In Praise of Lady Macbeth

By Elton Camp Poor Lady Macbeth so many revile But a weak-willed hubby was a trial He had an excellent chance to be king Yet to bring it about wouldn’t do a thing He didn’t want to act to help it occur Hopes ate’ll crown him without his stir !ing "uncan was in her castle to sleep #nto his chamber she proceeded to sneak $he didn’t let scruples get in the way %ather& the old king proceeded to slay 'nd acted wisely without any shame $o that his attendants took the blame $o she got a little blood on her hand He decisive action was a thing so grand "uncan to perdition was gone $he and he sat on the throne Perhaps she couldn’t be called kind Yet& it’s too bad she lost her mind (o Lady Macbeth& let’s raise a statue )ourageous or what she had to do

“Oh, will this little hand ne’er be clean”

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