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Lam Rim Outline

Lam Rim Outline

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Published by Dew Nada
9 point death meditation of Tibetan Buddhism
9 point death meditation of Tibetan Buddhism

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Published by: Dew Nada on Oct 13, 2009
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Developing bodhicitta depends on having great compassion. Tis depends on
great love, which comes from the unselfish love that sees only beauty. Tis can
be easily achieved by considering sentient beings as mother and remembering
their kindness to me. Tis is done because, of the two parents, living beings
generally cherish their mother more than their father.


Even worldly people feel the responsibility of repaying help received from
their mother or from other people, even if this help is in small insignificant
things. For instance, this help may be in satisfying my desires, by giving
invitations to parties, food, or cups of tea, or by saying one or two sweet, empty
words, pleasing to my ears. Also, even deeply ignorant animals such as dogs
help their master in return for kindness received, so why can’t I do the same?
Yet, repaying mother sentient beings in their worldly needs is not enough
nor is it the best way, because it can’t extinguish their suffering or its cause.
Te best method of repayment is by helping them with the true realization
of Dharma, because this will help them overcome their problems and fulfill
their wishes for happiness both now and in the future.


Please bless me to generate true effortless compassion, such as a mother has
for her beloved, beautiful baby, by thinking that all living beings are equally
tormented, and that all are my mother, and have been constantly kind to me.
Due to these merits may I quickly attain buddhahood and lead all living
beings, without exception, into that enlightened state.

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