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oS AT HOME IN THE biteded — Sree) Energy-Saving Technology, Options You Can Integrate Today, and the Way to a Better Tomorrow 6 Great New Bicycles eet i ! eS ao Nice Modernist Story by Michael Cannel Brooklyn Renaissance ‘Thanks to a group of young Brooklyn architects, an immigrant neighborhood untouched by gentrification gets low-income housing with high ideals. {Ifyou travel east through Brooklyn—beyond Bedford: Stuyvesant, Bushwick and Brownsville—you eventually come to East New York. While the rest of Brooklyn swept up ina giddy enaissance of bstres and brownstone renavations, East New Yorkcis home to some of the city's poorest residents. This is the end of the line in more ways than one, a district of abandoned cars and Chinese take. outs with bulletproof gla. Imagine the locals surprise a Glenmore Gardens, wo complexe cedar-and-corrugatedaluminum siding completed this spring on Glenmore Avenue and around the corner on Van Siclen Avenue “Everybody stops and states” says Gary Gilehtist, an immigrant from St Vincent who won a city lottery that allowed him to buy one of the homes for $329,000.» -omprising five modern buildings with | Nice Modernist —} — — —— —— —— ——— —————— ——— ——— —— ———— ———s ———— ————— ————} ——_—] “The other day two ladies asked me, kind of a house is that?’ They'd never seen anything like it”

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