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1. Select a 40 line section from your assigned chapter 2.

Email Miss Mather to let her know the page references 3. Refer to the guiding questions below to construct your oral analysis (dont forget to use S.I.D.E when incorporating quotes) 4. Aim to speak for 8 minutes

ontext Where does this passage fall in the broader context of the novel? Consider this in terms of significance rather than simply in terms of narrative sequence. How might this passage reflect aspects of the social, temporal and geographical context in which this novel was written? How might this passage be received by a reader in terms of their contemporary context what might resonate in terms of social issues?

urpose How might this passage connect to the broader purposes of the novel as a social critique?

etting How is a sense of the physical setting created in the passage? How is a sense of the social setting created in the passage? How does the setting in the passage contribute to an overall sense of what life in Gilead is like in this dystopia?

haracter Who are the characters in this passage and how they are represented? What language features or narrative devices are used to develop a sense of the character(s)?

Examples might include: o o o o direct speech narrative perspective imagery diction

ontrast / Conflict What contrasts or conflicts are evident in the passage? How is language used to communicate or develop this sense of contrast or conflict? How does the presentation of contrast or conflict in this passage contribute to your understanding of the purpose of the novel?