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the spiritual immune system is compromised. There are three basic types of psychic attack( Psychic assault is when someone actively and purposefully attacks the other&s person energy field with negative intentions. $urthermore. %t is thus very important for anyone in the healing profession to protect themselves regularly. actively envisioning and wishing for the failure of another person.elementenergy.About the Psychic Protection Flame Archangel Michael provided this energy to offer protection from psychic attack. *nconscious psychic vampirism is very common. This protection is very important. Copyright 2006 Element Energy Center – www. however. casting a negative spell on another person. especially if it is particularly vicious. !ometimes. !ometimes. or other negative impact on the energetic system. or perpetrated by a large group. that should normally provide protection from common psychic attacks. Psychic attacks are more common than people realize. They happen all the time. due to an e"tensive psychic attack. and long'term protection thanks to the strengthening of the spiritual immune system as well. Psychic vampirism is when someone drains another person&s energy field. but repair the individual&s spiritual immune system each time the flame is activated. %n this way. much more vulnerable than usual. This is why psychic protection is critical. the Psychic Protection $lame provides immediate relief from current psychic attacks. the individual becomes very vulnerable to psychic attacks. When this happens. #ealers and lightworkers are particularly vulnerable to psychic attacks because lightworkers are often targeted by dark energies. if you will. %t is what occurs when someone is needy and grabs onto another person&s energy system in the way they might grab onto a life preserver when drowning. especially in modern times where we are bombarded with outside energies constantly. Psychic vampirism can be conscious and done actively with negative intention. We are born with natural defenses against psychic attack a spiritual immune system. . even a person with a strong spiritual immune system will fall prey to a psychic attack. persistent. or done unconsciously without negative intention. clients who need healing are often filled with e"cessive negative energy. illness. About Psychic Attacks A psychic attack is when someone attempts to harm another person on the spiritual level using psychic energy. The Psychic Protection $lame is designed to not only protect the individual from psychic attack. )"amples of psychic assault include( !ending hate to another person.

etc. my +ob. but it must include /!t. Michael.Psychic contamination is what happens if a vulnerable energy system is e"posed to negative energy. Michael.5 Usage 6nce attuned.5 with the Psychic Protection $lame.elementenergy. -eep contamination can cause long'term chronic illness such as . or a situation( !t. not people who are actively working to destroy it. . Psychic attack can be very devastating and left unchecked. etc. your boyfriend. %f you find yourself continually irritable around another person or persons. 34ot all illnesses are caused by outside psychic attack.hoose to be around people who uplift your spirit. result in the following( -epression An"iety %llness . Michael1 and the words /Psychic Protection $ .hronic $atigue !yndrome. or getting angry and defensive with them when you wouldn&t otherwise. property. . then they probably have negative energy that might be encroaching on your energy system.15 To protect a loved on. psychic attacks can open up the recipient&s energy system to energetic contamination. but you should also try to limit your interactions with these people as much as possible. my pro+ect. While you can&t choose your family.ancer is often the result of the individual psychically attacking themselves. #ere is how you invoke the Psychic Protection $lame( !t. a pro+ect. %t is usually a good idea to protect yourself energetically while around draining or negative people. $ibromyalgia. )ven a person without negative intentions towards another can contaminate an energy system. your +ob. please surround me with the Psychic Protection $lame. Copyright 2006 Element Energy Center – www. and Multiple ! /0uck1 Accidents 2ob 0oss Money Problems %n the case of illness. please surround my loved one 3my home. 37ou can change this petition slightly. you can choose your friends. you can invoke the Psychic Protection $lame to put up a shield of protective and healing rainbow energy around yourself. if they themselves have a lot of negative energy they are carrying around.

envision and send a rainbow flame around the person being attuned.The Psychic Protection $lame will not only protect you and whatever you surround it with. 7ou can also use any other attunement method you are already familiar with. Copyright 2006 Element Energy Center – . %t won&t ever hurt to use the flame so you can use it as much as you like. but it will not get through the flame. it is a good idea to +ust get into the habit of using it all the time. once upon waking and once before going to bed. invoke the Psychic Protection $lame immediately. Attunement 7ou can attune 3or re'attune5 yourself or another at any time by invoking Archangel Michael( !t.5 Trust your gut instincts. 3.elementenergy. if enough bad energy is thrown their way at once. but /!t. Additional Resources & Attunements More :eiki attunements and courses are available at )lement )nergy .enter 3www. it will block you from sending out any psychic attacks of your own. %f you want to add additional energy to the attunement. and it is also 69 to charge for providing a personalized attunement if you offer attunements as part of your :eiki practice. This energy can be freely shared with anyone.elementenergy.e careful. 37ou might still have the negative intention. it will be less critical to invoke the Psychic Protection $lame on a consistent basis8 however. and return to a strict schedule of protection once the crisis has passed. 7ou should also invoke the Psychic Protection $lame whenever entering into a situation with negative people. As your spiritual immune system gets stronger. %f this is happening to you. )ven people with strong spiritual immune systems can be seriously attacked. Michael1 must be invoked in the process. please attune me to the Psychic Protection $lame. sometimes the people who appear to be the /nicest1 aren&t what they seem. Michael. There is no time'limit or limit on re'attunements.5 7ou should invoke the Psychic Protection $lame every day. A new free attunement is added appro"imately once per month. as well as throughout the day.

contact Thank you. republish. 7ou can share this manual freely provided it is left entirely intact. $or permission to translate. to teach people how to use this energy. 7ou are also welcome to use this energy to create a new energy system. !o"yright #otice This manual is protected by copyright. 7ou can give this manual to students that have paid you for an attunement. 7ou may not independently reprint. written entirely in your own words. or reuse the words in this manual for any reason. Copyright 2006 Element Energy Center – www.Please . You may distribute this PDF (intact) reely as you see it.elementenergy. 7ou are welcome to create your own manual. but you cannot resell this manually separately.

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