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InTASC Standard Nine: Professional Learning and Ethical Practice The teacher engages in ongoing professional learning and

uses evidence to continually evaluate his/her practice, particularly the effects of his/her choices and actions on others (learners, families, other professionals, and the community), and adapts practice to meet the needs of each learner
Name of Artifact: My Personal Teaching Philosophy Date: April 2011 Course: Introduction to Education Edu 101

Brief Description: This artifact and the subsequent rationale reflection is a direct connection to the InTASC Standard !" My Personal Philosophy del#es into the teacher I $anted to be and allo$s %e to continue to reflect on the educator I $ill beco%e" &eflecting on $here I started allo$s %e to continuously engage in ongoing positi#e actions and considerations in the future" Rationale: This artifact' assigned to the Education students in their first se%ester' really forced us to reflect on $ho $e $ere and $ho $e $anted to beco%e" &esearching the #arious education philosophies encouraged the students to appreciate historical philosophers and educators that ca%e before the%" (nderstanding that teaching a classroo% is not a one si)e fits all te%plate increases a$areness of one*s o$n learned teaching style and the style that a teacher naturally co%es by" I disco#ered that bits and pieces of all the philosophies suited %y personal teaching philosophy and I did not fall into one si%ple category" Through personal e+perience I respect the real,life education focus that Progressi#is% belie#es in but found %yself not o#erly fond of the infor%al assess%ents" The Perennial philosophy %ade %e happy because of the frequent assess%ents and feedbac- that it gi#es the teacher $hich can be used in instructor reflections i%%ediately"

I belie#e in the Essentialis% philosophy due to the solid base or scaffolding it gi#es to students to build upon acade%ically" And finally' Social &econstructionis% is an integral part of a teachers core lessons as they teach fairness' understanding' and te%perance to their students in e#eryday situations that happen in the classroo% and in their $orlds" Reflections: I $as ne#er the child $ho sat the neighbor -ids do$n and taught pretend lessons' yet I a% called to teach" I reflect no$ on $hy that is and to see if %y teaching philosophy has changed in these past fe$ years" Teaching is i%portant because our $orld has beco%e a %uch s%aller place" .eco%ing a piece of the life pu))le that guides a student to learn all they can and encourages the% to %a-e a difference in their $orlds no %atter ho$ big or s%all is a huge acco%plish%ent and honor" I feel that using pieces of all the education philosophies gi#es the %ost successful result for the child" /ood teaching is sharing your life e+periences' $ithin reason' $ith your students" /ood teaching is teaching your class $ith a fir% hand that -no$s ho$ to sho$ students appropriate affection and e+cite%ent for learning" 0inally' good teaching is about continuous reflection on one*s self' lesson plans' classroo% issues' etc" so the class is al$ays perfor%ing at opti%al le#el" (sing the abo#e teaching philosophies connects these goals" I did not %odify %y original teaching philosophy artifact because it re%ains part of $ho I a% and $hat I intend to do" I still feel the reflections are appropriate and I relish the%" Installing a &eflection binder in %y classroo% that contains a copy of Educational Philosophies' current goals' aspirations' one or t$o student gi#en artifacts' and a picture of %y fa%ily $ill re%ind %e $hat I a% $or-ing to$ards and $hat I need to do to beco%e and re%ain the best possible teacher I can be for %y class" I a% blessed in that I ha#e t$o e+cellent e+a%ples of $hat good teaching is through the teacher I inter#ie$ed' $ho is no$ a principal' and the first person to encourage %e to beco%e a teacher' $ho is no$ the Assistant 1irector of Curriculu% and Technology for Cro$n Point schools" I $ill continue relationships $ith both indi#iduals to -eep current on successful classroo% practices and to discuss past successful teaching %ethods and instances" Learning Goals: I intend to continue learning' reflecting' and gro$ing as an educator in order to pro#ide %y students $ith the best education they can recei#e" I also intend on beco%ing an e+a%ple of a great role,%odel for %y students' %y peers' and for the inco%ing teachers I $ill %entor in the future"