Subject Code

Air Pollution Management Total Contact Hours : Applicable to which branch: BBA Prerequisite Marks

L 4

T 0

P 0

C 4

External:60 Course Objective To Impart analytical ability in solving mathematical problems as applied to the respective branches of Engineering Unit Course Outcome 1. 2. 3. . Basic knowledge of Air pollution Prevention Content of the Syllabus Unit-I The Structure of the atmosphere. Air Pollution Introduction: Definition and scope of Air Pollution ., Types of air pollutant, Sources of air pollutants : natural and artificial, Classification of pollutant, quantity and composition of particulate & gaseous pollutant, units of measurement.

Internal :40

Unit-II Air pollution effects: Effect of different air pollutants on man: Health Effects by Target Organ System; Health Effects by Pollutant, Effect of different air pollutants on: animals, vegetation, property, aesthetic value and visibility, air pollution episodes. Global effects of air pollution- global warming, ozone depletion, acid rain, photochemical smog formation and heat island effect Unit-III Control of pollutant emission at source, alternative fuels, removal methods of particulate, various types of particulate control equipments:setting chamber, cyclone separators, scrubbers, fabric filters and electrostatic precipitators. Status of air pollution in India, Air pollution control act and strategy for effective control of air pollution Text Books Reference Material Course Code

Stern . .Department Teaching the Subject Program Outcome Mapping of Course outcome with Program outcome Category BS ES PD a b c d e f UBS g h i j k PC PE OE Project/ Training Approval Date of meeting of the Board of Studies Rao and rao: air pollution TATA Mc Graw hill- Books Air Pollution Meteorology Arthur C.Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing Ltd.Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing Ltd. .Published by D. 3rd Edition- Air Pollution Rao & Rao. – I. Reidel . its origin and control Wark & Warner. Perkins.Vol. . Air Pollution. Air Pollution Henry C.

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