328 words 13 March 1996 Flight International FLIGI 16 English (c) 1996 Reed Business Information. Not Available for Redissemination Ramon Lopez/WASHINGTON DC A US MILITARY-intelligence assessment claims that China has acquired US technology used on the Israeli Lavi fighter for its own Chengdu F-10 next-generation combat-aircraft programme. Israel and China deny that US technology supplied for Israel's cancelled Lavi fighter was used to develop China's F-10. The US Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) says: "US technology has been acquired through Israel in the form of the Lavi fighter and possibly SAM [surface-to-air missile] technology." Word of the military-technology transfer was contained in a recently released 36-page report entitled Worldwide Challenges to Naval Strike Warfare. The report concludes that China's indigenous fighters are "very simple" and lack "great combat effectiveness", but that China's aviation industry " gaining the required technologies to build first-rate aircraft". It adds: "China has shown a willingness to spend some of its new-found wealth on advancing the industry's technological level with an eye toward eventual self-sufficiency." The report adds that Russia's dire economic straits "...have given China an unexpected windfall of military-aircraft technology." The ONI says that the 48 Sukhoi Su-27SK interceptors purchased recently purchased from Russia will allow China " bridge the gap until the indigenously built point-defence F-10 enters service after 2000". The report says that China has given the development of aircraft carriers "top priority." It says that China has indicated that two 48,000t ships with a complement of up to 40 fixed-wing aircraft will be built by 2005. "A number of fighters, including the new F-10, are being considered for at-sea basing," the report continues. The ONI suggests that the F-10 may challenge the McDonnell Douglas F-18E/F in speed and agility. "The F-10 represents a dramatic step forward for Chinese military aviation. The aircraft has particularly good agility," the report states. Document fligi00020011017ds3d003fr

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