ied Li5ette (1865-1887) and thei child en we e8 9ohn (1821-:) (3& 9osette)2 Vincent ((( (1825-189;) (3& <li5a'eth-Li5ette Co$ noye - da$!hte of V&Co$ noye )2 Cha les (18%5-:) (3& ,a y) = Lewis (18%7-:) (3& Ca oline)& Vincent li/ed in .t&C oi> Co& in 18%2 and C ow 4in!?Lon! P ai ie @ist& in 18%9& Vincent Roy . & t aded at "hief = Red La+e Ri/e As (Red La+e *ost) a ea fo 9& .aye = Co& f o3 179% to 1797& He esta'lish at *ost on the -**e Red Ri/e (of the Bo th) in 0cto'e of 1797& He contin$ed his e3*loy with 9& .aye = Co& (#ond d$ Lac @ist ict) $ntil a'o$t 18662 afte which he was e3*loyed in the sa3e de*a t3ent fo the Bo th 4est Co& (H$!h ,cCillis)& (n 1817 Vincent eti ed f o3 the Bo th 4est Co&2 d i/in! 17 head of ho ses to the 3o$th of the Little #o + Ri/e and sellin! the3 to the B4C *ost in the a ea& He then settled on a fa 3 at the 3o$th of that i/e & .i!nin! fo the La Pointe Band Half-B eeds we e8 Chief8 Vincent Roy 4a io 8 9ean-Ba*tise Cadotte .econd Chief8 Le3o .aye 1 4a io 8 9ean-Ba*tise Roy2 ,ichel Bas-he-na Lo$ison Codin7 9ohn .aye %

,i!ht 'e Hen y R& .aye ('& 178%)2 a son of 9ohn .aye and 0'e3a$$noD$a (,a !$e ite)2 the da$!hte ,a3on!a5ida (Bi! #oot) an 01i'way& 2 9ean Ba*tiste Roi was hi ed in 1795 as a winte e in Cha les Ca$thie Es Chi**ewa Ri/e @e*a t3ent& 9ean Ba*tiste Roy was with the B4C at #ond d$ Lac2 1815-1;2 and a!ain afte 1818& 9ean Ba*tiste Roy '1787 3a ied ,a !$e ite (Chi**ewa) '-1788& 7 Lo$ison Codon was a /oya!e$ with )le>ande Hen y& Codon was with Hen y at Pe3'ina in 1861& Lo$ison 3a ied Lo$ise2 a Ba+oda ()ssini'oine) wo3an& % 9ohn Cha les .aye ('& 1786) was the son of 9ohn .aye a Bo th 4est Co3*any *a tne who t aded in the west La+e .$*e io a ea& His 3othe was 0'e3a$$noD$a (,a !$e ite)2 the da$!hte ,a3on!a5ida (Bi! #oot) an 01i'way& "he -nited .tates !o/e n3ent 3ade a t eaty with the 01i'way of the #ond d$ Lac e!ion in 182;& (t is +nown as " eaty F177 -" eaty of #ond d$ Lac of La+e .$*e io with the Chi**ewa2 )$!$st 52 182;&) ticle F% was w itten to * o/ide fo the ,etis 3e3'e s of the t i'e and the na3es of those i3*licated a e listed at the end& "he list 3entions 0'e3a$ $noD$a and two of he child en8 G"o Hen y .aye and 9ohn .aye 2 sons of 0'e3a$ $noD$a2 each one section&


Co3*iled 'y Law ence Ba +well Coo dinato of ,etis He ita!e and Histo y Resea ch Lo$is Riel (nstit$te

) o$nd 1862 it is said that 9ohn Cha les .aye was 3o/ed 'y the B4C to #olle )/oine @e*t& to Hc$ ' the Cene osity of 9ose*h Rea$3e and 9ose*h LaP ai ieH His @ad (9ohn . &) wo$ld only 'e a'o$t 12 3iles away2 '$ildin! a *ost at .na+e Ri/e (186%-65 e his .R 9o$ nal)2 so he co$ld +ee* an eye on thin!s& By 18672 9ohn Cha les had an 01i'way wife na3ed ,a ie o ,a !$e ite2 and his fi st child2 Pie e C$illa$3e .aye was 'o n a o$nd that ti3e&


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